Rome's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Walker, Polly 6 Reviews
Varma, Indira 1 Review
Robinson, Zuleikha 4 Reviews
Marshal, Lyndsey 3 Reviews
Henley, Alice 3 Reviews
Fowler, Francesca 1 Review
Duncan, Lindsay 2 Reviews
Condon, Kerry 6 Reviews

Rome's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Woods, Simon 1 Review
Stevenson, Ray 3 Reviews
Rosen, Stan 0 Reviews
Purvis, Roberto 1 Review
Purefoy, James 5 Reviews
Menzies, Tobias 2 Reviews
McKidd, Kevin 1 Review
Marshall, Rocky 2 Reviews
Leech, Allen 1 Review
Gonnella, Giacomo 2 Reviews
Calcagno, Giovanni 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Rome member submitted

Polly Walker
dav345 was written on August 28, 2005

full frontal and rear nudity

I wish I could give this 5 stars, but they only let me go to 4. Polly is a slightly older woman, maybe early 40s, but she is attractive enough to put most younger women to shame. First, you see her having sex with a man. You get good looks at her boobs and glimpses of her bush and butt during this scene. Moments later, you see her in a bath and see her full frontal nudity (including dark bush) through the water. Then, she comes out of the bath, again revealing her full frontal nudity, including dark bush, in very good light. Finally, she turns around and walks out of the bath, showing off her beautiful crack of ass in great light. I assure you that you get a huge eyeful of this woman in episode 1 of the series. Polly Walker is eye candy.

l0ckdown was written on August 28, 2005

Sex & bathing scenes

This new HBO series begins with an early scene of Polly walker riding a man in the cowgirl position. She's topless, but her hair is covering her breasts, so you really can't get a good look at her nipples. She's also bottomless, but the lighting & position of the camera really doesn't lend to a bush shot.

Later on, we get the much covetted full frontal as she rises out of her bath while talking to her son. There's also a nice ass shot as she walks up the steps. If this opening episode is anything to go by we should be seeing a lot of flesh from Polly.

Dante9703 was written on December 18, 2009

Breasts & Full frontal

The first episode is the best for nudity by Polly. In the opening 10 minutes of the first episode we get to see Polly's breasts as she sits on top of guy, having sex. Very shortly afterwards we get a full frontal and then full backal view as she stands up in her bath and then turns to get out.

She also has a few other sex scenes in episodes 2,3 & 6, where we get to see her breasts from the side mostly, although her nipples are not always visible.

tickledick was written on November 2, 2005

Throne to the lion's share of skin

A skin-hardened veteran gave an emperor's thumbs down for the nudity content of this HBO/BBC series as it follows the adventures of rompers and reamers over the seven hills of Rome. Viewers will make their own decision. In episode one, I counted two scenes of 360 nudity by the leading actress, a full frontal scene by another leading actress, plus nudity on stage, nudity in a brothel, sex indoors and outdoors, and male nudity. These are the times: 9 (P Walker sex + bath), 12, 29 (KCondon), 36, 45, 49.

12-string was written on August 27, 2005

first episode, 8/28/05

Tits and some butt, grinding away atop a grubby guy named Timon, whom she's also trading out of a horse. Hair dangles over the tits, but you might catch a peek of fuzz if you squint. A minute or so later, full-body (slightly long shot) FF standing up in a sunken tub to chat with Octavian. Nice trim. Backal getting out of the tub and into a towel. All this early in the premiere episode. Nothing spectacular, and fairly brief in any event, but there's probably more to come in this HBO period trash meller, as Walker seems to be cast in the Joan Collins role.

panitae was written on April 17, 2007



Indira Varma
ff was written on January 25, 2006

breastfeeding scene (probably a body double)

At the end of episode 2 Indira breast feeds her baby and you see a close up of one breast. but her face is not in the shot so it is most likely the work of a body double. But I don't think a double was used brcause of her refusal to do nude scenes (anyone who saw Kama Sutra would know that)I think it was because they needed an actual breast feeding scene. But then again she did not get naked in a sex scene so this probably means she's shying away from nudity. We'll just wait and see next season.

Zuleikha Robinson
Dante9703 was written on December 18, 2009

Very nice breasts

In episode 5 of the 2nd series Zuleikha has a sex scene with Lucius Vorenus where she shows her rather delightful breasts.

Dante9703 was written on December 18, 2009

Another topless scene

Sorry, forgot Zuleikha's later scene in episode 9 of the 2nd series with Titus Pullo, where she again shows us her breasts.

