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year title
1995 Lover's Leap 6 Reviews
1994 Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000 2 Reviews
1994 Killer Looks 6 Reviews
1993 Secret Games 2: The Escort 5 Reviews
1993 Mirror Images II 3 Reviews
1993 Bikini Carwash Company II, The 1 Review
1992 Bikini Car Wash Company, The 1 Review
1991 Last Boy Scout, The 1 Review

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Lover's Leap (1995)
Senator was written on July 16, 2001

noe enjoying doing it... but I enjoyed watching!

she is very hot and there are several LONG scenes with her totally nude... great scenes, but she seems to shy away from the man touching her... not very convincing that she is into it... BUT I SURE WAS!

crazy was written on January 10, 2000

Sex on bed then walking out on balcony

Brown is stunning in this hard to find movie. She does her full frontal shot while the guy is doing her from behind. Nice hairy bush! That deserves four stars alone. When she's on top there is good camera views from the front and top/over the shoulder angles. Her bush is not visable when she's on top because the guys hand is covering it up. She seems to be squeemish about letting the guy grab her breast and only lets him touch it when her hand covers his hand. Not very believable and she doesn't seem to enjoy her sex scenes. I hope she's paid well. Nice full frontal on the balcony!

Cyclone was written on November 30, 1999

Outstanding sex scene

Brown may be the best looking woman in this movie, and that says A LOT. She has a fantastic sex scene early in this movie, and you get an eyefull of her awesome tits and ass. Towards the end of the scene, you also get a clear view of her bush in a great shot that also includes her breasts. To cap it off, they show her walking to a balcony and we get a great view of her whole body from behind. There is also a topless shot later on in the movie, but it doesn't measure up to her earlier scene. She looks absolutely stunning.

superhero was written on December 27, 2001


This amazingly beautiful blonde shows off her incredable body in good clear scenes.
Nude while having simulated sex on bed.
Nude outside on deck.
Topless on blow up raft on pool.
Too bad she hasn't done any films since this one.
Her & Carrie Westcott make this one worthwhile.

Gordon was written on February 3, 2002

Several great nude scenes

Sara is indeed a wonder to behold, and we get to behold much of her in this flick. In the sex scene we get to see tons of her great tits, as well as her ass and bush. Afterwards she walks outside onto a deck and we get to seer her spectacular body in full sunlight. Later we see her by a pool, once again showing off her great breasts. This movie is great for T&A, and Sara is just one of the reasons why.

elrob was written on August 24, 1999

one lovemakeing and one pool topless

She did an excellent full nude sceen.very long. lots of action. After, she walked on the balcony. You see it all.later she does a topless sceen while floting in the pool with another women.

Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000 (1994)
crazy was written on August 27, 1999

classroom scene

I was also disappointed with this brief tease. Her hard pounding breasts are magnificent for a few brief seconds, leaving the veiwer wanting more that is never given. However, another nude scence later in the movie is great. Too bad its not SSB!!!

dougal was written on June 7, 1999

fantasy strip scene

At the beginning of the movie, she strips out of a very well-filled jumpsuit in a daydream, giving the dreamer a great view of her chest to best advantage. Brief though, and there is no more nudity from her in the movie, which is a major shame!

Killer Looks (1994)
crazy was written on August 27, 1999

one bedroom scene

Again, Brown gives us full frontal nudity. And she has a body to kill for!!! First on top and then on her side her getting it from behind. In fact, most of SSB's most explicit sex scenes seem to prefer this position. But i'm not complaining! That position exposes the beautiful dark triangle between her legs most lustfully. I might also mention that this movie was difficult to find.

Shooter was written on November 1, 1999

Lez Scene

If my memory serves me right, I seem to remember a 3 way lez scene with Sara, the porno star Janine, and another hot blonde.

wirajdm was written on August 16, 2002

Scene with the plumber

Easily the most erotic scene. Seduction is the name of the game. Lighting is good and the scene shows SSB's body in a mouth watering situation. The action shows the plumber caressing her breasts which is seldom seen in other movies, and of course at the same time pumping her from the back.

fubar was written on March 13, 2000

Many scenes throughout the flick

SSB is hot, IMHO she looks better than the pornstars that are in this movie. Make sure you get the unrated version to get the full effect of this beyond HOT woman. The three way scene mentioned occurs towards the end of the flick where she is blindfolded and Janine and some other porn chick give her body a going over before she gets cold feet and leaves. GREAT BODY on this woman.

B-movienut was written on December 5, 2001

seduces then has sex with plumber

During the opening credits the incredbly hot Sara Suzanne Brown is swimming in her in-ground pool. There are many close-ups of her incredibly tight hot body in a yellow bikini. The best are underwater slow motion shots of her swimming, especially a nice crotch shot of her doing a bckflip underwater. Things really steam up when she notices the plumber in the kitchen watching. She then gets out of the pool gives him a great seductive look and takes off her small string bikini top to reveal her large firm breasts. She then puts a robe on and goes to the kitchen. SHe starts to talk and flirt and seduce the plumber. When she goes into the freezer she pulls something out and rubs it in between her breasts with her robe open nd complains how hot it is. This gets the plumbers full attention. She then asks him if he wants a beer. The next shot we see them in theh computer room going at it. She is sitting on the desk facing him and straddling him. There are several nice close-ups of her breasts during this scene. She then turns around and stands up so he can rub her breasts and pump her from behind. During this scene her husband arrives home and catches them having sex, and by the look she gives him this turns her on. He stops and stares for a second in amazement but then screams and the scene ends. Definitely rated X pushing scene. Sar has never looked hotter than in this scene.

doc was written on February 15, 1999


SSB has an amazing body. If you want to see it in ALL its glory, get the unrated version. It pushes an X rating in my opinion.

