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Rosanna Arquette's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2011 Divide, The 0 Reviews
2006 I-See-You.Com 1 Review
2001 Diary of a Sex Addict 3 Reviews
2000 Too Much Flesh 1 Review
1998 Voodoo Dawn 8 Reviews
1998 I'm Losing You 4 Reviews
1998 Floating Away 6 Reviews
1997 Trading Favors 4 Reviews
1996 Crash 8 Reviews
1993 Wrong Man, The 11 Reviews
1993 Nowhere to Run 14 Reviews
1989 Black Rainbow 5 Reviews
1988 Grand bleu, Le 1 Review
1985 Desperately Seeking Susan 4 Reviews
1985 After Hours 2 Reviews
1983 Baby, It's You 5 Reviews
1982 Executioner's Song, The 5 Reviews
1981 S.O.B. 4 Reviews

Rosanna Arquette's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2005 Hell's Kitchen 2 Reviews
2004 L Word, The 1 Review

nudity reviews for Rosanna Arquette member submitted

Hell's Kitchen (2005)
soulman was written on January 4, 2002

Very Brief Tit Shot.

You get a very brief view of one of Rosanna's tits when they pop out of her bra. Brief shots usually gets a * rating. But considering that she's done better in other films this scene gets a zero for sheer disappointment.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on September 29, 2004

Nip slip

One nipple slips out during a catfight. I love catfights.

L Word, The (2004)
ff was written on May 8, 2006

butt crack

you see the top half of her butt as she quickly dresses up in an episode from the first season. She later appeared in the third season but she didn't get naked but she did do a hot sex scene with Katherine Moennig.

Divide, The (2011)
I-See-You.Com (2006)
taurus was written on March 10, 2009

Skinny dipping

Nice shot of someone's ass that is 20 years her junior walking away, and then diving into the pool at 1:14. Other teasing shots of her as she swims to the side of the pool and comes out topless, but always avoiding an actual nip to be seen.

Diary of a Sex Addict (2001)
Luvmonk was written on November 6, 2002

Not Much From Rosanna

The movie is shot in a type of video that looks like a home video camera did it. She uncovers her breasts to reveal a sexy new bra. Her left tit shows about half of her nip. It pans to her husband and then back to her upon which she has shifted and shown us just a fraction bit more of her nip. Not a whole lot of nudity from this celeb nude superstar, but hey its something. The movie is mildly erotic, however, not extremely interesting. Not really worth watching just for this nip slip.

Chicago was written on August 10, 2002

1 brief shot

Maxijan gives a good description here, except it’s her left nipple…at :09.25, half of her areola (without nipple) is viewable over top of her lingerie for 3 sec.

Maxijan was written on December 15, 2001

Brief breast/nipple

In one of the first scenes of the movie a frustrated missus has bought some expensive and nice looking underwear which she hopes shall arouse her unfaithful husband. It doesn't, but we get a brief glimpse of her right nipple.
Only one star due to that Rosanna can so much more....

Too Much Flesh (2000)
scanman was written on June 9, 2002

One topless scene in bed, masturbating.

I can't believe this movie wasn't added by someone else already. Anyway, the topless Rosanna scene lasts for about 1 minute. She's alone in bed and playing with herself (nothing below the waist is visible, but she's clearly masturbating). Her husband disturbs her from outside the room, but Rosanna continues what she's doing. A couple of minutes later she's masturbated by her husband standing in the livingroom. She still has her clothes on, but it's a hot scene with some exciting dialogue!

Voodoo Dawn (1998)
sirspread was written on March 4, 2003

so hot

there are only a couple of scenes where rosanna flahes her breasts here and both are brief so only 1 star.she has the most amazing breasts and this film is worth watching for that alone although she has done better nudity in alot of her other films

Frederick was written on April 23, 2001

Wonderful breasts

If you're an Arquette fan you've got to check this film out. About a half hour in you can see Arquette's breasts when someone walks in on her in the bath. It's very quick, so you'll have to record it and go back and freeze it. You get a very well lit look at some of the best breasts in the history of Hollywood. The rest of the movie is kind of boring, so this is the only part you have to concern yourself with.

Penis was written on February 5, 2000

Topless twice

Early on in the film, she is having sex on a table and her top is pulled down, quickly revealing her big cans. Later on in the film she is taking a bath when someone walks in on her. She jumps up angry and we get to see an even better glimpse of her fantastic mammories.

soulman was written on November 17, 2001

Hot Tits!

