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2006 Not Going Out 2 Reviews

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Not Going Out (2006)
Ghostwords was written on January 21, 2012

S3, Ep.6 (body double?)

Towards the close of this episode, Lucy (Ms Bretton) is giving a speech. Her dress is "very clingy", so she's not wearing knickers. As she steps out from behind the podium, she's caught in the spotlight and the dress goes transparent. We only see it from the back, which should surely mean she's in silhouette, but instead we clearly see her bottom through the material. It's a very nice posterior, but her face isn't in the same shot, so it might well be a body double (although rear nudity isn't all that taboo for actors of her generation).

Ghostwords was written on November 2, 2014

S7, Ep.3 (body double?)

Lucy (Ms Bretton) tries to seduce her flatmate Lee and slips out of her robe. There is a clear shot of full rear nudity, but the angle means we can't be sure if it's actually her, or the blonde porn actress shown earlier in the same episode. Either way, it's a very nice arse.

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