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Requiem for a Dream's Sexy Actresses

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Litteer, Heather 3 Reviews
Connelly, Jennifer 29 Reviews
Campbell, Aliya 10 Reviews

Requiem for a Dream's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wayans, Marlon 4 Reviews
David, Keith 2 Reviews

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Heather Litteer
Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

sex club

Yes, she's listed as one of the party girls but with no face and body simultaneously... was it her or a double????

Creepyhead was written on August 1, 2008

Is it her?

It's her. Check her out on MySpace.

Creepyhead was written on August 15, 2003

ass 2 ass scene

Pretty sure that Heather Litteer is Jennifers red head friend on the other side of that double dong. This actress must be some kinda nude model/actress. This poor gal went through the same uncomfortable filming that Jennifer did but without a bra. As the torches flash we see her sad face and she says,"Anything you want" to which old creepo replies,"Ass ta AAASSS"
Heather wastes no time and we see her rip a condom packet open with her teeth. We then see condoms going onto the dildo. We then see a shot of her hands squirting some lube onto the tip of one end. Then there is a very fake shot of her sticking it up jennifer and then aiming it at her own ass. Then there is a shot of her face bobbing up and down all determination and grit as the creeps begin to yell,"move it, move it"
There is an overhead shot of the whole scene. She is on the left of the screen. She appears to have whiter skin than Jennifers and is a taller girl. We then see very brief shots of their butts slamming together a couple of times and a very brief shot of her normal looking tits jiggling from the humping. So very little to see really. Definately be sexier to watch without the creeps, but they are both pretty girls so it gets two stars.

Jennifer Connelly
Elyk-Agee was written on December 1, 2000

My Lord!!!!

Jennifer Connelly is the most beautiful person to ever show her body on screen and just the fact she fianlly shows us her bush, well that's 4 star material in my book.

Hard8 was written on October 7, 2000

Jen's bush

Because it's Jennifer Connelly (who I've been deeply in love with for about 14 years),it's get a higher rating.The most beautiful woman in the world.She's standing in a front of a mirror with no bottom on and you can clearly see her beautiful bush.Last for awhile.She has her top on though ,so no tits shot :( . Also the controversial ending involving Connelly ,2 other women and a dildo isn't a big deal at all.Very little is shown.
By the way, this is easily the best movie I've seen in about 3 years.Movie of the year,with fantastic visuals and acting.

Sinnema was written on August 26, 2001

Mirror and girl-girl scenes

Despite the enthusiasm of other reviewers, this is not very good nudity. Even with the wide-screen Director's Cut, you can barely see the top inch of Jennifer's pubic area in the mirror, and her butt is not visible at all.

The orgy scene is spliced with many fast edits of other scenes, so there are only a couple frames shown of Jennifer's butt, and you don't even see her face in the same frame.

There is a scene with her sitting in the bath tub, but it is shot from overhead, so you only see her back and the top of her head. Don't get this movie for the nudity -- you'll be disappointed. (It is a good drama about drug addiction, however.)

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Jennifer Connelly standing bottomless in front of a mirror, wearing just a black bra with her bush in view as she looks at herself. She then gets high and looks again, raising her arms up with her bush still visible.

Bootydaddy was written on July 17, 2001


Ok the scene when she is standing in front of the mirror and you see the top part of her bush is pretty good, but nothin compared to seein her and this other chick with a dildo in their asses! Although the scene is not that erotic it is still 4 star material, because she had mad courage in doin that scene, props to you Jennifer!!!

lattara was written on February 6, 2001

Wait for the DVD

The shot of Jennifer's trim delta was, of course, much appreciated, but you can only describe the decision to show her bush but keep her boobs covered as perverse. The orgy scene at the end will be much more enjoyable on DVD with a decent freeze-frame and frame-advance as the cut-cut-cut style of the director means it's hard to see which bits you have actually seen, which bits are wishful thinking, and which bits belong to Jennifer in any case. My 2 stars are an attempt to be objective - if seeing Ms. Connelly's thatch is important to you (and it was very special for me :-) ) then add a star. Also, 'wait for the DVD' refers to viewing the nudity only. See the film as soon as you can as it's technically brilliant.

