Sandra Christina McCoy
Santa Clara, California, USA

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2005 Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough 4 Reviews

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Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (2005)
BBjuggles was written on November 17, 2006

Several Hot Girl/Girl Scenes

This movie follows basically the exact same plot as the first two, but in my opinion, the girls are hottest in this one. I caught it on TV recently, and was very turned on by both the lead girls.

Sandra McCoy is a cute, naturally curvy Latina looking girl who easily plays the part of shy but sexy high school girl Elena. She looks good in her swimsuit, and even better when she is revealed to be the lesbian lover of pretty blonde bitch Marie.

The two girls have some sexy kissing scenes and one threesome scene with the doctor guy. Seeing Sandra's breasts revealed (and felt up by her girlfriend) was quite enjoyable, even if the scene is fairly dark and her nipples are only glimpsed a couple of times. The darkness and the absence of any full, extended frontal boob views are what made this appearance a 3-star instead of 4. However, the enjoyment I got from the movie was closer to 4 stars' worth...

BBjuggles was written on November 17, 2006

Doctor's Exam in Bra

No nudity, but very hot boobs in a cute bra. "Elena" claims to have been raped by "Marie's" stepdad, and so has an exam at the doctor's office. She begins to undress, and the doctors are alarmed to see apparent bite marks on Elena's very full and superb left breast.

BBjuggles was written on November 17, 2006

Sexy Kissing On Bed

Again, no nudity in this scene, but it is a very enticing scene where the two leads flirt and kiss on a bed. Sarah Laine ("Marie") crawls over Sandra McCoy in a pre-69 position and kisses her on the lips. She proceeds to kiss Sandra's belly, making a sexual innuendo about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush. The scene cuts away before we see any action, but I saw plenty in my mind... Very sexy, flirty foreplay/kissing scene.

BBjuggles was written on November 17, 2006

Best Scene of Sandra

Stay for the credits and you will be treated to a few extra "flashback" scenes shedding light on more of what happened in the plot offscreen. The best scene features "Elena" and "Marie" showering together in the high school locker room. They are in separate stalls divided by a chest-high partition at first. Elena looks very hot rinsing herself, and we see a little cleavage over the wall. Elena turns to Marie as they discuss their scheme, and then they kiss. The girls slide out of the divided showers so they can embrace while kissing, their glistening wet bodies pressing into one another. This is probably the most explicit kissing scene, though the girls never fully tongue eachother. Elena's lovely and full left boob is seen pressed against Marie's chest, and Marie gropes it with her right hand while they kiss. Slight glimpses of nipple, but Marie's arm is in the way. (This seems common throughout the film: very sexy scenes but an apparent reluctance to show the boobs completely or to French kiss.) At the end of the scene, the girls part slightly to reveal another girl in a bikini top approaching. This is the other blonde bitchy friend of Marie's from earlier in the film. She approaches and the two kissing girls giggle, as if to imply the second blonde is in on the plot and a potential threesome of girls. However, nothing is shown, and this doesn't seem to have much bearing on the plot. It's a sexy idea, and one that should be used in Wild Things 4. :)

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