Rosanna DOES have probably the best (if not one of the best) pair of tits in Hollywood. And one thing that I've noticed recent years that she seems to deliberately flop and jiggle them about so that even the briefest shot of her yields maxium (tease) effect (BLACK RAINBOW & FLOATING AWAY are prefect examples). This film is another example of that effect. The first of two shots of her, you get a quick view of them early on as she's getting her top lowered by Michael Madsen. The second shot is much better as you get a excellent look at her tits when she's walked in on while in the bathtub. Excellent view of her tits flopping about while trying get the guy leave and while grabbing for her towel. Brief, but excellent. SIDE NOTE: This iflm is being shown on cable under the title FAIT ACCOMPLI.

Clickr was written on March 7, 2005

Never fails to please

Despite some of the reviews, Rosanna once again proves that she still has two of the hottest, definitely the largest, breasts to hit mainstream movies in a longtime. Even though she does quite a bit of jiggling and bouncing in this film, fans of hers must check out the table striptease in " The Wrong Man".

sandmanoftheendless was written on November 29, 2000

Bathtub Scene

This film was originally titled Fait Accompli and that is where I saw it on cable. It was released on video under the VooDoo Dawn title. Rosanna does flash her wonderful boobs in 2 scenes. Neither one very long, but you do get a full view in each. In the latter part of the film she is in a tight pink top.

marshmallowman was written on June 26, 2005

cop grope

when she gets pulled over by a cop he leans over her car and starts to feel her gorgeous breasts and you get to see her delicious nipples in the process

Thelatinolover was written on November 20, 2002

What the big deal???????

They're just breasts anyway; not even good ones at that. Her tits are are wierd looking. I can't explain it. You just have to see for yourself. I must say that that her body is a very skinny body and when you see her tits, her ribs poke out and her voice is just a high-pitched bothering sound that can get on your nervs.This is not the greatest nude scene I've ever seen. I didn't like it at all.

I'm Losing You (1998)
dav345 was written on October 16, 2003

top of butt getting out of bed

You see the upper half of her butt, very briefly, when she gets out of bed - slightly out of focus. It might get 2 stars except for the fact that it could easily be a body double. Don't waste your time on the nudity in this film.

Chicago was written on April 25, 2001

2 scenes

Rosanna has done more in other movies. Despite this being a mainstream star the nudity is so weak, I can't give it 2*'s. Louisgara's description is basically correct. At :23.5, there's a 10 sec. view of the top of her ass (partial crack) as she walks away from the guy in the bed. [Though none is credited, it's shot as if it could even be a body double.] At 1:07.5, Rosanna pops up out of the tub water; there's a ~15 frame shot of her breasts from the front side. She moves so quickly that even in slow motion frame-by-frame it's not even worth it.

louisgara was written on December 20, 1999

Buns and brief breasts in 2 scenes

Part-way through I'm Losing You when Arquette and her boyfriend are making love, he's kissing down on her body and pulls her panties off, and right when he's ready to give her oral sex, she runs out of the room showing off her cute butt. Another scene half-way through, when Arquette has a nightmare in the bathtub, we see a quick glimpse of her breast. Nothing great, but the love scene with her and her boyfriend is pretty hot.

Penis was written on December 20, 1999

Full Frontal as well

There is a scene when she is in an arguement on a beach and the jacket she is wearing opens up for a second and we get to see some short and curlies. Very tasty!

Floating Away (1998)
Chicago was written on September 16, 2001

3 scenes

At :45.25-:46, Rosanna gives 2 VERY brief views of her terrific breasts as she's lying naked on a bed when a kid comes into her hotel room with a toy gun. Rosanna's lying on her chest and moving/jumping around when at one point there's a 3-4 frame view of her when the bed sheet is moved. Toward the end of the scene, she sits up yelling, flops back in bed and as she does the bed sheet gets air under it and you get another 3-4 frame viewing. At 1:06.75, Rosanna goes to get out of bed and is wrapping a blue wrap around her when there's ~5 sec. when her breasts are above the bed cover and she hasn't wrapped herself yet. At 1:07.75, Rosanna runs to the window, dropping her wrap, pounds on it, puts her pants hurriedly, scoops up her clothes and runs out, giving 15 sec. view of her breasts. While the other reviewers are right, they are flopping around (and she has great natural ones!), the scene is shot from outside looking in through the window, which is wet/dirty and has reflections, greatly detracting from the already brief view. No more than 2* in my opinion.

soulman was written on June 1, 2001

Another Great Tit Shot

She's shown in a window barechested waving to her friends as her tits are flopping about.

