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year title
2002 Spider 0 Reviews
2002 Red Dragon 3 Reviews
1999 Sunshine 4 Reviews
1999 End of the Affair, The 5 Reviews
1998 Avengers, The 2 Reviews
1993 Baby of Macon, The 3 Reviews

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Spider (2002)
Red Dragon (2002)
Ryan was written on October 3, 2002

Naked but not erotic

You can see him fully nude but the context is all pretty awful. There are two scenes with nudity and the first is INCREDIBLY disturbing and includes graphic violence (one of the most violent scenes in the film). Two clear rear views in the scene: first as he takes off his robe, exposing his full bare back (which is entirely covered with a big, freaky, tattoo) and then an overhead view as he attacks his victim.
Later when he gets out of bed and runs around his house searching for Emily Watson there are again some very clear butt shots, glimpses of his big cock and balls dangling between his legs and some shadowed full frontal views when he runs up some stairs towards the camera. A very uninhibited, and phenomenal, performance but we've seen Ralph fully naked on film before so this isn't that special nudity wise.

Hard8 was written on October 4, 2002


My g/f loves this guy so she was really looking.
Anyway you see his butt a few times, but frontal is obscured by darkness when hes standing in front of the projector and he's holding a robe in front of him.
Later As hes running up the stairs you can see a silhoutte but cant see anything clearly.
Unless the print I saw was darker, u really cant get a good look at frontal here.

Guiseppe was written on July 8, 2007

If Only for the tattoo!

Ralph Fiennes is scene in two scenes. The first scene is when he disrobes too show off a very large tattoo that covers the whole back of his body. It stretches down past his buttock too whcih means it's kinda hard to tell whats flesh and whats ink. The next scene is the morning after sex where he gets up and runs around the house in a frenzy where we see a quick glimpse of his beautiful cock and an array of rear shots. Ralph has a very cute and round behind, but if only there wasn't a large tattoo covering most of his body.

Sunshine (1999)
Guiseppe was written on August 20, 2007

Great Exposure from this hot brit

While the nudity in Sunshine is quite fleeting, the theme is very depressing which kind of makes it a turnoff. But, anyways, Ralph shows it all again in this Holocaust themed film. Ralph's character is forced to strip at the threat of Nazi soliders. During this, he slides his pants down, revealing his smooth, pale ass. He is then dragged across the ground and fixed to a pole where we get more rear exposure. Ralph is then wiped and beaten. But during this disturbing scene, his willie flops into frame multiple times and basically stands on end in the awkard position Ralph is being beaten it. He look's semi-erect, but then again, maybe it's just really cold. Afterwards, he is untied from the pole and is then hoisted up on a tree, with his arms tied to a rope that dangles loosely from a branch. THe camera stays fixed on his backside, which in this shot, looks quite shapely and well-proportioned rather than earlier scenes where his ass looks slim and ovalish.

rosebud was written on July 22, 2000

Making love, shower, prison camp

This movie is about 3 generations in a Jewish family. The first scene in which Fiennes shares his shapely backside with us is a scene with an actress, in which there is a sweep of his back and graceful buns. The second scene is in a prison camp. The circumstances are not pleasant: they show him being slung over a pole by his hands and feet in preparation to being beaten. However, there is frontal nudity at a distance and it looks as if he might be partially erect, although it could just be that his penis is being tossed about as he is slung on this pole. Finally in this scene he is hung by his wrists from a tree, in which his ass is clearly seen. The last scene involving nudity is in a shower. There is a prolonged view from the side showing most of his penis as well as a side view of his ass. This is the most we've seen of this sensitive and attractive man's body in a film thus far. I give it 4 stars because he had the nerve to show us as much as he did. Incidentally, for once there is more male nudity than female nudity in the film, and all of it is Ralph. Congratulations to the director and to Mr. Fiennes!

