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2003 Games, The 4 Reviews
1996 Legacy, The 5 Reviews
1984 Roadhouse 1 Review
1976 Lifeguard 1 Review
1972 Molly and Lawless John 1 Review

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Games, The (2003)
Neptune3 was written on June 26, 2005

Locker room

While Sam is indeed young and handsome (and moderately hairy) in this film, he is NOT nude in the final print. There is a photo floating out on the Internet taken from either the filming or a rehearsal in which he's leaning over and talking to Ryan O'Neal and his towel is open, revealing his admirable penis and maybe one ball, but it's not in the film. Interesting that he would go "commando" under the towel in the scene since so many actors would wear fleshtone undies or SOMETHING under it in a lot of cases.

MisterTeas was written on June 28, 2006

Accidental nudity, for completists only

A young, barely recognizable Sam Elliot (sans mustache) clutches a towel around his waist and crouches down to reveal...something. It's an accidental split-second flash, neither close nor clear, and might be mistaken for a shadow. Caps on the net show his penis and pubes much more distinctly than the actual movie. No stars, for hardcore Elliot fans only.

Opticon was written on May 23, 2005

Elliott and Ryan O'Neal in a Japanese bath

Ryan O'Neal, champion runner, relaxes with pal Sam Elliott in a Japanese spa/bath following a race in Tokyo. Elliott is seen tossing aside his towel as he prepares to step into a whirlpool bath. He's then seen sitting in the bath. Next, he rises from the bath and, holding towel around waist, squats down to help O'Neal who's collapsing from heart strain. At no time, alas, are Elliott's genitals or pubic hair seen, though there are glimpses of his bare chest. (The movie was rated "G" upon its original release which would seem to preclude frontal nude scenes, especially if they involved an actor as well-endowed as Elliott must be.)

JohnnyWad was written on June 4, 2002

Brief frontal

Quick shot of this stud actor's penis and bush in lockerroom scene with Ryan O'Neal (who isn't naked). Elliott was young and hung.

Legacy, The (1996)
babon was written on January 2, 2000

Great Butt

Walks to the shower

flighty678 was written on September 17, 2007

Sam shows 'em how it's done!

Great butt shot, perfect camera angle! Totally unnecessary, totally superfluous, totally gorgeous!

I love it that they didn't shave his chest hair. The only thing that bothered me was his haircut, but it was 1979, what can you do?

Opticon was written on May 18, 2005

Elliott walks across bathroom, steps into shower

About 18.5 minutes into this movie, Sam Elliott says to Katharine Ross: "I'm gonna take a shower." We then see the 34-year-old actor enter from screen-right -- completely naked from head to toe -- turn away from the camera, and take about five steps across a bathroom. He slides open a glass shower-door and steps over a bathrub rim into the shower. We then see him washing off inside the shower but the nudity has ended by this point. Because of the camera angle we cannot see genitals or pubic hair but Elliott's buns are on clear, well-lit, and unedited display for several seconds as he walks away from the camera. These buns are attractively firm and well-shaped and they're only slightly paler than the rest of his body. When he steps over the bathtub rim into the shower, he does so in an almost dainty fashion as if he'd been warned not to spread his legs lest he allow a rearview glimpse of his sac. (Under the hot camera lights, his sac might have become unusually loose and pendulous.) Curiously, there's absolutely no need for this nude scene in the movie. It doesn't appear in available copies of the original screenplay or in the movie's paperback novelization. One suspects that the film-makers simply wanted to see Sam Elliott in the raw, (and who can blame them!), so told him to strip. Did Elliott do so with reluctance, indifference, or enthusiasm? Enquiring minds want to know. Meanwhile, leading lady Katharine Ross is modestly dressed throughout the movie in floor-length skirts, long-sleeved dresses, and turtleneck sweaters. Makes you wonder.

sylv was written on October 22, 1998

walking to shower

I remember seeing this as a kid and I was dazed by seeing a tall adult male's backside, and it was a beauty.

JohnnyBoy271 was written on June 19, 2008

Walking nude to the shower

Sam Elliott is male perfection. His ass is incredible. You can tell he wears bikini briefs from the indentation across the top of his ass just above the ass crack. He must have taken his bikini briefs off at the very last moment before he walked into the scene.

Roadhouse (1984)
Opticon was written on May 23, 2005

Sam Elliott unzips pants

To show off to Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch a scar from a knife fight, Sam Elliott unzips his pants and pushes them slightly open. (He apparently wears no underwear.) You can see the scar on his right hip; you can also see the top fringe of his pubic hair -- curly and black. Because of editing, it's not clear whether it's actually Sam Elliott's groin in this shot, but he'd probably not be reluctant to do it. After all, he did a nude scene in "The Legacy."

Lifeguard (1976)
Opticon was written on May 23, 2005

Sam in Speedos

Sam Elliott, in his prime at age 31, spends much of this movie in red "Baywatch" swim trunks. No nudity but lots of "beefcake" shots of a lean, suntanned, gloriously unshaven chest. At about 57 minutes into the movie, Sam switches to a skimpy pair of Speedos for a lifeguards' swim-and-foot race. The Speedos fit too snugly to allow that considerable bulge in the pouch to jiggle or bounce but the bulge is well-defined and shapely since Sam apparently did not wear a swim-cup to smooth over his cock and balls. One wonders if he had to do a "Jim Palmer" before pulling up those Speedos. (Supposedly Jim Palmer soaked his parts in cold water before pulling on bikini briefs for those Jockey underwear ads. The cold water shrunk his parts and kept him from "over-bulging.") If Sam Elliott did soak his parts in cold water, there'd probably be lots of people who'd be happy to drink it! Young Parker Stevenson also has a lot of bare chest scenes. Too bad the script didn't allow these two to have a scene where they'd shower together.

Molly and Lawless John (1972)
Opticon was written on October 5, 2005

Rising out of waterhole

Sorry, there's no nudity here -- or is there? Elliott, playing an escaped prisoner in the Old West, strips down for a bath in a waterhole. Vera Miles, his reluctant traveling companion, spies on him from a discreet distance. Elliott notices this, suddenly rises out of the water and turns toward her with an impudent grin on his face. Vera, registering shock, looks away. Since the camera rises with Elliott as he stands up, we don't see below his waist and we, as viewers, assume he probably wore a swimsuit for this scene. But actors are fond of playing jokes on each other. Perhaps, feeling his "oats" in his first leading-man part, Elliott decided to skip the swimsuit and thus give co-star Vera a real eyeful. Perhaps Vera's look of shock was genuine! This would be especially true if Elliott were not only stark naked but sporting an erection at the same time. One can only wonder.

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