12-string was written on March 17, 2007

episode Deus impeditio esuritori nullus, 3/18/07

Robinson, an exotic Eurasian mix, had much better nudity about 3 episodes back, but I've been too busy to dig out the videotape now that I know who she is. About 10 mins into this ep, she's in bed with Pullo, who is roused to mob business. As he leans down to kiss her, he gropes her right breast, sliding the sheet down to uncover it. The earlier skin scene was much better and took place in the brightest lighting I can remember for any Rome scene of female nudity. Spoiler Alert: This episode marks Robinson's last appearance in the series.

TheAssMan was written on April 16, 2008

The Namesake

A man removes her clothes to reveal her beautiful butt before letting her hair down. Awesome scene for everyone who likes a shapely butt or Zuleikha Robinson.

Lyndsey Marshal
Dante9703 was written on December 18, 2009

breasts on show

Lyndsey first has a sex scene with Titus Pullo in episode 8, where she shows her breasts very briefly, followed by a longer scene with Julius Caesar 10 minutes later where we get a longer look.

In later episodes she has a number of daring costumes, some of which are somewhat see-through but no more nudity.

12-string was written on March 17, 2007

episode Deus impeditio esuritori nullus, 3/18/07

In a long scene that starts around 35 mins in, Marshall (as Cleopatra) and Antony make out, bicker after being interrupted, fight a little, then engage in some sexual calisthenics up against the wall (MF). Side of Marshall's skimpy gown constantly threatens to let a tit pop into view while she writhes atop Marco at the outset but it doesn't happen. At 0:38, while humping Antony at the wall, both of her breasts are visible with her skimpy gown down and outta the way. I didn't see a nipple, and the cuts are so quick that this is more like a fair-to-middlin' 0 than an honest-to-God *.

12-string was written on October 16, 2005

episode 8, "Caesarion"

Marshall plays a pouty, opium-smoking (!) teen Cleopatra in this HBO mini. You see her nekkid in a standing hump scene with Pullo, frantically shot with hand-held camera, and if you slow it down to a crawl you might glimpse some naughty bits here and there, but one shudders to contemplate anybody that desperate! What she's up to is covering her bet that she can get schwangers from her upcoming romp with Caesar. Half a reel or so later, she's in the rack with Caesar in a darkened room, and there are a couple of minor glimpses of small tits. (I've seen brighter lighting when they bring out the Bics at an Allman Brothers concert, and the sequence is intercut with an equally dim-lit scene of Servilia going Ellen on Octavia of the Julii.) If this is the only skin you'll see all week, feel free to boost my rating to *1/2 but you'll hate yourself in the morning if you do.

Alice Henley
xuxu was written on June 27, 2008

Hot chick getting nailed

Nice scene where this young hot chick is lying on the side of the bed while a guy gives it to her hard. The whole time you see her firm sweaty titties bouncing up and down frantically. Very realistic looking sex scene and really cute bouncy tits on this girl.

Dante9703 was written on December 18, 2009

Full frontal sex scene

Very nice full frontal sex scene between Alice and the actor playing Octavian. She certainly looks like she is enjoying herself.

12-string was written on March 17, 2007

episode Deus impeditio esuritori nullus, 3/18/07

Henley, a frizzyhead UK actress (from some angles she has a striking resemblance to Tiffany Walker, though the hair colour is a bit diff), plays Livia, the chosen bride of Octavian. In her first ep he informs her during the engagement that he will occasionally beat her for his sexual satisfaction. In this ep, at 0:24, we enter a bedroom (brightly-lit for Rome) where she's hanging over the side of the bed, heels down, while a nekkid Octavian pumps her frantically. Longer and closer shots, and you get a good look at natural tits bouncing. She starts slapping him, hard, and then we cut to her atop him, with some additional peeks at her (right) tit while she seems to be doing something with her coochie that is illegal in most states. She flops off him and onto her back, and there's a longish shot of the two of them side by side on the bed. I can't see fuzz, and though my cable reception was a little sub-par this evening, it looks to me like she has something over her crotch, or else is oddly constructed below the navel (a Hottentot apron?).

Francesca Fowler
taurus was written on October 24, 2008

Episode 5 Season 1 - Prostitute Slave

Gaius Octavian's cherry buster. Pullo takes him to a high class whorehouse on Atia's request to make him a man. Mostly seen in see-thru, then fully nude lying down covering the goods after the deed is done (nice hips). As he exits, she shifts position giving us a couple of nip slips.

Lindsay Duncan
Dante9703 was written on December 18, 2009

Stripped in the street

In episode 9, Lindsay is attacked in the street and stripped as a humiliating punishment. we get a clear view of her breasts butnot much else.