Chicago was written on April 6, 2002

1 scene in mirror

Others do a good job of reviewing Jennifer's scene, though peoples' measuring sticks are dramatically different for the number of *'s; since mine's for the pure nudity, she gets 2 *'s. Jennifer's scene at :19.25 lasts 35 sec. (inclusive of 10 sec. of a cutaway of drugs) She's standing looking at herself in the mirror, dark pubes viewable at the bottom of the screen in the mirror...medium distance shot. After the cutaway, she continues looking at herself in the mirror as she raises her arms up her side and above her head as the screen fades to white.

RichT was written on November 18, 2001

JC's bush or NOT JC's bush ...... That is the question ???

Sorry to put a damper on things guys, BUT ..... ARE WE SURE THIS REALLY IS JENNIFER's BUSH ??? When I first saw this film at the cinema, I, like the rest of you "red-blooded" males thought "Yes, there is a god, and he's bought us a scene showing Jennifer's beautiful bush, AT LAST !" Unfortunately, having watched this scene very closely on video, and having EVEN MORE CLOSELY examined the screen shots on the Net, I now think that the bottom half on JC's body in the mirror is a double ?!? The black crop-top she is wearing doesn't look as if it ends correctly as it goes down her body. Sadly, I believe that the buxom Miss Connelly was unwilling to do a full-frontal scene, and they used trick imagery in the mirror to superimpose another models bottom half onto JC's top half. Still, I could be wrong, and anyway, whoever it is still has a nice tight stomach and loverly black bush .... so enjoy !!!

spin-a-roonie was written on March 14, 2002

Could have been a better scene

In the scene where Jennifer is standing in front of the bathroom mirror, you get a shot of the top of her bush, but no breasts. Would have gotten 4 stars if she went fully nude.

noned was written on January 14, 2006

Bottomless, looking in mirror

An onscreen appearance of Jennifer's bush! One of
the great moments in film history!

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


no breasts but you see bush which is just as good

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 30, 2003

Bush Bush Bush

jennifer is absolutely beautiful and you get a great shot of her bush in front of the mirror plus there is a great scene with her and another chick

Pervect was written on July 22, 2001

Jennifer Connelly's first bush scene

There are several scenes in this movie where Ms. Connelly shows off her phenomenal body. During the first scene she shows off her incredible ass and some bush--although it is blurred. The scene isn't very long, but if you are a fan of this incredible woman---and who isn't--- it is a must see! The scene is done in front of a mirror so that you can see both the back and front of her at the same time! The next scene that is notable would be at the end of the film. It is rather too bad that the scene is interspersed with what is happening to several other characters in the film (one losing a leg). Here Ms Connelly in need of money to satisfy her drug problem has agreed to have sex on stage for a bunch of businessmen for money. She shows off her amazing ass! No breasts to speak of! : ( Eventually she does something referred to as "head to head." She and her girlfriend lube up a long dildo and stick it into each other while on their hands and knees (asses facing each other). They then proceed to bump buts! The scene is rather depraved, but it is definitely her which is a plus. A must see!

Cyclone was written on August 13, 2002

Short bush exposure

Twenty minutes in, we see Jennifer standing in front of a mirror, and her bush is exposed to us for about 13 seconds. Moments later, we get a second look, and then the screen fades to white. There's nothing wrong with the scene if you're looking to see her bush, but I would have preferred a few looks at her excellent breasts, which unfortunately were kept covered up in this movie.

Creepyhead was written on June 24, 2003

ass 2 ass scene

This gets two stars because the act itself is erotic if taken away from the movie context. Also you see very little apart from ultra fast shots of Jennifers butt cause she was wearing a bra during filming.
What happens is Jennifer and another bunch of girls need dope for sex. They perform at some rich mens party night in the dark with torches flashing. All you see is one girl taking a request and then the girl lubing up a condom covered black double ended dildo! There are shots of her sticking it in Jennifers backside (pretty obviously faked), then sticking it up hers. They then bang butts together while on all fours facing away from each other. You see one overhead shot of the whole scene, and a couple of close up side shots of the butts. That is all and it is done in ultra fast cuts between other scenes so get ready with the pause button. Jennifer was only involved briefly in the filming of that scene and the extras were non actor friends of the director. That is pretty questionable. The act is sexy but not with a talented and sexy actress like Jennifer Connelly and not in such a setting that is meant to be disturbing and shameful to men.

