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2002 Odyssey 5 1 Review
2000 Tied Up 2 Reviews
1999 New Blood 1 Review

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1997 Lexx: The Series 2 Reviews

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Lexx: The Series (1997)
lwc was written on August 4, 2007

Episode "boomtown"

I'd say she was blond in that episode, and for some reason she was officially credited there as Roberta Sammut.

Anyway, she was one of the topless girls who surprised Stan at bed. While her breasts were average, they were the biggest around until Mika Ward showed up for some seconds at the very end.

Overall, she got a decent exposure and had some speaking lines (mainly sucked up to Stan about his middle name of "H.").

duckem was written on November 25, 2002

episode boomtown as Roberta Sammutt

She acted under a different name for some reason. But she's the one with the long dark brown hair.

Odyssey 5 (2002)
Curmudgeon was written on February 10, 2003

Black panties and open white shirt

Should be about 2.5 stars.

In episode "Astronaut's Dream", Roberta Angelica plays one of the various "stunning women" sharing character Kurt Mandel's bed. She's in black full-coverage panties plus a man's white dress shirt, open. Roberta is sitting up, talking with him and then posing for his infrared camera.

She's got medium-size, apparently natural breasts with distinct nipples and areolas. Roberta also sports a deep all-over tan, and no sign of tan lines.

Tied Up (2000)
whiteraven was written on August 21, 2010

Playing Domme - nice showing of T&A in a dark room

Roberta Angelica [AKA Robert Angelica and Roberta Samutt plays domme Kaite. Dolph Lundgren is looking for a blond domme named Frances who has been implicated in the murder of Lundgren's brother. He visits a BDSM facility and is taken to her room by Kylie Bax playing a host at the facility (Serena). Ironically, Kylie who generally has light or blond hair is wearing a dark wig and Angelica who has dark hair is wearing a short platinum blond wig. In the VHS version I saw, she is first shown from a distance across her work room back to the camera in her custume which includes thong type panties so her shapely ample rear is on display at about the 51:06 mark to 51:11 when she orders Lundgren to "SIT". From about 51:12 - 51:41 is Lundgren finding the correct seat when she start walking towards the camera. As she nears and stops before Lundgren (51:48), viewed from the rear to about 51:55. Strangely she asks him "What would you like?" Shot to Lundgren as he meekly asks "Why...don't you take off your clothes?" Stranger yet (for a domme), she slowly and seductively removes her top leaving her thong panties and thigh high boots. She unzips her leather top from the front revealing her lovely firm perhaps B sized breasts and large aerolas from about 52:19 - 52:24, shot back to the seated Lundgren. Then she walks forward to Lundgren in the darken room straddling his lap. She leans back a moment and then quickly into his face grabbing his throat, exclaiming, "I am not a fucking whore! I am a specialist." She gets up and starts to walk away as Lundren asks her if she ever used the name Frances. She walks over pressing a silent alarm, lingering a bit for a frontal view in the darken room. About the 53:28 she disappears around a corner as Kylie returns to the room demanding his departure where upon a big leather wearing bouncer appears with an ensuing fight until they realize they are known to each other. I give two to three stars for Roberta. While not completely nude or involved sexually, one does get a good showing of her shape, size, breasts, nipples and rear.

BreastCrusader was written on August 25, 2003


dominatrix who Dolph asks to strip. Clear shot of small breasts followed by large ass as she's walking away.

New Blood (1999)
Ozzie700 was written on September 12, 2002


Early in the movie she and Nick Moran are in bed when people start knocking on the door. They both get out of bed, and she's only wearing panties. You can see a few shots of her topless for this scene.

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