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Right to Bare All, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Rackley, Brandin 1 Review
Lynne, Beverly 1 Review
Kollar, Dena 1 Review
Cole, Jayden 1 Review

Right to Bare All, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Cullen, Frankie 1 Review

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Brandin Rackley
McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Lesbian encounter

Brandin, who is very good in the Life on Top reruns frequently repeated on Skinemax, plays the bordello madam. She breaks in Beverly Lynne, in a scene running from about 36:45-:41. They get on the bed, kissing, and Lynne tastes Brandin's breasts (her large breasts don't seem to quite fit her body). She licks her way down as Rackley moans her approval. After some simulated muff-diving, they both kneel and Rackley begins putting fingers and tongue, mostly fingers, inside Lynne. There are some close-ups of Rackley's very shapely ass during this sequence. Unlike some other scenes in the movie this one feels strangely short, maybe because the actresses put a lot of effort into this not being the usual f/f encounter.

Beverly Lynne
McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011


Beverly is the star of this spy spoof and gamely makes her through a somewhat boring project. She has a sex scene with Nick Manning from about 7:45-12:50, with some awkward camera angles (at one point he's leaning off most of the bed - far away from the camera, and she's between his legs, barely visible), as they each take a turn at oral pleasure and the usual positions (missionary, doggy style). She has a shower sequence from about 14:30-17:30, standing and full frontal as she begins to masturbate, sitting, view obscured, as she finishes. 30:45-:41 has an f/f scene described under Brandin Rackley. :57-30-1:01 has a comical sex scene with Frankie Cullen where he eats her out, does her on all fours, etc. as she is bored out of her skull and can barely pretend to enjoy herself. 1:05-1:11 has an f/f scene with Ashley West that I described under Dena Kollar.

Dena Kollar
McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Client and f/f

Credited as Ashley, petite young blonde Dena first has a session with Tony Marino. He takes off her bra, and simulates eating her out. She simulates giving him head, with several closeups of her tight rear end. They get into the usual positions. Then she's topless on the bed as he talks to her about another girl. This is from about 45:30-:54. Later she has an encounter with Beverly Lynne, who takes off Dena's top, rubs baby oil on her small breasts, then lowers her panties and begins fingering her. Dena keeps her leg blocking the camera the entire time, which gets distracting. There's a quick full frontal glimpse when she and Beverly are kneeling on the bed and Dena removes Beverly's bra and begins putting massage oil on Beverly's chest. This is from about 1:05-1:11. The scenes are a bit listless but not bad.

Jayden Cole
McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Sex with john

Redheaded Jayden has one scene, a paid encounter with Tony Marino. The scene starts at about 23:40, with a shot of her shapely bottom as she and Marino are kneeling on the bed and kissing. He kisses her natural C cups and then begins eating her out. She's on her back and plays with her nips and breasts. Then she feigns fellatio. She rides him, her breasts bouncing in closeup. She's on her back again, then doggy style. Finally she's on the bed, topless, and she takes the money Marino gives her and puts her top on. This ends at about 31 minutes in. The actors have some heat but the scene stalls out as it goes on for 5-6 minutes with limited variation.

Frankie Cullen
McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Right to bare very little

Frankie has the shortest sex scene of the men in the film, but is the only one to show any rear nudity. You can see his ass early in his sex scene with Beverly Lynne, as he feigns eating her out.

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