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Robson Green
donby was written on February 1, 2004

Butt shot at the end of part 1.

We see the top of Green's rear as he is being embraced by his older girlfriend. This is all the nudity I saw in this British mini-series. We have to wait until the end of Part 3 to even
see him fully shirtless (He is taking off his wet clothes in front of the fire, but stops midway when his girlfriend tells him the affair won't work out).

I remarked in the review for Reckless the Movie how good looking this actor is. Here, he is even more empathetic & charming.

The story is of a London surgeon who moves to Manchester and immediately falls in love with his boss' wife. The first two parts are wonderful with great writing, acting & directing, alternately funny & compeling. Unfortunately, the third part grinds down to a slow crawl.

Even so, there is much here to admire; the series is way above what one usually sees on TV.

Derek was written on July 16, 2000

Love scene

Green is scene nude from the rear while his lady love embraces him. Green is of average build but has beautiful eyes, a handsome face, and a very rugged sexiness.

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