12-string was written on October 29, 2005

end of episode 9

Nothing much but noted for the record. At the very end of ep 9 of this HBO series, Duncan's character Servilia is attacked by an enemy's goons while motoring through the streets in her litter. The gangstas tip her out of the litter, onto the filthy street, hack off her red hair with a sword, and rip down the top of her toga, then leave her whimpering on the ground. It's shot jerky and jumpy, with hand-held camera, and unless I blinked and missed one, all the shots showing actual topless nudity are so long you can only tell that the nekkid person has red hair and a somewhat emaciated upper section. Duncan has peeled elsewhere, so it's probably not a BD, but it might as well be one. However, it is staged in God's own daylight, making it unique for this series, so my actual rating for it is *1/2, not just a paltry *.

Kerry Condon
dav345 was written on August 28, 2005

full frontal nudity

This cute young woman shows her full frontal nudity, including dark bush, in good light in episode 1 of the series. She is undressed by maids in preparation for performing her marital obligations with Pompey Magnus. First, you see her breasts as she stands wearing nothing but some sort of green cloth underpants. Then, the underpants come off and you see her bush. The scene is fairly well lit, but the bush shot is sort of brief. Not bad, though.

l0ckdown was written on August 28, 2005

Full frontal

We get a very nice full frontal of Kerry Condon (of Unleashed/Danny the Dog fame) as she prepares to consumate her marriage to Pompey Magnus. She stands as 2 servants remove her tunic, revealing a cloth bikini & her perky breasts. hey then remove her bikini bottom, giving us a great view of her trimmed bush. Kerry then moves to the bed & waits on all fours for her husband.

Couthon was written on August 24, 2007

stripped naked

We see Kerry fully nude as she is prepared for her pre-marital duties with Pompey Magnus (Kenneth Cranham). First the servants remove Kerry's dress to reveal her pale slim body and small breasts. Despite being only 22 Kerry's breasts are droopy and uneven, her larger right breast sagging lower than the left. The servants then remove her underwear and we see Kerry's brown pubic hair shaved into a strip (not very Roman?). Kerry then moves over to the bed naked and gets on all fours, her small breasts dangling, as she waits for Pompey's penis.

Dante9703 was written on December 18, 2009

Full frontal

Kerry strips off and gives us a full frontal and then kneels on a bed for some doggy style sex as she offers herself to Pompey as a new wife.

Later in episode 8 we have a longer look as there are a number of brief scenes in which she has gone to a whore house to be alone with her lover. we mostly get to see her breasts but we do get to see a hint of bush also.

lattara was written on July 7, 2007

Topless in Season 2 Ep. 6 - "Philippi"

In addition to her full frontal scene in the first season, Kerry also appears topless in the episode "Philippi" in season two. There is a love-making scene in a bawdy-house in which her moderately small breasts can be seen in decent light from several angles and in a number of shots during the act and in post-coital conversation with her lover.

Agrippa was written on October 11, 2007


While Octavia (Kerry Condon) lay in bed with her brother Octavian (Max Pirkis) after they had sex, we could see her bare breasts.

Simon Woods
Ozzie700 was written on March 22, 2007

Bubble butt thrusting; season 2 ep 9

In the episode "Deus impeditio esuritori nullus", Simon's character, Octavian, is having sex with his wife. He has an S&M type relationship with her. She slaps his face, twice, and after she does, he starts screwing her with harder, more violent thrusts. Simon, a redhead with a lanky body, has a surprisingly luscious bubble butt on him. Watching those big, sweaty cheeks pulsate as he slams into her is a sign to behold. She then puts her arm over his windpipe, cutting off his breath until he achieves orgasm (the orgasm part is offcamera, sadly). This scene is better than most porn. Making this even hotter is that Simon is supposedly gay, so him being this into (pretend) screwing a woman adds a forbidden aspect.

Ray Stevenson
AJP123 was written on August 1, 2006

Sex Scene/ ass/ dick

one of the best sex scenes i have ever seen when he fucks a very important lady (forgot her name) and she hasnt had sex in ages so she asks her to fuck her and he does he strips then you see him slam her against the wall ass he does so you see his ass from behind and when he hits the wall you can see his erect dick then they just keep on fucking it amazing this sex scene

Ozzie700 was written on March 22, 2007

Brief frontal; season 2 episode 8

His character, Pullo, has just bitten off a man's tongue, and he's covered in blood. He runs into a room with a very brief frontal, then leaves again with a quick shot of his beefy buns.

Ozzie700 was written on September 12, 2005

Thrusting buns; Episode: How Titus Pollo

He's in jail or somewhere similar, screwing a woman from behind, and his massive, beefy buns are seen from a medium distance. Very hot guy, great build.

