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2013 How I Live Now 1 Review

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Moved to Ireland with her parents when she was three.

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How I Live Now (2013)
Ghostwords was written on October 11, 2013

Both identity and nudity unclear

Ms Ronan plays Daisy, an American teenager staying with English relatives when nuclear terrorism throws the nation into turmoil. Although the British certification mentions "strong sex", it's probably the age of her character (under 17) rather than the actual carnal content which has raised alarms.

She has one sex scene with her cousin (George Mackay), but it's shot in such a way that no nudity is shown, and most likely none was required during shooting. That scene is replayed later, as a flashback, with no added flesh.

Finally, Daisy has a dream in which she runs through woods, apparently naked. However, (a) it's extremely brief; (b) her face is never shown; (c) the sequence has been digitally toyed with, so that I wasn't even certain I was seeing rear nudity. Given Ms Ronan's age and rising status, I doubt she could be coerced into doing anything she wasn't comfortable with.

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