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year title
2011 I Melt With You 1 Review
1992 The Rob Lowe home movie 3 Reviews
1990 Bad Influence 3 Reviews
1988 Masquerade 6 Reviews
1986 Youngblood 9 Reviews
1986 About Last Night... 9 Reviews
1984 Hotel New Hampshire, The 4 Reviews
1983 Outsiders, The 2 Reviews

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I Melt With You (2011)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Butt and Rear Penis Shot in-between the legs during skinny dipping scene

When he, Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven and another guy decide to go skinny-dip in the nearby ocean (all while revealing their perfect butts), you can freeze or play in slow motion or keep a sharp eye and you'll make out all of their harry dongs from in-between their legs as well.

Later in the film, Lowe displays some of his real-life tattoos on his back (as well as the top of his butt) while hovering over a dead friend's corpse and crying.

The Rob Lowe home movie (1992)
MonkD was written on December 21, 2000

Sex scene

First must say that the quality of this home video is grainy and somewhat dark. We first see Rob walking in front of the camera (nice bare butt)to the bed where we see his penis dangling (it's spongy and just starting to rise)He then sits on the bed and starts stroking his member watching his friend on the girl. Then Rob mounts her and for the next 10-15 minutes it's non-stop fucking!Nice shot of Rob's deep-cracked butt flexing with each stroke.After butt-fucking her he dismounts and gives us a good view of his HUGE hard penis. Must be 7-8 inches!It's fully erect,pointing up, and full of life!He walks in front and we see quick view of his balls and still hard cock!Lowe is a magnificent stallion in bed,just watch him gallop away!

slavedriver was written on December 21, 2000


I'm more interested in the girl, of whom there is very little. As it happens, there is NO buttfucking, to correct the previous. Rob gets on her and they go at it missionary position pretty much the whole time. And when I unfortunately got a glimpse of his member, I wouldn't say it was unusually large. That's all folks. The biggest turn on is knowing he's doing some illegally young chick--lucky dog. Anyone know how old she was?

CarrollAP was written on October 18, 2011

Rob, a girl, and another guy

The tape is a copy of a copy of a copy. It is very grainy. Rob and a friend named Justin are with a 16 year old girl in a hotel room in Paris. Justin is hunky with a nice thick cock. We get to see Rob's beautiful butt going up and down as he screws her. He sits back and strokes himself while Justin talkes his turn. We get to see Rob's hard-on when he pulls out. The girl stoled the tape and sold it. Rob got in legal trouble because she was underage.

Bad Influence (1990)
rachwil was written on September 16, 2005

butt after sex

pretty badly lit scene...but it's rob's buns!

Samuel was written on December 2, 1998

Getting up from bed after making love with two girls!!

I'd say that this is one of the best shots of Lowe's cute buns. It's such a shame he doesn't do these kinds of scenes anymore. You see him getting out of bed to go the bathroom. He leaves his two female friends in bed. It's not that brightly lit, but his butt is at its best and there's a nice movement to the buttocks. The scene lasts about 6 seconds and it's worth it. Also, I may be wrong, but I'm sure you can see his balls underneath one of his lovers as he makes love with her, just before the scene describes above. Check it out!!

mcjw2011 was written on April 2, 2003

Vidcaps... Rob's butt looks good

I saw a couple of vidcaps from this particular scene of "Bad Influence." Rob looks much better as a clean-shaved, clean-cut man. After having sex with two women, he gets up from the bed and into the bathroom. The view is darkened, but his ass looks so much better than what it did in his previous nude work. His ass is nice, round, and pale from what I saw... the kind of butt I'd like to squeeze once I got the opportunity.

Masquerade (1988)
GDH was written on February 24, 2000

Bum during sex scene

As well as the 'walking to wardrobe' scene, Lowe shows his backside during a sex scene with Meg Tilly. As it's shot from his head, however, we don't get a brilliant view.

Yons was written on May 24, 2008

Sex scene with Meg Tilly

Most realistic sex scene. Rob apparently got aroused and wanted to put it in, but Tilly wasn't up for it.

A very sensuous mounting shot with them looking at each other as Rob simulates penetration. Full view of a naked and fit Rob humping Tilly, with most convincing thrusting. Various close up shots showing Rob caressing Tilly's breast and showing his muscular back flexing as he thrusts. Arousing kissing of her neck give the impression he is fully into the act.

His simulated orgasm, at the end of a full view from the head showing more convincing thrusting as her legs wrag around him, is very real looking, he even seems to tremmor as he reaches climax.