Ryan was written on November 18, 2000

Not much

I'm another longtime Jennifer fan but I don't want to give people the wrong idea about her nudity here. Far and away the best scene is when she stands in front of a mirror, wearing only a bra. It's shot so that her bush is clearly visible in the mirror, this is shown twice. Later she is sitting in a bathtub but nothing more than her bare back is seen. Then the big finale "sex show." This scene is about the depths to which addiction can lead you. It is not sexy in any way, it's purposely nightmare-ish. You'd have to be pretty twisted to get any sexual thrill out of that. Beyond that there's no way to even tell if it really is Jennifer involved in the nude scenes. It's dark, shot either from a distance or in an extreme close-up, and is intercut with the bottoming out of the three other main characters in the film. I wouldn't be surprised to find a double did the nudity for her here. An amazing movie with a spectacular performance by Jennifer. Just don't expect much skin or eroticism.

soulman was written on May 17, 2002

Bush Shot.

I was hoping to see something a little more from Jennifer other than the bush shot we get. Such a beatuiful women with a such a great bod it's a shame that's all we get to see.

Jorgiebear was written on May 31, 2001

It's Jennifer Connely for God's sake..

Before I get attacked for the two stars, let me tell you, I don't undestand why Jen reveals her trim and no breasts, especially since she's not a newcomer to nudity. But, hey it the only shot on celluloid with her showing us her pie. So if you're a bush fan and didn't catch it in the theaters, rent it!

moviestuff was written on July 27, 2003


you get to see her bush

jacomo was written on April 29, 2005

Jen is beautiful

Yes you do see the Jen vegetation but she is so good in this movie you hardly notice. Easily one of her best performances.

TheWayOutIsThrough was written on October 24, 2000

Sex Toy

Jennifer and some other girl are surrounded by a bunch of wall-street-types who are waving money in her face. Then the other girl puts a "sexual device" up Jen's ass and then the up her own and then the two of them proceed to "bang-asses" if you will

dav345 was written on April 6, 2001

upper half of nude bush in mirror

This is a VERY beautiful girl. God does not make them any cuter than this. You see the upper half of her full dark bush in the mirror. It's a reasonably long scene (at least 5 seconds) and there is good lighting and all that. For a normal girl, it might be 2 stars, but this girl is cute beyond words.

axl was written on August 2, 2001

In front of mirror and girl/girl

Jennifer has one of the best bodies in the movies (as shown in The Hot Spot) and this is by far the most daring she has been. Her first nude scene here takes place while she watches herself in the mirror..she has on her bra but no underwear. You see the top of her bush and her ass. The next is hot but annoying at the same time. She is doing some girl/girl action in front of a crowd but the scenes keep fashing so it never really settles to show you anything..just knowing that it's being done is pretty hot though.

csz123 was written on November 25, 2000

Not much sexuality

Ok, great for Jennifer Connelly lovers for one reason: she has finally shown her bush in a movie. While she does not show her large breasts at all in this film, though there are several glimpses of them in skimpy shirts and tank tops, the film overall does not present a feeling of eroticism, more of tragedy. The final scene, the butt banging toy scene is not erotic, but it is actually Jennifer's butt, as she stated in an article accessible through Mr. Skin's site. Taken out of context from the film the scene may be erotic, but not with everything else happening around her and with the other characters.

