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1992 Zweite Heimat: Leaving Home, Die 2 Reviews

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Zweite Heimat: Leaving Home, Die (1992)
tickledick was written on September 4, 2005

T & A

At about 39 minutes, Salome Kammer is sitting up in bed, breasts exposed. We see full length rear nudity as she gets out of bed but quickly walks into shadow and puts on a robe.

tickledick was written on September 9, 2005

Episode 13

Hermann has finally tracked down Clarissa in Amsterdam. He watches her performance in the Hexenfest show before they go to bed. At about 95 minutes, the camera looks through the window where we see Salome naked, on her back, breasts up, thigh over bush. Next, we switch to looking over the shoulder from an elevated position, where breasts still hold our attention and the light is better. We then retreat to mid distance where we get a full frontal, still on her back, still from an over the shoulder/side view. Next, we are much closer, side/front, waist high, while she talks to Hermann. At this point, she gets out of bed and stands at the window, presenting buttocks from upper thigh level, but this is poorly lit. There follows a full-length side nude with nothing showing. Next, a single breast, propped up on her elbow from mid distance. We move closer for a waist high reclining pose. Finally, she sits up and moves round giving a much cleaner view of her breasts, thighs and, almost, bush. The whole, long, scene is in color.

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