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Kevin Costner
Guiseppe was written on July 26, 2007

Not a body double

For those who think this is a body double, is most certainly is not. I would recognize that flat, oval ass anywhere. If you look at his Dances With Wolves nude scene and look closely at this far away nude shot in Robin Hood, you'll pinpoint both asses to Kevin. Cachow.

beowulf was written on August 12, 2001

Marion sneaking a peek

Costner is doing some nude bathing in a lake and Marion stumbles upon him and does her best to get a good look at what he's got.

Angelfire was written on April 16, 1998

He is swimming in a pond, and Marian is watching quite intently.

The only problem with this scene is that it is shot from too far a distance away from the actor.

[email protected] was written on August 20, 1998

Robin is taking a shower in a waterfall....Maid Marion happens upon him unexpectedly, and her breath is taken away....

man that guy is drop dead gorgeous with a very nicely shaped backside....... He can eat crackers in my bed ANY TIME!!!!!!!

Didn't want to dissappoint, but was written on October 29, 1998


That was a body double. He said it was too cold to do this nude shot on Entertainment Tonight. Dances w/Wolves is him though.

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