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1996 Dalziel and Pascoe 2 Reviews

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Dalziel and Pascoe (1996)
Ghostwords was written on May 18, 2007

12.2: "Demons On Our Shoulders", part two

In the second half of this murder mystery, there's a flashback to a black magic ritual in which Ms Addison (as "Katherine") is shown naked, atop a male member of the coven. We get two short glimpses of her breasts, which are fairly ample and swing quite noticably as they have sex. She appears to be fully naked, but the guy's torso blocks any potential view of her bush. (According to IMDb, this is her screen debut, so we'll hopefully see more of her in future.)

Stuart666 was written on October 17, 2008


Robyn Addison (best known in the UK for the Vodafone advert) gets her breasts out in this episode, in a bizarrely sexy example of satanic sex magic whilst casting a spell on the man she believed killed her parents. She has a finely developed pair of breasts (34C? As they dangle its difficult to tell) and is a very pretty girl, but in reviewing the scene its clear she is wearing a pubic patch as she rides her lover, and is smeared in blood. As she throws the spell into the fire, her breasts jiggle quite nicely. There is a disturbing scene later where her body is discovered cut in half, but its clearly a dummy. Whether it was made from a body cast I dont know. So to sum up, a very nice scene of a very pretty girl, who I hope will do more screen nudity in future. Too bad she didnt survive into part 2. :(

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