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2003 Between the Sheets 2 Reviews

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2002 Spooks 1 Review

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Spooks (2002)
Ozzie700 was written on November 25, 2009

Series 8 episode 4

Richard is forced to strip naked and change into a jumpsuit of some kind. You can see rear nudity from a distance, as he takes off his briefs, and then a very nice, quick close shot of his curvaceous, smooth buttocks as he puts the jumpsuit on.

Between the Sheets (2003)
GDH was written on November 27, 2003


British drama series about a sex therapist. In the second episode, Armitage - a tall, attractive bloke - has a sex scene with Julie Graham, during which we get two well-lit shots of his bum.

GDH was written on December 15, 2003


In the fifth episode, Armitage features in another sex scene with Julie Graham. First we get a couple of close-ups of his backside as Graham massages it; there's an extremely nice full-length shot as he rolls over on the bed and finally a few shots of his backside as he and Graham 'do it'. Very satisfying!

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