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year title
2004 Wet & Wild 1 Review
1994 Angel 4: Undercover 2 Reviews
1992 Playboy: The Best of Sexy Lingerie 1 Review
1991 Wet & Wild III 0 Reviews
1991 Sexy Lingerie III 0 Reviews
1990 Wet & Wild II 0 Reviews
1990 The Immortalizer 1 Review
1989 Playboy's Video Centerfold 1 Review
1989 Hider in the House 1 Review
1988 Sexy Lingerie 0 Reviews
1988 Mortuary Academy 1 Review
1986 Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1987 2 Reviews

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Wet & Wild (2004)
BuffaloBoy was written on September 1, 2002

Miss September 1986

Miss September 1986, Rebekka appears in 4 chapters of this DVD. In "Pirates", Chapter 2 of the DVD, beginning at 0:2:48 and lasting 4:07. Rebekka, Sandra, Gianna, Maxine, and Monique are topless on a pirate ship. In "Beach Bunnies", fifth segment of Chapter 3 of the DVD, beginning at 0:10:43 and lasting 3:02. Cathy, Teri, Rebekka, and Susie are on the beach in Cancun. In "City Heat", Chapter 4 of the DVD, beginning at 0:14:43 and lasting 2:52. Rebekka, Gianna, Lynne, and Katherine are in the city, and occasionally flash their boobs. In "Hot Wax", Chapter 7 of the DVD, beginning at 26:45, and lasting 2:51. Rebekka Armstrong and Gianna Amore wash a car using their bodies as sponges. This one is an absolute classic - boobs on the windows, buns on the hood, lots of scrubbing - oh yeah! Full nudity. The "Hot Wax" scene is a must see!

Angel 4: Undercover (1994)
Immy was written on November 29, 2004

September 1986 Playboy Playmate topless

Rebekka is one of many groupies in this film. She appears about 40 mins. in a dressing room with one of the rock band members and another groupie. She's sitting on a nightstand while the band guy fondles her left boob. The other girl is on her knees giving him a non-explicit BJ. Rebekka's body is flawless and it's a pity more wasn't shown.

Pieman was written on January 6, 2014

Fondled boobs

Rebekka is getting one of two exposed boobs fondled. It's brief, and they sag slightly, but it's well lit and not bad.

Playboy: The Best of Sexy Lingerie (1992)
BuffaloBoy was written on June 19, 2002

Miss September 1986.

In "Fantasy: Sex Objects", Chapter 14 starting at 0:47:04 and lasting 5:10. Rebekka gets sweaty watching a guy chop ice blocks. Full nudity.

Wet & Wild III (1991)
Sexy Lingerie III (1991)
Wet & Wild II (1990)
The Immortalizer (1990)
Immy was written on September 16, 2009

September 1986 Playboy Playmate topless

Rebekka and her friends are kidnapped by the goons of a mad scientist. He needs fresh young bodies to do his brain transplants and Rebekka couldn't be fresher. Nurse Melody Patterson undresses her (0:17, brief topless) as she lays unconscious on a gurney. A little while later she's slowly coming to, but plays possum while creepy orderly Terry Miller lifts her hospital gown and feels up her flawless boobs (0:29).

Playboy's Video Centerfold (1989)
BushLeague was written on March 23, 2003

The usual playmate shoot

In the opening credits, she is nude with a virutally see-thru sheet. At first it is dark with a lot of smog (smoke or fog). You can make out the silhouettes of her firm, uplifting 34ds, round firm ass and dark bush. A few scenes show her nude in good, bright light. She then does a music video. She strips from shorts and shirt to almost see thru bra and ass floss thong panties. Her great firm rump is displayed. She then removes bra for clear breast shot (nice jiggles). She the removes panties for several full frontal tit and bush shots. After river rafting, she removes her wet suit and is completely nude in bright sunlight. She walks around and poses completely nude for furbage, breastage, and ass shots. She even gives a spread open beaver shot a couple of time, but I could not make out any P-lips. She then does the standard Playboy(R) playmate shoot in hokey lingerie that shows her boobs, fur bear, and legs. She then loses her laundry and it is full nude time (frontage and rearage). With a very brief spread eagle pussy shot, but I could not make out the lips.

Hider in the House (1989)
Immy was written on April 5, 2005

September 1986 Playboy Playmate topless (0:47)

Michael McKean is cheating on Mimi Rogers (is that possible?!) and Mimi walks in on him and Rebekka in a hotel room. She's briefly topless in bed wearing just panties but quickly covers up. Her flawless body is instantly recognizable.

Sexy Lingerie (1988)
Mortuary Academy (1988)
Immy was written on June 15, 2005

No nudity

The makers of this film exhibit an utter lack of intelligence (or perhaps budget) by having Rebekka and four other Playboy Playmates among the cast...and leaving them clothed! What a waste.

Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1987 (1986)
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss September - Fully nude

Blonde stunner Rebekka goes white water rafting with fellow playmates Barbara Edwards and Cathy St. George. Once ashore all three slip out of their wet suits to take in some sun. We follow Rebekka as she goes off by herself to the water's edge. Two things to note here: One is her phenomenal butt (of which the camera also takes liberal notice); and second is her tendency to feel herself up quite a bit. A very sensual young lady! Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 2 mins., 4 secs.

Hornysaurus was written on March 10, 2003

no tan lines? no wonder.

When you see an all-natural beauty naked, and there are no tan lines in sight (which is, by the way, just the way I like it), you figure she probably goes out in the sun naked all the time. That's exactly what Rebekka Armstrong does in her segment. After leaving fellow Playmates Cindy Brooks and Barbara Edwards sunbathing in the buff, she goes off for a leisurely stroll, nothing on. The camera gives us some good looks at her lovely, shapely butt. Her breasts are not large, but they are nicely shaped. Her pubic coif, truth be told, could use some trimming. But that aside, this is a great segment, made all the more enjoyable by the sight of Rebekka freely caressing her naked, evenly-tanned body.

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