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2000 Naked News 1 Review

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Naked News (2000)
PubicHairandNipples was written on June 13, 2008

Full Frontal Nude Entertainment Reports, Viewer Mail

I've been a big fan of the Naked News Male Show and am really sorry it's not made - but at least the archive still exists - so we can all enjoy these handsome men taking it all off as they give us news and the like. Robert Milan, who appeared a few years ago, is not conventionally handsome, but pleasant looking with a good build. It is his humour and personality that make him such a success naked. Also, Robert has a large penis - probably the biggest of the anchors, I think.

As many reviewers point out, in a nude show like this, it looks much better if the penis swings about. As Robert's is large, and often looks semi, it moves very well. He doesn't actually walk about much, but as his style is quite wacky and zany, the body movements go with it and well - sway swing bounce goes his fat penis! Yum!

Robert has a very pleasing bush - brownish/red, thick and well-defined against fair skin, with largish pink nipples. His manner is friendly and relaxed as he looks at the camera and takes his clothes off. He also understands that you don't always just rip underwear off - Robert is good at lowering it slowly, pulling down the centre to show gradually all of penis.

From his first appearance, when the camera pulled bacl to show first the smiling guy-next-door shirtless, then full frontal nude reading a report, against the studio backdrop, his big penis giving an occasional shake,I've been hooked!

Oh he gets slightly erect sometimes

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