Échirolles, Isère, France

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year title
2000 Faites comme si je n'étais pas là 1 Review
2000 Drôle de Félix 2 Reviews
1999 Our Happy Lives 1 Review

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Faites comme si je n'étais pas là (2000)
atom was written on April 9, 2004

brief butt shot

We see Bouajila fully nude only briefly, from the rear, as he opens the refrigerator, leans over, and pulls out a bottle of water. Bouajila certainly has a nice posterior, but given the remarkably erotic five-minute sequence that precedes Bouajila's butt shot (which I describe in the entry for Jeremie Renier), the fleeting view of his buttocks seems--pleasant though it is--thoroughly beside the point.

Drôle de Félix (2000)
TranslucentShield was written on March 19, 2002

Funny Felix

As the gay arabic hero of the film, Bouajila gets naked on a few occasions. One, when he is in bed with his lover, he shows a naked side view beneath the covers. Two, when he stays with the "Grand-mere" character of the film, a similar side-shot in the bed occurs. And finally, after having sex with a beefy railroad worker, he is walking naked, where a frontal shot is visible.

tj10017 was written on December 30, 2006

Casual and Convincing

Bouajila appears nude several times in the film, but the most memorable scene occurs as he and another man are walking up a hill after just having had sex. Both are completely nude and flaccid, both are beautiful to behold, and perhaps most importantly both are utterly convincing in their roles - they really act like two people who've just had sex. Most films that attempt to portray similar scenes are embarrassingly awkward - there's no way you'd believe the two actors had just been physically intimate with one another. But in "The Adventures of Felix," I bought it. It's a delightful film and I recommend it highly.

Our Happy Lives (1999)
5th_element was written on November 8, 2001

In bed with his girlfriend

You don't see much, but on the night before he is sent back, we see him lying naked in bed comforting his girlfriend. A little of his butt is exposed.

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