If it isn't real, it's awesomely convincing.

derek22 was written on November 14, 2001

explicit nude sex

Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly perform the most explicit nude sex outside of a
porn flick. No genitals visible, of course, but if they aren't
actually going all the way then both should get a special award for
best all-time acting!

ctgte was written on May 4, 2012

Nice ass

Robe Lowe was beautiful

jaymenuk was written on November 16, 2001

Very hot rear after making love to Kim Catrall

This is undoubtedly the film to watch if you want to see Lowe at his hottest and he obviously made sure his body was up to scratch as it is tanned and toned all over. There is a well lit rear shot after he has made love to Kim Catrall. Sweaty, he gets out of bed and walks to the closet giving us the chance to see his astoundingly beautiful butt. This happens again when he goes back to the bed and what makes it even more surprising is that it is entirely gratuitous. There is also a later glimpse of his ass as he has sex with Meg Tilly but it takes place in semi-darkness and the camera angles do not give us a great view. If you want to see Rob Lowe's body at its peak then rent this movie.

Samuel was written on October 6, 1998

Walking to closet and back to bed.

Lowe looks at his best here. He gets up from the bed very sweaty having just made love with Kim Cattrall. We see his very cute buns as he walks to the closet, and then a close up of his butt when he comes back to the bed. I'd rate this scene higher if it was a little longer. But Lowe's butt is to die for!

Youngblood (1986)
atom was written on August 9, 2003

caught in a hallway wearing only a jockstrap

Rob Lowe is almost girlishly pretty in the five-minute locker-room sequence of this hockey film. As a new recruit, Rob's character inadvertently wanders from the locker room, wearing only a jockstrap, into a hallway accessible to the public, where he encounters Cynthia Gibb. The jockstrap sequence gives us a clear view of Lowe's butt and of the outline of his genitals (which show through the jockstrap). Lowe's twenty-two-year-old body is trim, boyishly hairless, and--if not muscular--at least very fit. Adding to the heat of the scenario is Lowe's evident embarrassment at being caught near-naked by Cynthia Gibb. Fans of sexual humiliation should also watch for the subsequent scene, a few minutes later, in which Lowe's teammates hold him down, strip him naked, and shave off his pubic hair with a razor. Even though we don't see the pubic region in this scene, it's a deliciously kinky moment.

rachwil was written on September 16, 2005

sex scene,locker room

In the hallway outside the locker room,rob is stranded with just a jockstrap on.he's sweaty and we get generous shots of his awsome butt and when he's walking toward the camera,we see his cut penis.And he has to retrieve the towel from cynthia,so we see a tense,embarassed rob!

MonkD was written on January 3, 2000

Locker room scene

Lowe puts his gorgeous physique on display in this scene. As he walks out the door wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, the towel drops to the floor and Rob's full, round butt is there for all to enjoy. When he turns around we see he is wearing a jock strap, but we get another show of his smooth, hairless buttcheeks as he walks away ( nice jiggle ). This is Lowe at his buffest.

moviedoctor was written on January 4, 2005

locker room scene

Rob Lowe is wearing nothing but a jock and a towel around his waist. The towel drops to the floor but he stands there for a few seconds not knowing that Cynthia Gibband us, the audience get a gereous view of his white, sexy,hairless rear bumper.

RudeHands was written on May 2, 2005

Jock Strap Only on Young Rob

Rob Lowe (Dean Youngblood) has just been accepted on to the Hockey Team whereas the fat, ugly, repulsive bully he had just tried-out with on the ice is rejected. He walks out of the locker room in a huff, prompting Lowe, who's being treated for the injuries this thug gave him, to don a towel and pursue a fight with him. He gets to a hallway at which this bully exits the scene, however, his towel has managed to fall off at the same time. Enter Cynthia Gibb. She and the audience just stare at his bare ass. It's an excellent piece of flesh. "New uniforms for the playoffs?" she exclaims. Lowe is obviously embarrassed, but he gets over it and walks toward her. He picks the fallen towel up and drapes it over his shoulders as if to shed his sheepish attitude and bare it. Lowe is only twenty-one here and he's just so beautiful. If only later on while making love to Gibb he could bare it again. But that's where she comes in.

MarcioGore was written on December 13, 2011

Walking and wearing a jockstrap

This is a classic and hot scene!When he came out from the locker room his towel fells down and we a can his young ass.This is a hot and total classic scene from male nudity on movies!

murray was written on September 21, 1998

lockerroom scene

Extended scene of Lowe in a jock outside of the lockerroom. The scene ends with a good look at his butt as he walks away.

