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1998 When Passions Collide 1 Review
1997 Masseuse 2 2 Reviews

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When Passions Collide (1998)
Derek was written on February 26, 1999

Love scenes, shower scene

Super hunky Anno bares his round, precious ass a lot in this movie in different love scenes, including one in a shower. This is a GREAT flick for male nudity!

Masseuse 2 (1997)
Wildthings was written on August 16, 2002

Bathtub Scene

What can I say except Sam Anno is a god. This beefy actor can have me in the bathtub anttime he wants. I enjoyed seeing his beefy ass and sculpted body. The man exudes sex appeal

Derek was written on September 29, 1998

Love scenes

Nice shots of beefy actors rear in two love scenes: The first is on a pool table, the second is in a bubble bath. I prefer the latter.

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