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year title
2003 Nos enfants chéris 1 Review
1999 Rembrandt 1 Review
1998 Vigo 1 Review
1996 Appartement, L' 2 Reviews
1995 Total Eclipse 13 Reviews
1992 Savage Nights 4 Reviews

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Nos enfants chéris (2003)
lattara was written on January 30, 2005

Brief breasts

Romane briefly reveals her sizable breasts in a dimly-lit sex scene about two thirds of the way through this comedy-drama. She is lying on her back, so the full effect is not obtained. Completists only.

Rembrandt (1999)
BushLeague was written on October 10, 2003

Was Rembrandt at tit man?

Her very creamy 36c right chest ball flops out twice. Once while laying on the bed and once while posing upright. As you can guess, both scenes were in "Rembrandt Lighting" (almost). Her bumpy areola and pimple nipple look a bit worse for wear, but OK.

Vigo (1998)
BushLeague was written on October 10, 2003

The real "Rembrandt"

This movie could have really been lit by Rembrandt: Very harsh silohuette against an over exposed white background. However, Romane is under exposed as only her left hanging pear of a teet can be clearly seen without nipple.

Appartement, L' (1996)
McBoris was written on August 24, 2006

decent breats shot

Around 50 minutes into the film we get a decent shot of Romane Bohringer's breasts. The scene is a little short, but they are very nice breasts. Later on in the film we get a very brief look at her bare bottom.

zaida2000 was written on November 12, 2004

good exposure (breasts)

good shot of her breasts in a sex scene with lead actor. clear and visable.

Total Eclipse (1995)
lpz89 was written on July 6, 2003

Bedroom scene

Previous reviewers who have criticised Romane's looks show a total lack of respect. To call her a 'skank' is disgraceful, as well as being plain wrong. Her face has far more character and strength than many so-called beauties. I think she is simply glorious, and she unquestionably has the most wonderful mammaries this side of paradise.

eaglespyharry was written on September 12, 2003

My lord, what a set...

I usually review movies with good bush shots but I had to put in my thoughts on Romane. Holy shit, what a set of tits!!! Ok, I got that out of my system. The previous reviewers do a pretty good job describing the scenes. If you are a fan of very large, very natural breasts, this is the film for you. Romane is young enough in this film that her natural breasts stay fairly high despite their enormous size. Her areolas must be 3" across.

MrKeithTalent was written on September 23, 1999

nerve numbing breasts

Hubba hubba!! Acres and acres of pure unaduterated flesh! Wonderful angles, I can see this scene again and again, and then... once again. What a woman! She's lying on her stomach sleeping and we see her lovely round butt (you can probably see your reflection in it). She gets up when she wants to jump her lover and straddles him. We know that we are really on to something. She undresses him and we see monumental boobs, big round bouncy, nipples at their best. A brown bush makes a cameo appearance. Later she shows more of the two wonderful gifts that God has given to this world.Wonderful scene...a must see.

nudity_elitist was written on July 16, 2002

look closer, dudes

OK, YES, there is a lot of explicit nudity here. But look at this skank's face, for crying out loud. Not to mention all that baby fat. Pug-fugly. I can't believe how easy it is for the average reviewer to overlook major flaws in beauty just because there happens to be a pair of jugs floppin' around. As far as the nudity goes, as I said it is extensive. Ass, muff, tits (humungous by the way, which I dislike.) As far as I'm concerned, she's just there.

Starduster was written on December 26, 1999

DVD version

The DVD version of this film has just been released, and I purchased a copy simply for this great nude scene. The sharp, stable freeze frame on DVD lets me savor Romane's magnificent mammaries. I had hoped there might be additional nudity in the DVD, but no. However, the disc has both widescreen and full screen versions.The latter has some extra flashes of her dark pubes that are not seen in the pan and scan edit. I still think ther is another version of this film with more nudity-perhaps in the european release. Final note, the bedroom romp is in Chapter 13 of the disc. If anyone knows about nude scenes by Romane in her more recent films, can you post a review?

dav345 was written on December 5, 2000

Breasts, butt, and dark pubes

I saw the fullscreen VHS version of this movie. Initially, she is lying on the bed and you get a good view of her nice butt. Her lover walks into the room and she leaps off the bed and wraps her legs around him. You get an interesting view of her ass as she is carried to the bed with her legs wrapped around him. Once they are both on the bed, you see her large, perfect, natural breasts and her dark pubes, briefly, as she undresses him. Later, after they have sex, she gets up to get dressed and you get a real eyeful of her magnificent breasts. I am not really a breast man (more of a butt and vagina and pubic hair man), but her breasts even excited me. They are really good breasts.

mcjw2011 was written on January 18, 2003

Very beautiful French actress...

