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1997 Armstrong and Miller 5 Reviews

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Armstrong and Miller (1997)
Bogmore was written on October 21, 2007

Series 4

In the Fourth Series she shows her arse quite a bit in the Nude Vets sketch but is wearing a Pastie or a Headscarf so shows only lots of flesh, so nothing more revealing than a thong bikini.

Elv08 was written on November 1, 2001

full frontal

Sarah A is desperately cute, and stands full frontal in a nude sketch on the Armstrong and Miller show (the first series - 97). There are 2 nude sketches in the 2001 series, but nothing on this scale.

Bogmore was written on December 2, 2008

The Whole First series

Sarah is not in the first series but is in the 4th where she is covered up by objects during the nude practice sketches all the time, although there is a good scene where she is riding a bike and you can see her backside.

Ghostwords was written on May 13, 2006


Sarah Alexander is extremely cute, and the recurring "Nude Practice" sketch is a highlight of the series, but I strongly suspect she's wearing some kind of merkin in the single "full frontal" scene. You do get to see her breasts and behind quite regularly, though.

mlmdlco was written on February 6, 2008

Looking which which episode of the show

I have the first series and I am searching for the section you mention.

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