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

mirror scene

Standing in front of a mirror, she shows bush but she has a bra on - strange. In the sex club scene, her face and body are NEVER visible at the same time so I HIGHLY doubt that was her in the overhead shot, or any others. This was a frame-by-frame look on the unrated DVD.

umathurmanfan2 was written on March 5, 2005

If only she removed her bra…

…then it would have been a perfect nude scene from the lovely Jennifer Connelly. But, alas, she kept it one. But even so, we are treated to a nice good view of her bush. Despite not being remotely erotic, this is a very courageous scene from Ms Connelly. It would have been perfect if she was standing both topless and bottomless, but this is still more than other actresses would do. For her best nude scenes, see Waking The Dead or The Hot Spot.

thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


OK so it is obvious that Jennifer did not do the actual dildo penetration in the masturbation scene, but her body double (who was it anyways, no one seems to know sure must have some good resemblence to Jennifer) was definately up to the part. Although I am not sure how Creepyhead identified the other girl in the same scene as Jennifer (I never caught her name)

00:19:00 A rather shocking look at the bushage as a drug-addicted JCon studies herself in the mirror.

01:31:00 Butt-to-butt (body double!) double-dildo pseudo-sappho bachelor-party ass-cheek action.

Starduster was written on June 22, 2001

First Frontal Nudity

This is the first nude scene by Jennifer Connelly which shows pubic hair to my knowledge. On the DVD, the scene is in Chapter 9, about 19-20 minutes into the film. (Add about 5-6 minutes for the usual "previews" if you're watching a VHS tape) There are two shots of her bottomless; she has a black bra on top. The shots last about 10 seconds each, but there is some object that slighlty obsures the view of her bush. Also, the second shot fades out for the last 5 seconds, so the view isn't that good. Its not a great nude scene, but its kind of exciting seeing this first shot of Connelly's bush. There are a couple of quick nude shots of her later, one in a bathtub, the other in a girl-girl sex show. Neither are especially revealing or exciting.(Both are overhead shots of her kneeling nude.) I think Connelly's best nude scene was her first in "The Hot Spot". She has beautiful breasts, and her buns and legs are equally wonderful. I wish she would do a nice, long totally nude scene with clear photography some time soon.

David_Rich was written on May 11, 2006

Bush scene - dildo scene

It's only one star, but by no means a dissapointment. What you will see is the top of her bush when she's standing in front of a mirror. Then there's the scene where Jennifer and another chick bury a double-end dildo in their asses. Not tits and it's probably a double. Like I said, it's one star nudity at best, but Connelly fans should appreciate it because it definitely proves she's no good girl!

Aliya Campbell
Cyclone was written on August 13, 2002

A couple of scenes

33 minutes in, we can see Aliya lying in bed naked, but the scene is brief, and we really only see her side. Moments later, we get a peek at her boobs when she somewhat sits up, then lays back down. Then, 37 minutes in, she's in bed with Marlon Wayans, and while a rotating overhead camera films the action, we clearly see one of her bare breasts from the side. She looked a little too thin, though, in my opinion, and none of the exposure was particularly revealing.

Movieteen was written on May 30, 2001

with Marlon

Don't know why, but at the time of this review, no one had yet mentioned Aliya even though they mentioned the brief bun scenes with Keith David and Marlon Wayans. Is no one straight anymore? Anyways, Aliya plays Alice who is Wayan's girlfriend. There are two scenes separated by a space of filler with Burstyn. In the first scene, Alice is shown from afar calling for Marlon to come to bed. You barely see anything. In the second scene, the camera rotates around as Marlon is doing Alice from the back. Here, you see the tip of her bush and a good shot of her right breast. In my opinion, Aliya is not a very pretty girl, but she has a very nice body and her movements are pretty sexy.

soulman was written on May 17, 2002

Not Bad.

Aliya appears in a sex scene with Wayans in which she appears lying nude on a bed waiting for him to get ready. Although seen at a distance you see her tits. There's a second shot a little later of them in a rotating overhead shot where you see one of her breast as Wayans screws her from behind.

helmut was written on May 23, 2002


You're right Soulman. Thanks for pointing that out.

Bootydaddy was written on July 17, 2001

Hot Chocolate

Shes shown lyin on her side while Marlon is bangin her. You get to see part of her bush and a nice shot of one of her tits. Pretty hot girl, underutalized in this flick though.

helmut was written on May 19, 2002

party scene

Though we don't get to see her great breasts we do get to see her in a kinky party scene where she is getting it on with another girl. The nudity is minimal (butt) but it is interesting enough to get ***. The idea of her, another girl and a dildo! She is hot.

soulman was written on May 19, 2002

Correction: Wrong Entry (No Pun Intended).