In this period drama, French actress Romane Bohringer has three but extended nude scenes. First is when her husband (David Thewlis) comes in, and she's lying on the bed, exposing her nicely-rounded ass. Then, she jumps on him and wraps her curvaceous legs around him and starts to kiss him, giving us another interesting look at her behind. The second scene is still the bedroom scene, is where she's undressing David, giving us a great view of her breasts, ass and pubes... plus the sensuous nature of the scene just makes it all the more exciting. Finally, the third scene is when after she and David have sex and she's tightening up her corset, giving us another great closeup of her voluptuous breasts. Romane's a very beautiful actress, plus her great performance in "Total Eclipse" just makes it worth it to see this period piece of cinema. See it... both Romane and the movie are great.

sirspread was written on April 29, 2003


4 stars because of the nudity on offer......however she is very plain and her boobs are to big

Starduster was written on July 31, 1999

3 minute+ bedroom romp in the middle of film. Must see for breast lovers.

French actress Romane Bohringer is blessed with some othe finest breasts I have ever laid eyes on,and here is our best view to date of these natural wonders. Her Gallic globes are surprisingly shapely and bouyant, considering their extravagant dimensions, and they are tipped with large, erect nipples. Perfection! Indeed, Romane's breasts are so impressive, that it is easy to overllok the fact that she possess long legs, and an attractive derriere. It may be that there are two versions of this scene, by the way.

Moviespank was written on January 27, 2001

Leonardo DiCaprio exposes his beautiful little bottom.

A film about 19th century French poets Arthur Rimbaud (DiCaprio) and Paul
Verlaine (David Thewlis). After an amputation of his right leg, towards the end of
the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio falls nude to the floor, with his little bottom in plain
view. His cute, totally hairless, jelly soft little bottom was gorgeously beautiful.

I've heard that Mr. DiCaprio regretted doing this film later - as his fame increased -
but I'm for one, is thankful for the pleasure of watching his boyishly cute little
bottom in this scene.

Leonardo DiCaprio lies on the floor, his little bottom exposed, and then his sister
helps him in to bed again. The scene plays long enough for any viewer who wants
to freeze the scene on video, allowing many different angles in the process.

connoisseur was written on September 26, 1999

Bedroom Romp

I saw Romane in The Acconpanist several years ago and sensed something special about her, but I never dreamed of this (or these). If there are bigger, fuller, firmer, natural bossoms out there in movie-land, someone please let me know where to look. Romane's rack is awesome: these are nipples that could launch a 1000 ships -- large, swollen, dark -- they defy gravity as they sit perched on what can only be described as mountains of voluptuous flesh.

babon was written on January 7, 2000

Great tits

She shows off her breats and butt. Looks sensuous in the Bedroom scene - DVD chapter 13

moviestuff was written on August 14, 2003

big breasts and ass

she is the prettiest woman sinced alyssa milano wow she has such big juicy breasts and a face of a god!

Savage Nights (1992)
thefaceman32 was written on October 9, 2003

Condom use?


00:38:00 Brief left breast after making love.

NOTE: Despite other reviews that I have read I did not see any scenes that showed a condom (never mind her taking the condom off the guy's penis). Never thought an actress would risk an actual scene with a HIV positive person, but I could have had an censored version

00:43:00 She walks out of the bathroom nude and grabs a shirt from the closet. Somewhat dark scene.

00:50:00 Romane's voluptuous breasts are on display while laying in bed.

BiBoySTL was written on October 15, 1999

Breasts often, briefly frontal once

Dimly lit frontal, and breats during sex. Surprisingly tame for a French movie.

Starduster was written on June 5, 1999

Brief breasts during love scene. Later, completely nude walking in hallway. A final love scene with Bohringer bare-breasted atop her boyfriend.

The first love scene has good close-ups, but is fairly short. The fully nude hallway shot is dimly lit, and also not too long. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but it takes the fun out of screen nudity. The final love scene with Mlle Bohringer topless astride her lover is rather erotic. Overall, I thought her nude romp in Total Eclipse to be better, which is why Savage Nights gets three stars. This film is also known as Les Nuits Fauves.

J-Love was written on July 12, 2001

Huge close-up of amazing breasts.

About halfway through this fine film, our hero is seen devouring Romane's left nipple and then, while he struggles with a condom, we are left with a gorgeous view of her breasts, enormous even when she's lying on her back. And then, when she reaches down to take the condom off her lover, her left breast goes from huge to gargantuan as her arm pushes it into the air. Glorious.

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