Gordon was written on November 14, 2001

3 scenes

Chicago does an excellent job of describing Rosanna's three topless scenes, so I'll just offer my opinion rather than repeating. Rosanna's breasts are large and natural, and they are a joy to watch as they jiggle and bounce. However two of the scenes are very brief, and the scene by the window is somewhat obscured. Rosanna's breasts deserve at least 3 stars, but the scenes only deserve 2.

The Phantom was written on October 31, 1998

Oh Yeah!

Great scene where Rosanna is looking outside a window for some people with her huge bare breasts just flailing about. She looks awesome!

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 23, 2001

Breasts a-jiggling in a window

I just love any chance to see her twins a-bouncing and this film doesn't disappoint. There are 3 scenes, but two are very brief. The third is when she loses her sheet whilst waving from behind a window. There's a lot of glare, but it can't hide these natural beauties.

tazzie was written on September 11, 1999

tits in window

Rosanna show us her amazing breasts as she looksout of a window. Plenty of jiggling about as shewaves to the people outside to wait for her.

Trading Favors (1997)
sirspread was written on March 4, 2003


what more can you say rosanna topless in the bath tub covered in soapy suds and the scene goes on and on,if this scene dosent get you standing to attention nothing will........superb

Concise was written on March 14, 2000

Astounding scene!

This scene has Rosanna sitting in the bath with her breasts on full display for several minutes. Despite only being boobs on display it gets four stars for the quality of the boobs, the length of time they visible, the way they bob and bounce around, the soaps suds, and the coloration of the the scene. All these things combine to make what I think is Rosanna Arquette's best nude scene (and that's saying something).

SweetOldBob was written on August 3, 1999

Chalk up another for Rosanna

Dante is right. She carries this thing. The topless bathtub scene is even more impressive when you know that she was 38-39 yrs old when it was made. Still about the best natural body in Hollywood.And a better actress than she gets credit for. Maybe because she has been a certified kook. But you watch her body of work and you will fall in love with her like her devoted fans already have. Check out The Wrong Man, The Executioner's Song and the Van Damme flick for her best nudity.

dante was written on January 14, 1999

Bathtub scene

She has a very nice topless bath scene.About 5 minutes long.Movie was kinda lame, but this made it worth the rental.

Crash (1996)
Alphonse was written on October 6, 1999


Late in the movie she has sex with James Spader. She shows off an enormous breast while she attempts to maneuver her braced legs around the car so that she can get her legs spread. She has a great body and it's not spoiled by how messed up she is in this movie. Also has a nice little lesbian scene with Holly Hunter near the end of the film. Worth watching for the nudity!

SAH was written on January 12, 1999

sex scene

sex scene with James Spader involving car crash fetishes. strange indeed.

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Having sex in the front seat of a car

Rosanna is topless, exposing her breasts, while she and a guy go at it in the front seat of a car. They have a little trouble because she has leg braces on which make maneuvering her legs a bit difficult. Rosanna's breasts are wonderful, but the scene's not all that great. Deborah Unger has the best nudity in this strange, somewhat disturbing film.

blackstripe was written on April 24, 2002

left breast

Rosanna shows her left breast with a very erect nipple after 62 mins when with guy in car.Scene is more funny than erotic,worth seeing for the erect nipple.

axl was written on November 7, 1999

sex with Spader

Rosanna leg is in a brace and doesn't have much mobility so while having sex in a car with Spader it brings some difficulties. She is topless and though and when an Arquette is topless the world stands still.

oldbabe was written on February 21, 2002

Leg braces and all....yucks

Just like the other nudity here, Rosanna's scene looked somewhat unappealing to me. Even more so, because she is wearing all those leg braces, etc. But again fairly good mature body.

fargalaxy was written on April 26, 1999


breasts while having sex

Senator was written on July 22, 2001

cute boobs, a little tight to see them

good scene, just a little crampt in the front seat to see it all.

