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2010 Blue Valentine 2 Reviews
2002 Slaughter Rule, The 2 Reviews

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Blue Valentine (2010)
Mattg was written on January 16, 2011

Quick butt

It's a very quick naked ass shot from RYAN GOSLING. Therefore, 3 stars for something other actors might get a 1 or a 2. Ryan is the perfect man, in my estimation. So to finally see his naked ass in a movie as he steps into the shower in the motel room scene with Michelle Williams is sensational. He's got a nice, lean, smooth ass if memory serves correctly. There's also some decent shirtless scenes with him as well. This is a must-see for Gosling fans.

Ghostwords was written on January 15, 2011

Brief butt

At approximately 0:40, he gets into a motel shower alongside Michelle Williams. As he lowers himself in, there's a brief shot of his naked rear.

Slaughter Rule, The (2002)
Flamefire was written on May 23, 2007

NO nudity

While shirtless a few times and showing a little bit of hip while having sex beneath covers he isnt actually nude in this movie, however he does get his balls groped by another man if u find that interesting...and thier r a bunch of homoerotic undertones in this movie

tushlover was written on June 1, 2007


If you are looking for nudity from Ryan, pass on this movie.

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