Sorry tell you helmut but you're commenting on the wrong actress. Jenifer Connelly is the actress in the butt-to-butt scene. Campbell is the actress featured in the bedroom scene with Wayans.

Chicago was written on April 6, 2002

3 scenes

At :32.5, there's a 3 sec. view of Aliya lying naked on the bed on the floor shot from a distance, so really only the outline of her body is viewable. At :33.25-:33.75, the shot resumes as the guy runs and jumps into bed with her, but the camera pans in on them...breast but no nipples visable, and the side of her hip--1*. At :36.25-:36.75, the two of them are spooning and having sex with him doing her from behind; the two of them are sweaty, her right breast is viewable, and the camera (shot from the ceiling)spins/rotates and pulls back from the two of them--2* if you pause it at the right times.

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

bed scenes

When she calls Wayons to bed, her bush is barely visible from the distance. Later under Wayons, her lift tit is visible and he kisses it. In the whirling scene, she shows both tits and bush - and her skinny ribs.

adailymovie2 was written on May 26, 2001

with Marlon

Don't know why, but at the time of this review, no one had yet mentioned Aliya even though they mentioned the brief bun scenes with Keith David and Marlon Wayans. Is no one straight anymore?
Anyways, Aliya plays Alice who is Wayan's girlfriend. There are two scenes separated by a space of filler with Burstyn. In the first scene, Alice is shown from afar calling for Marlon to come to bed. You barely see anything. In the second scene, the camera rotates around as Marlon is doing Alice from the back. Here, you see the tip of her bush and a good shot of her right breast. In my opinion, Aliya is not a very pretty girl, but she has a very nice body and her movements are pretty sexy.

Marlon Wayans
Guiseppe was written on August 20, 2007

Marlon's ass in a disturbingly amazing film

Do not rent this film for the nudity. Be forwarned, Requiem for a Dream is amazing even without the added flesh. But, we do get a few treats, that being Marlon Wayan's ass. While toying with some sweet sliding mirrors, the camera stays fixed on Marlon's waste-down through a sideways perspective. But, in the limelight we clearly see Marlon's huge bubble butt jutting outwards. This closeup lasts for about 10 seconds before Marlon run's toward his lady friend, equally naked in bed, and we get more delicious ass action from Marlon.

Ryan was written on November 18, 2000


Brief shot of Marlon's buns when he jumps onto a bed with a girl. He's later seen spooning with (the same?) girl. Later he's sitting on a bed and it looks like he's nude but his crotch area is in shadows. When he's about to stand the scene cuts away. He gives a quality dramatic performance in this change of pace from his usual broad comedy work.

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

walking to bed

He gives a full 'backal' as he walks to Campbell in bed.

jnjlondon was written on December 13, 2000

Alright for Marlon!

before I went to see this movie, I read a review that said the film contained graphic sexual scenes, and I thought for sure Jared Leto would show a little sumpthin'. but, it was Marlon who showed his stuff, and i can't say i was disappointed. this boy's got back!

Keith David
Ryan was written on November 18, 2000

Brief buns

Veteran black character actor briefly bares his buns. He's standing talking to Jennifer Connelly and he appears to be nude but the frame cuts off just above his crotch. Then he turns to walk away and flashes his butt. He's about 46 and in decent shape.

mcgeezer was written on August 24, 2004

hangs at doorway talking to girl

Keith David is standing chatting to a young white girl he has just had sex with.He's leaning against the doorframe but there is a glaring mistake because you can see some sort of cloth taped below his abdomen.It's obviously to cover his privates from the actress and the director should have kept the camera slightly higher. Anyway as this ageing black(good)actor turns he shows his ass.The camera stays on him as he walks down the hall,his butt on display for all.David had already done full nudity in a British drama about 12 years ago but I can't remember the title.It was on the BBC.

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