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1997 Hot Springs Hotel 2 Reviews
1994 Compromising Situations 2 Reviews

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born 1964 or 1965

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Hot Springs Hotel (1997)
Ozzie700 was written on January 3, 2003

Episode: The Bachelorette Party

Derek is right (although Beverly Hills Bordello is even worse), but if you want to see a brief view of Robert's backside (bad angle though) as he's on his stomach, it's in this episode. He shows more in his Compromising Situations episode.

Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Various scenes throughout t.v. series

Cute little actor, but NEVER ONCE does this show let you forget it is all about the women. Each week about a half dozen women get buck naked for the camera, while Abrams--week after week--is the resident guy used to balance things out in the loosest sense of the term. While Abrams is very cute and nicely built, he NEVER does a single satisfying scene in which the angle isn't cheated or an obstruction isn't in the view of the nudity. If you are into women this show is for you. If you are into guys this is the WORST of the pay cable soft-core series. I would like to see Abrams in a nice, uncompromised nude scene, but this misogynistic show isn't going to offer it. After showing forty women naked by season's end is it so much to ask for that they show at least one man?

Compromising Situations (1994)
GDH was written on June 22, 2000

Backside in sex scenes

Episode: 'Singles on Line'. Abrams plays a computer nerd who nonetheless obviously finds the time to visit the gym regularly! He has two sex scenes (with Diana Cuevas and Christiva Turner) and in both shows a very appealing, shapely backside. His scene with Cuevas includes a very sexy close-up of his bare hip as he rolls off her.

Ozzie700 was written on August 25, 2001

Full Rear Shot

Episode: Love Suit. Robert is canoodling with a friend of his male friend's ex-girlfriend, and at one point the sheet falls, giving a near-full rear shot. Hair-dusted, very nice and round. The camera angle shows more of the inside of his crack than you'd expect.

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