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Stowe, Madeleine 5 Reviews

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Costner, Kevin 2 Reviews

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Madeleine Stowe
SkinSerpent was written on October 18, 2004

Coat Room

While at a party, Stowe and Costner escape her husband to go to a coat room where they proceed to have sex up against a mirror. You can see her ass as he pulls up her dress. Kind of a hot scene.

axl was written on September 14, 1999

topless with Costner

Another movie I saw years ago but remember a scene where she is in alke with Kevin Costner and you see some shots of her breasts.She's had better scenes.

joestate was written on July 12, 2008

Coat Room at party

Maddy has always been a favorite of mine. A spinner for sure. She looks gorgeous in this short scene. Great view of her lovely legs and ass. Brief breast shot. All around :45 into the film. There is a nice shot of her covered ass earlier in the film, when Kevin's character sees her......wow.....

joestate was written on July 12, 2008


Great view of a g-stringed a**. At 1:00. Just picked her up from the airport. Lovely, but too short! Then they are in a pond making love...he lifts her out of the water. We get a very brief view of her pert breasts. She has such a sweet body. This then runs into a love making session in the cabin. Very nice view of her back then briefly her breast.

diamonddog was written on May 26, 2002

A few short breast-scenes

In one scene Madeleine shows her thonged-ass when her skirt is hiked up. There's also a very short scene in which Costner raises her out of the water and we can see very briefly her two breasts. Pause-button-work though. A bit later she and Costner are "surprised" by the "bad guys" in their love-cabin and when naked Stowe is being picked up, we can see flashes of her breasts again. Again pause-button-work.

Kevin Costner
Derek was written on January 2, 2000

Coming out of bed

Brief view of THe Kev's butt as he crawls out of bed as though he had been hibernating.

Ozzie700 was written on January 27, 2003

Swathed in sheets

As Derek mentions, Kevin is seen getting out of bed, his midsection covered by a sheet which is conveniently only long enough to obstruct his crotch. This is about an hour and 13 minutes into the film. Then he gives us a very satisfying but brief view of his sweet cheeks. This was back when he was known for his ass, not for being an ass. Laurie Metcalf's character on the old tv show "Roseanne" said it best regarding his backside: "ooh, you just want to take a bite out of it!"

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