Russmicjack was written on September 4, 2002

1) Prison Camp, 2) Shower Scene

This turned out to be a pretty good movie for other reasons than the nudity. Nevertheless, male nudity is all we care about. Ralph Fiennes looks like he has a pretty long penis. If you slo-mo the prison camp shot (and zoom in if you have that feature on your DVD player) you can see his penis just flopping from side to side, between his legs, as they carry him away with his back to the camera. I couldn't believe it! It's long enough to where you can actually see it below his butt in the background. Then you see it again, flopping up and down, as they beat him up on the pole. The shower scene is a profile, but again, you can see how his penis is kinda' long and also thick. I wish they would've shown a close frontal. This guy is just so gorgeous and I would just eat him alive!

Fiona was written on December 29, 2004

Showering naked

First of all, let's set the record straight. Ralph Fiennes is well hung. We get to see him nude in many parts of this movie. We see his penis during a shower scene where he is forced to stand nude in front of a guard. His penis actually appears circumcised although this is not clear. It is thick and long. We see it only from a side angle but it is obvious why he was confident enough to do these scenes.

End of the Affair, The (1999)
bmg was written on January 9, 2000


He has sex with Julianne Moore and we see a side view of his naked body followed by a full length shot of his rear.

bigirl2282 was written on June 2, 2004

Fiennes nice posterior

While Ralph Fiennes's character copulates with Julianne Moore's character we get to see his fine derrière. We also get to see a side view of his nude body.

AJP123 was written on July 12, 2006

ass scene

god its beautiful i loved looking at it turned me on so much

Guiseppe was written on June 14, 2008

Buns Galore!

Ralph Fiennes MUST have been quite adamant on getting his buns into shape for his rear nudity in The End of the Affair. Why? Once you see the film you'll be subjected to two hot, sculpted buns of steel that linger in frame, thrusting for about 15 seconds. During this whole scene while he's bumping with Julianne Moore, she caresses her hands over his heavenly cheeks and your left their in a jealousy induced state thinking God I wish I was her.

Christian69 was written on March 21, 2005

Fiennes nude on top of Moore

When I saw this in the theater, the whole audience laughed at the way his perfect tight butt was presented to the camera---Fiennes must have been working on it tirelessly for years.

Avengers, The (1998)
hickeyfan was written on June 15, 2013

Partial Nudity

He is in the mens room when Mrs Peel walks in. He has a newspaper precariously placed.

Geisel was written on September 8, 1998

Steed (Feinnes' character) is enjoying the newspaper in a steamroom of a gentleman's club when Dr. Peel (Uma Thurman) bursts in

Though we can only briefly glimpse Ralph Feinnes' buns, it's amoment worth seeing. I give 3 stars because, since he's seated, youcan only see part of his butt.

Baby of Macon, The (1993)
Cobain was written on July 7, 2000

lovescene, and almost killed by a animal

I LOVE Ralph Fiennes, the way he looked in "The english Patient" but here? I couldn`t even recognized him, and the full frontal shots are shown in a non sexy way. I recommend you to see the movie "Sunshine" to watch the hunk he has become today......cause this was very dissapointing to me!

Anonymous, Italy was written on September 30, 1998

Frontal shot

Long and very, very clear shot of his penis when he's being killed by a cow. He jumps for the agony, and his dick and balls jump with him.Very cruent scene, but everything is seen.

GDH was written on January 6, 2000

It gets gory...

Perhaps I can expand on the above review. In a barn, Fiennes is undressed by Julia Ormond. He sits with his legs wide open towards the camera as she removes his trousers. His balls are visible quite clearly, and as he bends over her we seem them hanging down. Then a cow gores him (well, if you're going to have sex in a farmyard...) and as he writhes about on the floor dying, we see several more shots of his balls, as well as one or two flashes of his bum. By this time his body and face are covered in blood. Having died, he lays on his back while the rest of the scene carries on around him for a few minutes, before he's carried off, affording us one last genital flash. I expect he felt comfortable doing all the nudity because it's an 'art' film...

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