Wrong Man, The (1993)
sophiesman was written on August 17, 1999

Magnificent breasts shots

For lovers of large, natural breasts, then you can't go wrong with this movie. As well as being blessed in the bosum area, Rosanna is one of Hollywood's sexiest actresss; very pretty and very under rated. Long, lingering view of her breasts in a strip tease for lucky John Lithgow and KevinAnderson. Fans of this woman may also like to check out Mimi Rogers topless scenes.

Denoument was written on March 2, 2000

Dancing on a table & in bed

Arquette fans won't be disappointed. First she strips to her panties and dances on a table in a hotel room. The other scene occurs soon after in bed when she gets on top of Anderson. Actually worth the dollar rental based on the nudity. Arquette always plays dumb characters but you won't mind.

Gordon was written on October 21, 2001

Dancing topless on a table

Rosanna has one of the best bodies of a mainstream movie business, and she shows it off here. She strips down to her panties and dances topless on a table while a few guys watch. You get a good look at her wonderful, large tits and the rest of her sexy body.

Romeon5 was written on August 16, 2001

Table dance

The movie itself is not of high quallty. The only scene worthwhile is where rosanna dances topless on a table. It's quite a delight to get a good view on her great curves. When it's on tv and you have a video, tape the movie so you can always fast forward it to this scene.

Dakota was written on January 9, 1999

2 Scenes

Rosanna goes topless in two scenes. The first is a long distance frolic in the surf. You get a nice but distant view. In the second, she does a bump and grind on a hotel room table and generally jumps and hops around the room. Her breasts are displayed at length in all their glory. What a body. The movie is not too bad either.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999


Rosanna is the sexiest woman in hollywood. She does a table dance that would make a stripper jealous. She also looks great in the red bra and panties in this movie.

icebag2 was written on June 24, 2007

Table dance

Late in the movie she dances on a table in a seedy hotel room wearing only her skimpy panties. Her breasts are magnificent. They are the kind that sag is she leans forward, which she does later, but when she lays back her shoulders, they are the nicest pair you have ever seen. Her dance goes on for 1:15 and invites you to do what Kevin and her husband, played by John Lithgow, do - sit and stare. There are no quick cuts, no actors or props getting in the way - just you getting to look at this beautiful woman showing you how she's built. Wow! If you want to see Rosanna nude, this is the one.

aubear was written on July 20, 2000


I won't keep harping on how fantastic she is from head to toe. I would just like to finish by saying that her strip and dance on this table is what all men are hoping for when they pay for a lap dance and Rosanna doesn't even make physical contact!!!!!!

Shamdog was written on October 21, 2002

Table Dance

This is the scene that made me a huge fan of Rosanna, I can't look at her in any role without seeing this scene. I bought the tape and wore it out watching over and over again. She has the second best cans in Hollywood...

Teri was written on November 21, 1998


This girl has great tits and she's not shy about showing them off. They're on display for along time in a scene in this movie.

Topman was written on July 14, 2007

Ok, ok i know it's the table top scene.

Like 'shamdog' this was my introduction to Rosanna and oh boy what an introduction, this scene just blew me away, just mesmerizing, Rosanna's body is the epitome of what the female form should look like , guaranteed to stir basic lustful feelings in any hot blooded male.

Nowhere to Run (1993)
defry33 was written on June 13, 1999

sex scene with jcvd

The greatest breasts in Hollywood now thar Pam's have gone.We see Van Damme Have sex with her and see him suck on her tits.Great scene Watch it over and over.I love it. Half way in the Movie it is.

crazy was written on January 8, 2000


Just when you thought Hollywood was conquered by implants, Rosanna Arquette shows us that a great pair of real fleshy breasts are the best after all. I really appreciate actresses like this who make it in Hollywood and give guys like me a sigh of relief to have some big lusty natural boobs to drool over. Well I've seen many of the movies she's in and, hands down, this is her best nudity. Early in the film she is seen by peeping-tom VanDamme from a window. She graciously removes her bra to expose those wonderfully huge mounds - and just when you thought that the camera would stop as in most R-rated movies - it doesn't. She then bends over to slip off her panties to reveal her gorgeous bush. Wow!!! Then she gets in the shower. The other scene is her having sex with that peeping-tom. It even has him sucking her breasts! Amazing considering the R-rating. The shower scene is the best nudity she's ever done because of the full frontal in good lighting. Hot!!!

