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year title
1995 Embrace of the Vampire 3 Reviews
1994 4th Annual Girls Games of Summer 1 Review
1800 Potpourri 1 Review

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year title
1997 Hot Springs Hotel 0 Reviews
1994 Erotic Confessions 0 Reviews

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Hot Springs Hotel (1997)
Erotic Confessions (1994)
Embrace of the Vampire (1995)
Bruinsfan was written on June 25, 2001


Sabrina Allen is known to most as Stacy Moran. She was a penthouse pet and nude model. She is the redhead in the first scene of this movie with nudity. She is just shown topless as I rememer its been awhile.

[email protected] was written on February 18, 2002

At 0:03:30, she and 2 other female vampires feed on Martin Kemp in a forest, near a river.

No bush, but they are gorgeous and you see their large breasts very clearly. They don't show up again, so this is it.

FilmCritic was written on July 14, 2003

Just three pairs of overly-sized enhanced breasts

Unrated version. At 3:51-5:50 and 122:37-40 three topless vampire women (Glori Gold, Shawna Ryan, Sabrina Allen, in order of appearance, although I can’t tell who is who, as I don’t know any of them and the reviewers appear to contradict each other) attack a man, Kemp, who is laying on his back. I don’t find these scenes at all erotic.

4th Annual Girls Games of Summer (1994)
Immy was written on July 22, 2007

October 1993 Penthouse Pet nude

Sabrina (going by Stacy here) is either nude or is taking off brief clothing in this spring break-type competition with seven other girls. There are five wild events; tan line contest (nude), condom on the cucumber (topless), sexy banana eating (nude), wet lingerie (topless) and the on & off bikini swim relay (nude). Plus there are sexy filler segments between events. One has her laying nude in a hammock with another naked babe. You'd be hard pressed to find Sabrina showing skin more often in anything else. Did I mention...THIS VIDEO IS HOT!!!

Potpourri (1800)
BrianSLA was written on March 18, 2002

XXX rated Hard But Not ALL the way....

Sabrina Allen IS Penthouse Pet Stacy Moran. Read my review for Stacy Moran for all the details.

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