Christoph was written on July 24, 2000

Naked in public hallway

Other than the infamous video tape, THE premier Lowe nude scene finds him trailing a fellow hockey player into a public hallway. His towel drops off somewhere along the way leaving him in a jockstrap. Cynthia Gibb arrives and gets an eyeful much to his embarrassment. He watches him as he makes his way slowly back to the lockerroom with his bare butt on display. Great embarrassment scenario.

tushlover was written on June 9, 2006

Rob Lowe caught outside the locker room with butt exposed

Rob was a heart throb when this movie was released. This scene surely must be one of the greatest ass shots of a really gorgeous guy of all time. And it is an extended look of his great ass. Definitely 5 Stars for Rob Lowe fans.

About Last Night... (1986)
rachwil was written on September 16, 2005

underwear,ass.....everything and even a hint of his thing!

Rob at his best,great sex scenes,great ass,pretty good movie!

DoubleStandardHater was written on February 5, 2005

original scene after their first sex

OK-the original movie that I saw when it came out in '86 had a scene in which Rob Lowe was standing by the bed full frontal and you could see his penis head-on. I now have the DVD and that scene has been deleted, probably after all the furor caused by his bootleg porn movie. It sucks that the DVD didn't leave the original movie scene intact, since you see it in the privacy of your home. One more reason to love European freedom of expression.

ellen [email protected] was written on April 25, 1998

walking around his apartment after having sex with demi

he used to have a good butt, but that was a long time ago

murray was written on September 21, 1998

scene with Demi

Dark scene of Lowe and Demi Moore walking into the kitchen and opening the refrigerator. As they do so you can see a portion of the base of his penis, but no real detail at all. In another scene he retrieves the newspaper in his underwear.

mcjw2011 was written on April 2, 2003

Butt shots, no penis though

Ruggedly good-looking, Rob Lowe does two brief nude scnees in here. One is when he and Demi walk (both are nude) to the refrigerator, and you get a nice but darkened view of his nice cheeks. In the second scene is when he's in the shower and gets out and dries off, allowing for a better look of his butt. For you Lowe fans out there, there's no penis shot, sorry.

GDH was written on November 16, 1999

His butt looks fine to me!

The refrigerator scene - mentioned elsewhere - is preceded by a sex scene that contains a few quick shots of Lowe's butt, including one close-up. Later on, we again see his butt as he gets out of the shower. This scene contains a quick (freeze-frame job) view of his pubic hair.

Bushyboy was written on February 9, 2008

refrigerator scene

Yeah, if you use frame advance on the dvd, there's a glimpse of dick between his thigh and the frig door

sirspread was written on December 10, 2002

a couple of sex scenes

there are a couple of scenes here where we see demi naked although the lighting is a little dark hence only the two stars.you can see a little bush if you are quick but the main attraction are demis amazing breasts (why oh why did she get implants later on )anybody who hasnt seen this earlier version of demi really should try to see this film

nudieguy was written on November 28, 2002

Full Frontal

In this movie Rob shows everything!I am a straight male who has no problem reviewing male nudity.After he and Demi get through having sex they go to the kitchen.When Rob opens up the fridge you can plainly see his penis.I only gave it three stars because he is a mainstream actor,because his penis is not that big.Also,when he gets out of the shower in one scene you can see his pubic hair and part of the shaft of his penis.

Hotel New Hampshire, The (1984)
bmg was written on February 4, 2000

Very brief partial rear and possible frontal

He gets out of the shower, holds a towel around himself, and runs to the bed to have sex with his sister (I know - ew!). As he runs across the room, the towel comes up and we see part of that fabulous ass. I couldn't tell becuase it happened so fast, but you might also get a peek at his balls or penis.

rachwil was written on September 16, 2005

no nude scenes

he's shirtless quite a bit and wears a towel.theres a scene where he works out and gets all sweaty.
and finally we get a nice view up his shorts when he's lifting weights(which i really enjoyed,hence the **

abbafan2 was written on August 25, 2005

no nudity

I saw the original version in theaters and Rob Lowe did not do any nudity in this movie. He is usually wearing a towel. We had to wait until "Young Blood" for any good nudity. (Although I liked "The Outsiders" for showing his naked side!)

Ozzie700 was written on November 15, 2003

Very brief

Either this went by impossibly fast or the cable channel (HBO) edited something out, because I didn't see any glimpse of his ass when he was running from the shower.

Outsiders, The (1983)
flamefire was written on November 18, 2011

Tease as he gets out of shower

No specific nudity, although it's very much hinted at; As Rob gets out of the shower he struggles to cover himself with a towel. You don't see his ass, just the side. And maybe pubes if you're quick on the slowmo. It's worth it for Lowe fans, though. He was in his prime and it's a very titillating moment.

Candy was written on October 13, 1998

Shower Scene

He looked soooo fine in the scene... He has the most gorgeous body I didn't even know he had... I just wished that they would have showed his penis it would have made the moveie a little more interesting!

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