Bootydaddy was written on October 25, 2001

Great Body....So so face.

Rosanna shows off all the goods in this piece of crap flick. About 10 minutes into the movie Van Damme peeps through a window to see her getting undressed for a shower, you see tits, bush, and ass in this scene. Next is about an hour into the movie when she is comforting Van Damme after he got his ass beat, she climbs on top of him and takes of her blouse revealing those nice titties again. Very nice lookin' chick but I still think her sister is much hotter;)

beowulf was written on August 12, 2001

Full frontal

Van Damme peeps in the window to see Roseanna peel out of her panties and show us her nice ass big bouncy tits and a very brief but excellent full frontal view of her excellent body. Later they have sex and he sucks her tits.

soulman was written on June 1, 2001

Some Major Nudity From Rosanna

Although this film is basically a vehicle for Van Damme,this is really a showcase for Rosanna's terrific body.There's a scene where JCVD is peeping at Rosanna undressing to take a shower and you get to see a frontal shot as she gets in the shower and later in the film she has a sex scene with JCVD.You see that lucky bastard Van Damme sucking on those awsome tits.Lucky bastard.

Radniv was written on September 30, 2004

Peeping whrough the window

Van Damme peeping through the window as Rosanna undresses before showering. Good look at her breast and a flash of bush before she shows us her gorgeous behind as she steps into the shower. She is very slim and is mucho attactive. Very short sequence but worth it.

RichT was written on November 25, 2001

Looks even "hotter" now she's "skinnied-down" ....

Rosanna has always been a favorite of mine, ever since seeing her completely naked in "The Executioners Song". Although she is a fair bit older in this film, she IS aging well, and she has lost some weight. Therefore the nude scene near the begining, where JCVD "peeps" as she strips for the shower, shows her "even better" body. I did have a couple of doubts when first watching this film, that they may have used a body-double, but having watched it "repeatedly", I'm now fairly ceratin this IS Rosanna, and she does look incredibly HOT !!! If I were JCVD, I certainly would have peeped too !

kimberlyely was written on January 27, 2004

brief breast shots

I watched this movie just to get a glimpse of this beauty's ample breast.Although the two scenes in which Rosanna show's her breast, are quick and the first one is not the best lighting,they are still powerfull scenes.
As Rosanna pulls her top off in the first scene, and lucky bastard Van Dam ogles her, as she prepares to shower. Her hair falls over her breast, but as she bends over to pull her panties off you can see her tits swinging.As she turns towards the tub you get a quick but great side shot of her long banana shaped breast.Later you see her sitting on top of lucky bastard Van Dam as her fondel's them and begans to kiss and suck them.Then she lays on her back as her licks and sucks them somemore.I like the side shot scene in the bathroom best because you get a better scense of the shape of her breast.If your vcr has fast forward advance you can get a great slow motion view of her curved breast.Over all i thought it was a fairly good movie, but as always Rosanna's nudity makes it a great movie!!!!

Teri was written on November 21, 1998


WOW!!! Van Damme is spying on Rosanna as she gets ready to take a bath and you see everything. Tits, ass and a bit of minge.

Joke was written on January 13, 1999

Bath, Sex Scene

Rosanna has a fantastic body and she does us an honor reveling it to us. Inthis so-so film, she is watched taking a bath which is not all that revealing, but they make up for that later with a great sex scene showing us someclear shots of her beautiful breasts. The nudity was this movie's highlight.

Dust Bowl 68 was written on February 4, 1999

Full Frontal in a Van Damme movie!

Rosanna Arquette has complained about being viewed as a body. So she follows those remarks up with nude scenes in a near-majority of her films, does a Playboy layout, and most implausibly, a full frontal shot in a VAN DAMME movie! Granted, most of her nude scenes have come in fairly respectable films: Executioner's Song, Baby, It's You, Crash, etc. But this? What's next, a sex scene with Carrot Top? However, since she is a uniquely erotic presence in Hollywood, I'm not really complaining. Here the Muscles from Brussels sneaks a peak through the bathroom window as Our Heroine strips and gets in the shower, showing off the easy erotic allure her one-time co-star Madonna couldn't top in ten Sex books.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on June 30, 2003