Secret Games 2: The Escort (1993)
crazy was written on August 27, 1999

from behind and later on top

SSB makes her entrance about half way through the movie as a call girl. She strips and then there is a long scene of her getting it from behind while laying on her side. In fact, most of SSB's most explicit sex scenes seem to prefer this position. Near the end of the movie, there is another full frontal sex scene only this time she is on top. Too bad it is inter cut with other senseless scence of a former call girl getting excited.

icebag2 was written on June 3, 2007

Numerous sex scenes

Big lips, big blonde hair, silly hats, and tits that that will not be denied. Numerous sex scenes with Martin. The director likes to show her being taken from behind most of the time. That’s OK with me. There is one shot of her walking toward the camera quite nude and we get the full enchilada.

Sexdemonno1 was written on June 4, 2007


Having seen this movie recently I have to correct Crazy - Sara SB is NOT a call girl in this movie at all but a prospective house buyer he looks around the house and then starts an affair with the male lead guy.

Actually this is above average for an SC movie and surprisingly intelligent. SSB steals the show and is nude several times and getting it all ways.

I'll be hunting out more of her work after seeing this that's for sure!

Wayout44 was written on March 1, 2002

Nice, long scenes

The best scence for Sara is about four-and-a-half minutes long. She undresses while Martin Hewitt watches her from the bed. As she walks over, you get a full frontal shot, and it looks like she shaved that day. Once on the bed, he does her from behind while they lay on their left sides. Then, she sits on him facing away from him, and they continue to go at it. A long, hot scene. There's another scene in the kitchen where she lifts her skirt ad he takes her from behind while her husband is upstairs. She's mostly clothed, but you do get some views of her breasts. It's still pretty hot as he grabs her hair and pumps away.

baysharam was written on July 13, 2001

Incredible use of a Hat

In a movie where the main actress has a line for the ages, "I think you're horny, and I think you want to f*ck me," Sara surprises us with a desire filled ride across her body. And what a body it is. Despite the silicon breasts, this goddess is perfectly erotics. Several times she is ridden by Hewitt from behind, and her tight body is championed by his grip. An excellent example of 'supporting actress' simu-sex.

Mirror Images II (1993)
Shooter was written on November 1, 1999

Classic lez scene

Great girl/girl scene with Shannon Whirry. Looks like the gals are really into it. Can you say a bed full of boobs??

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


this scene is great but does not have this actress and shannon whirry together, she is with another fine actress.

Wayout44 was written on March 1, 2002

Prostitute in hotel room

Sara plays a prostitute taken to a hotel by Shannon Whirry's husband, a corrupt cop. He "recruits" her by having sex with her. She starts off in a tight, white dress, and takes it off to reveal her red underwear. He takes her to bed and strips her down and proceeds to kiss and caress her breasts, then starts to have sex on top of her. They switch to her being on top and continue to go at it with lots of time spent on focusing on her breasts. A great scene (about two minutes long) for fans of Sara. Unfortunately, it's her only scene in the movie.

Bikini Carwash Company II, The (1993)
Antman was written on November 17, 1999

Some topless scenes

She is the short blonde actress from the first movie who reprises her role as Sunny. 9 minutes: Topless wearing only some small black panties when the girls have a little celebration in the office. 16 minutes: Topless wearing yellow bikini bottoms washing cars with lots of other girls. 28 minutes: Briefly exposed breasts when she and Neriah Davis influence the television executive. 76 minutes: Topless in office set making out with a guy. 88 minutes: Topless with all the other girls washing cars at the end of the movie.

Bikini Car Wash Company, The (1992)
Rosenkavalier was written on July 21, 1999

Great Topless Scenes -- plus more in the Unrated version...

Whatever you do, DO NOT get/rent the 'R' version of this film -- it is missing a whole lot. (Unfortunately, the DVD now available is that damned 'R' version...the distributor should be shot.) Sara is a supporting player in this classic T&A film (and my personal favorite of the three female leads). She and the other girls give us many wonderful swimsuits-and-less scenes. The key scene in the Unrated version is the only full-nude scene in the film, and is OK (but too brief and not detailed enough). Sara's main gig is getting her top stolen from her at the most inopportune times.

Last Boy Scout, The (1991)
TripleThreat was written on February 19, 2002

Blonde Stripper

Shes the blonde stripper you see in the bar that Halle Berry works at. I gave her two stars just for the fact that she has quite the nice rack. So basically all you see of her is her stripping for a couple seconds here and there and thats it.

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