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year title
2003 Fallo! 2 Reviews
1996 Delitti a luce rossa 0 Reviews

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Fallo! (2003)
Kimiwebber was written on December 20, 2012

Cinzia in bedroom and with doctor

Scene 1 - Cinzia is lying in bed and she grabs Gianni's erect cock over the bed sheet. Gianni takes out his cock which is visible and tries to insert it in her butt hole. But she does not let him. Gianni gets up with his erect dick hanging out of his pants while Cinzia lies on her stomach revealing her butt hole as well as pussy. Gianni returns with electric tooth brush and demands to know about Cinzia's visit to the doctor. He starts the tooth brush and uses it on her clit to masturbate her while her open pussy lips are visible.

Scene 2- Cinzia stands topless in front of the doctor. She removes her bottoms to reveal her ass. The doctor makes her lie down on examination table and spread her legs wide revealing close up shot of her pussy and butt hole. The doctor sits in front of her and inserts the tip of his two fingers in her pussy. The doctor then pours some liquid on her pussy and rubs it slowly with one hand while fingering her pussy with the other hand. Later Gianni is shown to be fingering her before they have implied sex.

Scene 3- A waiter enters the room and looks at Cinzia's pussy and butt hole as she is sleeping.

Scene 4 - Cinzia sits on a sofa and spreads her legs wide to reveal her pussy. Gianni then impliedly licks her pussy. Later the waiter enters the room ruthie Cinzia noticing as she has her eyes closed and who is playing with her pussy. Gianni allows waiter to lick her pussy and when Cinzia opens her eyes, she is surprised. Later Gianni makes her bend over the sofa and assume doggy style position. Then the waiter takes out his erect cock and impliedly bangs her from behind while Gianni offers her his cock.

voyeur was written on August 25, 2008

Miss Cosmi goes to the gynaecologist

Sara Cosmi is a buxom natural blonde. She dreams of being inspected by a gynaecologist who straps her on her back with legs held wide apart by fixed supports. We get a lengthy tunnel view of her labia surrounded by a pretty blonde bush. She even has cream poured over her pussy to enable the gynopervert to stick his fingers in her cunt an massage her clit.

Delitti a luce rossa (1996)

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