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year title
2005 Secret Life of Words, The 1 Review
2004 Dawn of the Dead 1 Review
2000 Law of Enclosures, The 2 Reviews
1999 Guinevere 3 Reviews
1999 Go 1 Review

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year title
2008 John Adams 4 Reviews

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John Adams (2008)
BMac was written on May 10, 2008

Great breast, tough scene

Sarah Polley gives us two views of her very beautiful right breast, at 9:40 and about 70 seconds later. Each is clear and well-lit, and normally I'd say that a look at one of Polley's great boobs is better than seeing both those of an average actress. But since the scene is Federal Era medicine at its most primitive, this is more harrowing than sexy.

12-string was written on April 19, 2008

Episode 7

About 8 minutes into the 7th and final episode of this HBO mini, Polley (as the daughter of John Adams) is diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoes an operation for it. She's stretched on a table, with her feet tied and chewing on a stout twig. (This is abt 1815 and the only anesthesia used for medical procedures was a stiff belt of corn whiskey -- n/a in this case, since her doctor Benjamin Rush was also an enemy of strong drink and, ergo, of every decent American as well.)

Her pink-tipped righty is exposed for an appreciable amount of time as her bodice is opened, and we see it again in another shot a minute or so later. Happily enough, we don't get to watch Rush hack it off with the small sickle he's handed for the job. Unerotic and for completists, not one-handed researchers.

noned was written on April 22, 2008


Great tit. Who's said breast cancer can't be hot?

Texasmovieman was written on August 8, 2008

breast surgury

not a sexy scean but in it she has breast cancer surgury and when on table they uncover her full breast. she is lyeing down so breast is flat but still love to see this beautiful actresses breasts

Secret Life of Words, The (2005)
BMac was written on May 26, 2007

Breasts plus scars

At 1:30.20, Sarah Polley takes off her top, which is already semi-transparent, for a 40-second topless scene. The view is obscured at times, but there are good short-range views of Polley's impressive boobs for six and nine seconds, and a long-range view for another six. She's made up with scars _ her character is a war victim and the point of the scene is not so much sexual as more emotional revelation to the blind patient played by Tim Robbins. Still, even with the make-up Sarah Polley has 4-star, beautiful breasts.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)
NekkidChix was written on March 23, 2004

In the shower

Long shot, through obscure shower curtain, really brief buns. Could be a body double.

Law of Enclosures, The (2000)
BushLeague was written on March 27, 2004

Show nothing nude in bathtub

I think this is why the zero star rating was invented. She is obviously nude, but no good bits show through, except half a left butt cheek.

Balrog was written on March 27, 2004

Completely nude in bathtub

If like me you're a fan of the beautiful and talented Sarah Polley then you will be happy to know that she's completely naked in this film.

I have not seen the film (rare movie, hard to find) but seen a cap of it showing Sarah fully nude in a bathtub with unfortunatly a guy covering with his hand her bush and breasts, but there is a nipple visible.

It was a single cap so I'm sure the scene may show more, since I heard a while ago about this scene.

Guinevere (1999)
dogboy8 was written on February 2, 2000

not much nudity, just a breast side-view

I am a huge Sarah Polley fan, so any bone she could throw me, so to speak, would be worthy of at least 2 stars. But, I was expecting more nudity with this movie. There is one scene in the middle of the movie where she takes off her pants to reveal her cute blue panties, and one scene at the end where she is in a photo with several other women topless. Unfortunately, it's only a side view, and you can't really see any nipple. But you can tell she's hiding something attractive and quite bodacious under that shirt. Good enuff for 2 stars for me....

Maxijan was written on March 30, 2001

Bush in photo

Not sure, but as the opening titles run by, we see images of a naked woman flashing. We never see any faces, so perhaps it's a body double. You never know....

Fling was written on November 7, 2003

Beautiful breasts etc.

The monochromatic nude prints seen under the opening titles are fairly gauzy, but in those where her face is visible, it's clearly Sarah Polley.
At 37:52-59, her character is examining other photos of breasts, which she identifies as hers.
More to the point, at 58:50, Sarah Polley is scurrying down a hallway in a short towel, when she looses her grasp on it. She exposes her gorgeous left breast and most of her right. I'm not sure why the other reviewers didn't mention this obvious nudity, but it's better seen on dvd than tape.
At 1:35:02-04, Polley is again seen topless in a photo with Jasmine Guy, Sandra Oh and Grace Una. (Gina Gershon also is in the photo, but as everywhere except `Showgirls,' except for her face she really can't be seen.)
It's a great photo, although it may have been retouched in photo shop. But Sarah Polley doesn't need any help, she's as beautiful as she is talented. Her looks clearly rate four stars, but the nudity here is too brief.

Go (1999)
gotcha was written on March 9, 2005

Bra Scene

Well, Sarah is not much of a teasing type girl till this scene. She is attempting to purchase narcotics from the local dealer to make some quick cash, but he does not know her well, so he tells here to show him that she is not tapped (wearing a wire). Sarah takes her shirt off and she is shown in a real nice black bra...oh so sweet..Nice body!

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