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Romantic Englishwoman, The's Sexy Actors

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Glenda Jackson
Condor was written on April 3, 1999

Several nude scenese

at the begining of the film whem Michael Kane comes home she greetshim in the yard in a black robethen she take the robe and lies on him you can see some pubes and breasts while making out with Mr. Kanethen being desturbed by a neighbour u can see her walking towards the house saying goodbye to the other man her robe beside her showing of her ass.Very nice nude scene of this English member of parliament.there r two more nude scense with her in the film but they are very faint

Ghostwords was written on January 29, 2007

A few corrections to the above review

For a start, the actor in question is Michael (now Sir Michael) Caine, not Kane. Also, Ms Jackson is a member of the *British* House of Commons. There is at present no separate English Parliament.

Michael Caine
Helmut Berger

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