Everything in one, breasts close up in the other

Van Damme watches her through a window as she strips and climbs into the tub for a shower. Rosanna exposes everything and looks damned good. Later, she makes love to JCVD and he removes her bra and proceeds to maul and suck her ample breasts. The lucky bastard.

beowulf644 was written on March 23, 2008

Spied on showering

Van Damme walks up to her window and we see her in her bra and panties. She slowly loses the bra and shows her big, sexy, lickable tits. She then drops her panties and shows her trimmed bush in a full front scene. She turns and gives us a sweet ass shot as she steps into the tub and we see it in motion for a couple steps. Later her and Van Damme has sex and she grabs his butt while he sucks her tits. In a "payback" scene he is taking a shower and a cop comes in and has Roseanna come in while he is naked in the shower, we don't see anything but Roseanna makes a point to check out Van Damme's dick a few times and even gives a sexy glance back at it before leaving the room.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


good scene there's really no way of puttin it to justice you have to see it for yourself the movie ain't that bad either

Black Rainbow (1989)
bdog was written on September 6, 2005

Mammoth Melons

at about 0:48:20 those mammoth melons appear. Nice, but brief and not a sexy sequence, as she's struggles to get out of bed.

Teri was written on October 31, 1998


After having sex with someone, she gets out of bed and we see her lovely breasts flopping around. I was surprised how great her breasts were.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

In bed with Tom Hulce.

She looks excellent in bed with Tom,but looks great getting out of bed with her tits bouncing around.

axl was written on January 30, 2000

topless on Tom Hulce

I give this three stars because Rosanna has great breasts and when she raises from ontop of Tom Hulce you get a great view of them.

soulman was written on June 1, 2001

Great Tits

Since the beginnig of her career friends of mine have always commented on how unactractive Rosannna is just on their opinion of her nose.But I think that she has a cute face and one of the most killer bods on film.With that said their is one scene where she seduces Tom Hulse in her underwear.Then cut to the next scene when she raises up out of bed and you get a good view of her awsome tits flopping around.Oh,the movie was fairly decent too.

Grand bleu, Le (1988)
RSL-Finn was written on August 31, 2000

Very brief topless scenes in director's cut

No point in watching this film because of the nudity, but for other cinematic reasons definitely! In the director's cut version Rosanna briefly exposes her breasts when hoisting herself from bed and in the love scene, shot in sea-blue colours, her bare left breast is fully seen for the passing moment. Not much but it's Rosanna in her prime so it can't be bad!

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
BiBoySTL was written on November 18, 1999

Split-second nipple

While she bathes you can see a very brief second of her nipple.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2003

Bathing scene and dressing scene

Rosanna Arquette has the only decent tit shot in this weird, funny comedy. When she's bathing, you can make out (briefly) one of her tits, and while she's dressing, Aidan Quinn spies on her and he sees her breasts through a fish tank (so it's kinda blurry). Not that much, though.

babon was written on January 29, 2000

breasts from a distance

Shes dressing up, Aidan sees her breasts thru a fish tank

hickeyfan was written on June 7, 2013

Fishy Breasts :)

Adian spies on her while shes dressing, and her breasts her visible, being seen through a fish tank - so quiet blurry.

After Hours (1985)
Fling was written on September 5, 2003

Beautiful, but not nude

No offense, because Rosanna Arquette has a five-star body and much of it is visible here.
But's she not nude, which is the point of this database.
And in a cruel twist of fate, Linda Fiorentino does insist on going topless.
Talk about missed opportunities.
To summarize: watch this black comedy on its merits, not for its nudity.

BushLeague was written on February 23, 2002

Lying in a bed

She is under some covers and her "boyfriend" slowly pulls down the covers. She is lying on her side and wearing only french cut bikini panties. Her arms mostly cover her breasts, except for the lower part of her right breast (no nipples). Still a great womanly body and firm!

Baby, It's You (1983)
Cyclone was written on January 5, 2003

One weak scene

About 78 minutes into the movie, Rosanna is topless during a sex scene. The scene lasts about a minute, but in terms of exposure, all we get are a few short and poorly lit peeks at her left breast while she's on her back. A rather forgettable scene.

Chicago was written on December 3, 2002

1 scene

Others do a good job here of describing Rosanna's scene which comes at 1:17.75. She is lying naked on her back; the guy leans down to kiss her and feels her left breast before getting on top of her and giving her a couple of quick pumps, all amidst dim lighting.

