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year title
2005 Boynton Beach Club 2 Reviews
1994 Prêt-à-Porter 6 Reviews
1992 Boris and Natasha 2 Reviews
1980 Serial 2 Reviews
1980 Head On 1 Review
1975 Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins 1 Review
1970 M.A.S.H. 3 Reviews
1970 Brewster McCloud 2 Reviews
1968 Boston Strangler, The 2 Reviews

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Boynton Beach Club (2005)
Curmudgeon was written on February 27, 2008

Brief breasts in subdued lighting

At about 1:11 into "Boynton Beach Club", Sally Kellerman is sitting on a bed with a sheet wrapped around her from the waist down. Len Cariou, playing a recent widower, walks in and is flummoxed by this unexpected display. His reaction causes Sally to pull the sheet up to cover her breasts.

Kellerman's breasts have never been large or especially perky, yet they're shown to advantage here with a straight frontal shot and no signs of tan lines. She's trim and in excellent shape for her age, but that *is* 68 in this 2005 flick.

Hamm_Sodomy was written on March 4, 2007

an old chick's breast

A widow wants to have sex with a widower. She reveals her breasts and he's shocked. I'm not ageist or have a hatred of old women's breasts. I'm a gay man and this was meant for straight men and lesbians. This was also a heteropatriarchal scene because she reveals nudity and Len Cariou, the actor, doesn't. They could have showed his old man's ass if they really wanted naked equality, but they didn't.

Prêt-à-Porter (1994)
Chicago was written on December 24, 2002

1 scene

In this scene, as Alphonse describes, Sally is trying to seduce a silent photographer who is wearing dark shades and red blazer (gotta love that wardrobe). After walking away from him at 1:16:37-1:16:47, Sally whips around and opens her dress top revealing her champagne-glass size breasts for 2 sec. She quickly tries to cover herself, however, there are a few more very quick views of her grasping at her dress and diving toward the bed. Still a very decent looking chest for a 58-yr. old woman…kudos!

Matt was written on January 6, 1999

Quick flash

Sally rips open her blouse and flashes her titties

Jeritits was written on June 29, 2007

Flashes her tits to a photographer

It is not a lot but it is pathetic in the way the movie intended it to be. You see her tits for only a second, but the context is what makes it lol.

oldbabe was written on November 9, 2001

Baring tits in bedroom seduction

Contrary to previous reviews, I think Sally is very cool for an older actress to bare her tits like that. Quite sexy too.

nudity_elitist was written on July 26, 2001


like I said, yuck.

Alphonse was written on March 25, 1999

Little titties

While trying to seduce a photographer, Sally rips open her blouse and momentarily exposes her tiny little breasts. It's a cute scene, I guess, but for sexual excitement she's just too old and her breasts are too small.

Boris and Natasha (1992)
derek22 was written on January 9, 2002

no nudity

There was nothing in this picture that could possibly qualify as any sort of nudity.

oldbabe was written on January 8, 2002

Senior Appeal

In the movie, Sally played the part of a eastern european spy. At about 0:20, she wore low-cut and bare-back night gown. Her still beautiful, bony and lengthy back (no bum crack) was displayed as she walked to the bed. And when she bent down to tuck in her fellow spy, Boris her droopy and still jelly-like breasts are partially exposed. Alas, it was disppointing that no nipples were slipped. She was 56 during the movie but still possesed a very lanky and sexy body. Two years later in Altman's "Ready to Wear", she did in fact bared those salivating and saggy tits in full.

Serial (1980)
MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Topless - trying a different sex position with her huband.

Sitting up nude - good lighting. A very nice topless shot! Her nipples are rock-hard. The scene occurs towards the beginning of the movie.

LeroyBrown was written on October 1, 2001

Early scene, sitting topless having sex

Scene opens very up close and we get a good sideview of her breasts, her nipples were erect. The camera then move out and we get a fuller view of her including side view of her butt. Nice scene but rather short.

Head On (1980)
MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Bare breasts when she gets her top ripped open.

A little dark since she is outside at night, but still a decent topless shot.

Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins (1975)
MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Brief side-view of her breast when she removes her top before taking a shower while talking to Alan Arkin.

Not a good nude scene, but it's a good movie.

M.A.S.H. (1970)
MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Brief breast as she opens her top in one scene. Nude in the shower when the guys pull the tent up - after the tent is pulled up, she screams and drops to the ground. It happens quickly.

This is probably Sally Kellerman's best known nude scene, but not one of her best nude scenes.

Ghostwords was written on September 18, 2012

MASH flash

Ms Kellerman has two scenes of note, the first opening her shirt to her lover and exposing substantial cleavage and quite a lot of her left breast from the right side (possible nipple, but there's a lot of shadow).

Later, there's the famous sequence where she's taking a shower and the side of the tent is suddenly lifted. We see her naked from the right, including her breast and butt in profile, before her character realises she's on display and tries to cover herself, finally dropping onto the floor of the tent. The camera moves in slightly for this, but, try as I often have over the years, I've never been able to confirm any bush as she twists and drops. It's the humiliation which gives the scene its impact, not the nudity.

DOCEYE was written on April 26, 2002

taking a bath

enjoyed the hiding behind some towels

Brewster McCloud (1970)
MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Side-view Topless shot walking nude after taking off her coat in one scene. Bating nude in a water fountain ouside while tourists watch from a bus.

Nice Topless shot while she is in the water fountain.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 3, 2001

A pair of topless scenes

First she takes off her top in Brewster's studio and although she wanders around for quite some time, we only get a very quick side view with no nipple exposure. A later scene has her in a fountain. It is here that we get a full on front shot of her breasts, but it's only for a few seconds.

Boston Strangler, The (1968)
MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Nude victim - in bed. Don't see any private parts though.

Though you don't really see anything, some people may find this scene of interest.

Ghostwords was written on September 16, 2012

Tied to her bed

Ms Kellerman plays the last of the serial killer's victims (and the first one to survive). He strips her naked, then ties her feet and hands to her bed. Her assailant blocks a proper view of her breasts, although quite a bit of flesh is glimpsed, as well as her right leg as she kicks out, but the cameraman takes great care to preserve her on-screen modesty.

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