Stan Rosen
Roberto Purvis
TwistedNYC was written on October 8, 2005

Sex in the Brothel

Roberto playing Glabius is sensually stroking his wife Octavia, then flips her over and what an ass! His Roman looks and his demenor just make me want to see everything! That's why I'm giving only 3 stars. I was thinking "Show us the goods!" Too short lived in my book.

James Purefoy
Ozzie700 was written on February 12, 2007

Going into bath

In episode 3 of season 2, Purefoy is going into a bath. He looks like he's bulked up for the second season. His ass is so muscular and perfect, and the front ain't bad either.

Likeshangers was written on October 28, 2005

Full Frontal!!!

It was a nice long scene where he stood there completely naked for quite awhile and moved enough to get his dick and balls flopping around.
But WHO was the guy that played the naked slave in the episode "Egeria" that proudly showed off his impressive HORSE DICK that swund between his legs like a pendulum?I bet his incredibly LONG DICK had everybody gasping at the sight of that magnificent hanging thing!!!!

gunnerk was written on January 3, 2010

full frontal nudity!

Wow. In the episode "Stealing from Saturn", Mark Antony (Purefoy) calls Vorenus to see him. When he arrives, Purefoy is standing in his courtyard, completly naked with his arms outstretched as a slave oils scrapes oil off his body. It's a brightly-lit scene, and his muscular, lightly hairy body glistens with oil.

If that wasn't hot enough, his uncut penis is very prominently displayed and the scene lingers on his whole body for considerable amount of time. And it's shot at a normal distance; it's not some far-off shot that makes you squint - nothing is left to the imagination. Not to be missed!

donby was written on August 15, 2006

Frontal in Stealing Saturn episode

We see the whole package in the scene where it looks like he's having his arms shaved. Not bad at all--a welcome addition to any bedroom ! It's possible to partially zoom in on the goods on the dvd.

Ozzie700 was written on September 12, 2005

Side; Episode: How Titus Pollo

You see a side glimpse of his rear while he's on top of a woman. Not a good scene.

Tobias Menzies
Ozzie700 was written on February 12, 2007

Going in water

In episode 3 of season 2, Tobias baptizes himself in a pond. Meaty ass and thick penis, with a very large head.

donby was written on December 15, 2007

Entering pond or river

In Season 2, this is one of the most satisfying of the male sequences. He throws off his robes & enters the water. We see a full rear view and then side frontal, interrupted by plant fronds. With careful use of the pause, we see that Menzies has a nice package, worth checking out.

At first, this looks like a suicide attempt. but then we see it's some sort of water purification.

Kevin McKidd
Ozzie700 was written on March 22, 2007

Brief rear; episode: Egeria

He's being bathed off by a woman and there's a close, but unfortunately not all that well-lit, shot of his hot, supple buttocks.

Rocky Marshall
Agrippa was written on September 14, 2007


We got to see briefly his naked butt.

GDH was written on August 29, 2008

Backside and pubic hair

Episode: 'Death Mask'. Marshall (credited as 'Marshali') is craggy-faced with a shapely body - and a very nice bum, which we see as he unwraps his loin cloth while kneeling on a bed. Although he carefully places the bedsheets in front of his genitals, his pubes are also seen, as well as a hint of his penis. Rather an erotic scene!

Allen Leech
Agrippa was written on March 1, 2009


Numa (Stan Rosen) appear butt naked as a gift from Atia (Polly Walker) to Servilia (Lindsay Duncan). the scene present a full frontal nudity of him including a zoom in on his large pines while Atia comment that "A large penis is always welcome!".

Giacomo Gonnella
Ozzie700 was written on February 12, 2007

Hairy ass and rape

Giacomo's character is forcibly sodomized in episode 3 of season 2. His hairy ass is briefly shown.

gunnerk was written on June 14, 2008

Brief Frontal

This hairy, sexy beast is about to use the public toilet. He pulls down his pants at 24:04 in the 3rd episode of the Second Season. If you go frame by frame, you can indeed see his cock clearly as he sits down. It's really quick, but surprsingly clear. Phrawr!

Giovanni Calcagno
ravenboy was written on September 1, 2005

stripped nude and forced to kiss the roman staff

not quite erotic, Calcagno as Vercingetorix (not credited on is stripped naked and shown twice from behind as he is forced to kiss the head of the eagle on the staff of Rome. such a shame to give such short shrift to a man who is still a hero to the French and one of the most notable Gauls of history.

gunnerk was written on December 28, 2009

Stripped nude in front of soliders

This sexy man is brought before Ceasar, stripped naked before all the assembled soldiers, and forced to kiss Caear's eagle.

You get to see his ass from behind while standing up and when he's bent down to kiss the eagle, but from a distance. There is a bit of side nudity as well, also from a distance. It's hard to tell though if you can really see his penis or not, but it looks like it's there.

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