LeroyBrown was written on August 11, 2002

One love scene

During a love scene with Vincent Spano, she was lying down on her back her left breast (including nipple) was showing for about 5 seconds or more and the lighting was not too bad, not too bright either. However it was just one breast, so just one star.

soulman was written on August 11, 2002

1 Scene.

*1/2. In Arquette's first major film role she appears in a love scene with Spano. Her left tit and nip are the only thing visible. Of course her scenes get better in later movies.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

She does a lovemaking scene with Vincent Spano.

Rosanna is the sexiest woman in movies I can think of.

Executioner's Song, The (1982)
crazy was written on January 8, 2000

Very graphic in the Unrated Version

For the real hot action get the UR-version. It has Rosanna Arquette in several sex scenes. I mean, damn! She's leg spread on top of a guy with breasts and pussy all visable. Wow!!! And did I mention she is on of the few actresses left who have real tits. There of good size and beautifully shaped. Four stars for this movie having her most graphic sex scenes. But see Nowhere to Run for her most explicit sex scene and her best nudity.

Joel was written on January 11, 1999

In bed with Tommy Lee Jones

An outstanding scene in which a completely nude and extremely large breasted Ms. Arquette straddles the lucky Jones.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

In bed with a lucky Tommy Lee Jones and being strip searched at the prison.

Lucky Tommy Lee has her in bed in 2 scenes. One scene he is on top of her jusy finishing making love and a good shot of her tits and a quick close up shot of her bush as she gets out of bed to go to the kitchen. The other scene in bed she is straddling the fortunate Tommy Lee screwing her just before he gets mad and slaps her out of bed. The last scene she is being strip searched by a female guard. Nice ass shot.

Dust Bowl 68 was written on February 4, 1999

Make sure it's the theatrical cut

Arquette looks terrific in one of her most revealing roles; however, if you rent the version shown on American network television you'll be sorely disappointed. Only in the theatrical release that was shown in Europe will you see the nudity (as well as hear her hilarious uncensored remarks to Jones' Gary Gilmore that end a sex scene). Look for an R rating or theatrical/director's/unrated cut.

RichT was written on November 19, 2001

First film I saw her in, and still her best nudity

This was the very first film I saw with Roseanna in, and it still out-does ALL her subsequant ones in terms of what you see of her great body. The best scene is most definiately the one where she stradles TLJ. Although it is badly lit, you can still see her great natural breasts, and her cute dark BUSH ! Later she shows her boobs and bush again, as she gets out of bed. Finally, she is strip searched when visiting TLJ in prison, and you see her cute butt. I believe she had actually secreted drugs on/in her person, but I don't know if they were discovered during the strip-search ? Wouldn't it be great to have carried out that search though ??? As already stated by the previous reviewers, you MUST see the full version, or you'll be wasting your time !

S.O.B. (1981)
Luvmonk was written on January 28, 2003

Early Arquette

Soulman, she was one of the hitchikers that the other director friend of Felix's picked up. She had on the white t-shirt that said "Weed" on it. Anyway, she wants to sunbathe, but can't find a swimsuit so she goes toppless and rips her shirt off heading for the balcony. Its very brief and by the time she reaches the balcony the distance is quite long, making it hard to get a really great view of her tits. Luckily I have a digital zoom feature on my DVD player :)

Cain was written on November 21, 1998


This was one of Arquette's first performances. She made the most of a tiny role as an airhead hitchhiker who shows up at the orgie in the beginning of the film. Off comes her t-shirt and the audience is treated (yes: treated!) to a view of what, at the time, had to be the most magnificent breasts in Hollywood. Who cared whether she had talent; this is what breasts are supposed to look like! I'm sure Blake Edwards had her in the film to make up for the disappointment sure to be suffered by the majority of the audience who attended primarily for the well-publicized premier of his wife Julie Andrews breasts. Added bonus: the movie is entertaining, too.

SPC455 was written on August 3, 1999


The nudity here is EXTREMLY brief. About 3 seconds tops. 3 stars. The above reivewer ^ is on crack

soulman was written on July 8, 2001

I Must Have Blinked...

I watched this film recently for the first time since the early 80's. I must have blinked and missed Rosanna because I did not see her in this film at all.

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