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Reiko Aylesworth's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2007 The Killing Floor 1 Review
2007 Mr. Brooks 1 Review

Reiko Aylesworth's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2010 Hawaii Five-0 2 Reviews
2001 24 1 Review
1994 ER 1 Review

Reiko Aylesworth's Biography

A quarter Welsh, a quarter Japanese and half Dutch, this gorgeous yet talented actress rose from becoming a local theater favorite to finding huge success on the small screen.

She is best known for recurring roles on "One Life to Live," "ER," "24," "Damages," various "Law & Order" spin-offs, "LOST," "Stargate Universe" and the new "Hawaii Five-O."

Among her other TV guest starring work, he has also appeared in movies such as Random Hearts, The Killing Floor, Crazylove, Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem, Mr. Brooks and Bad Parents.

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Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

No Nudity

But still rather stunning due to her new haircut style, the lighting and her natural appearance.

cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012


Boomer from "Battlestar Galactica" in swimwear in some episodes and shows off her well-equipped muscular arms.

She's in great shape and offers plenty of eye candy outside of her welcoming acting presence.

24 (2001)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Mild Cleavage and Natural Beauty

Here we are with her best known work to date!

In Day 2, she has several nice kissing scenes with co-star Carlos Bernard.

In Day 3, she wears for the first half of the season, a very attractive squirt and there's a nice scene in the women's restroom where the viewer can examine her chest cleavage while she talks to Elisha Cuthbert while washing her hands.

In Day 5, she gives Carlos another nice kiss and has a totally revamped look. It unfortunately is too brief due to, well, I won't spoil it for you ...

ER (1994)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Entire Backside + Partial Top of Butt

After getting out of bed, post-coitus with John Stamos (yuck!), Reiko sits up in the bed, gives John a few kisses, her entire back is seen and possibly a partial top of her rear is seen (but don't get excited over the latter).

Again, seeing how fit she is and how well-built make up for the lack of full nudity.

The Killing Floor (2007)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Partial side nudity + Side Boob

This is as close as you'll ever get to seeing Reiko naked.

She plays a femme fatale who is randomly seen on a bed after a guy gets out of the shower (can't remember if he showed anything nor the actor's name but that's irrelevant).

Reiko is on the bedside, showing her sides but everything explicit is hidden by the covers.

The man then starts to have sex with her with plenty of passionate kissing and then Reiko begins to ride him and you see her bare back (no butt shot) and the guy has his hands squeezing her breasts (no nipples in view).

Again, it's such a sexy scene and near nude but still not fully nude.

Mr. Brooks (2007)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Cleavage scene

Playing someone who works for the title character (if I remember correctly) and she has very busty clothing in most of her scenes.

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