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Lisa Saxton
Immy was written on March 19, 2007


Seldom do I give an actress four stars if I don't see all the goods but Lisa deserves it. She's pure eye candy and every scene she's in is 100% gratuitous. She has a quick pre-fight session with Dale Jacoby and her awesome C-cups and shapely butt get some exposure (0:09). Dale gets treated to more of her boobage when she teases him in the jacuzzi by taking off her bikini top (0:18). Last is her most shameless scene - she steps out of the shower nude (0:22, boobs and butt, shot from behind) and casually walks out of the bathroom past Maria Ford. She holds a towel in front of her nether region but the effect is still tremendous. There's absolutely no reason why this scene was necessary except to showcase her fabulous figure. I approve!

Maria Ford
Immy was written on March 19, 2007

Breasts and probable muff (1:12)

The oft-exposed Maria plays the demure good girl in this martial arts flick. It isn't until an hour into the movie that she shows any skin, which she does pretty well in a bedroom scene with Don "The Dragon" Wilson. He takes off her lingerie piece by piece and they have a passionate romp in the sack. First is her lacy black bra, thru which her trademark pancake nipples can be seen. Then as she lays in bed he pulls off her panties. No butt shot but some shadowy muff is definitely glimpsed. From there it's all boob shots as they go at it, including a last look as she sits up in bed afterwards. The action is interrupted now and then by some gangs assembling outside to watch a fight.

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