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2000 Naked News 4 Reviews

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Naked News (2000)
BuffaloBoy was written on December 9, 2005

Frequent host of the North America Desk

Roxanne has long been one of my favorites on Naked News. She carries herself as if she were a major anchor of something like CNN, and could probably deliver the news for a major network just fine. She has been on since 2001, and it's always a highlight when she does a strip. Simply sexy.

ScreamoKid was written on February 22, 2004


let me put it this way, if you saw her walking fully clothed down the street, you wouldn't long to see her naked, but if she offered to strip for you, you wouldn't think twice before saying yes. her body is decent, and she's fairly attractive for her age (34), although the fact that Victoria Sinclair is 37 and still a total knockout makes her pale in comparison. Still she has decent breasts, decent visible vaginal lips and a nice ass.

NekkidChix was written on May 15, 2003

Regular Appearances

Smaller breasted, very sex and fit. Nice, visible labia. Not completely shaved, though.

eaglespyharry was written on June 6, 2003

pretty, often shaven

Roxanne is one of the sexiest women on the show. Nice legs and curvy body. Smallish but attractive butt. Her pubes are often shaven. Wish she would stand with her legs more apart to give us a better look (Michelle P. always stand with them open). This week she stripped off her skirt and panties first which was sexy.

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