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year title
1999 LSD Psychedelic Freakout 2000 1 Review
1975 Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS 2 Reviews
1973 Innocent Sally 1 Review
1972 Lord Farthingay's Holiday 1 Review
1970 Dirty Mind of Young Sally, The 1 Review

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LSD Psychedelic Freakout 2000 (1999)
BushLeague was written on December 10, 2008

Typical Freaker

This is a Something Weird compendium of "footage circa 1969-70". Sandy appears as one of the participants in one of the many "Freakouts". She strips completely naked and gives a spread eagle blonde beaver.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975)
BushLeague was written on November 8, 2008

Awaiting an physical exam

The only scene I can identify her in is when she is sitting in a chair both tatas visible.

BushLeague was written on November 8, 2008

One and a possible

Later review shows that she was one of the torture victims that got an electric dildo shoved up her twat (tits only shown). Another scene is a possible in a lesbian tryst with a female SS camp guard. Once againg tits and brief bush and left ass cheek.

Innocent Sally (1973)
Dudester was written on May 28, 2008

Beach Orgy

A beach orgy starts at 6:15 of this movie and goes on for ten minutes, that's right-I said TEN minutes. This is a softcore movie, but just barely so (skirts X rated throughout). There are three good looking couples, and like 1970's, the women have full bushes. The women have large natural (NATURAL) breasts that are wonderful to look at. The sex happens in natural daylight. There are lots of body parts rubbing-hands on breasts, hands on kittys, hands on johnsons. You can see erect johnsons once the sex gets earnest. There is even kitty on face grindage. The sex is simulated, but it appears that one of the girls says "ah, to hell with it" and inserts the actor doing it with her. The best sex orgy you will see outside of an X-rated flick, but unlike X-rated, these actresses have nontatooed, natural bodies.

Lord Farthingay's Holiday (1972)
BushLeague was written on September 30, 2006

Virtual wall-to-wall nudity

This movie is the true definition of soft-core porn (in the 70's style). After a ridiculous premise (a butler accidently calls for hookers instead of musicians to entertain the good lord), the 3 girls from the agency (Young, Tenant, and Dempsey), strip, dance, and eventually strip and have sex with about everyone else in the back yard of a mansion. I am not going to review each one individually because each does about the same thing (Dempsey seems to have refrained from doing any identifiable hetero sex. BTW does any one know why she stopped doing hardcore sex in movies, but continued to appear in them with very little or no nudity?) Every girl in this flick shows about every inch of her body, including one or two anus shots and many extended split beavs and great dancer-worthy asses. All well fotoed and in great light with few or no shadows.

Dirty Mind of Young Sally, The (1970)
filmo70 was written on April 30, 2006


Early on 3 guys and 3 girls are on the beach listening to dirty Sally's radio show, Sandy is the brunette (called "Roach"). She and her boyfriend split from the others to have sex. Not surprisingly she shows the 3 B's up close and personal but the views are often ruined by the camera tilting often to make strange viewing angles. Footage is also intercut with the other 4 on the beach getting it on. I gave it 3 stars but to diehard fans this is more like a 2 knowing what else she's done.

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