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2005 Mrs. Henderson Presents 1 Review

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Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005)
lattara was written on November 30, 2005

Stage nudity

Sarah is one of the four supporting actresses who play motionless nude stage performers in a 1940s revue. Most of her nude scenes are of her on stage, generally with the other nude models. There are also a handful of nude scenes backstage in the dressing room. The majority of the stage nude scenes are shot in medium to long shot - as though the viewer were seated in the theatre audience, but the final stage scene has a better and longer view of upper nudity from all four of the actresses.

Breasts, buttocks and pubis are all revealed. All the actresses appear to be depilated (though as all the scenes where the pubis can be seen are in long shot it's possible they are wearing flesh-coloured modesty patches) and the script makes a reference to the models having to be shaved so that they resemble nudes in paintings or sculpture. Lighting, distance, and the decorous placing of objects makes all the full frontal shots non-explicit. Most of the nude stage appearances - of which they are around 10 - are quite brief and the effect is aesthetic rather than erotic.

There are also a couple of scenes of partial nudity in the dressing rooms - in these the actresses get to move, but the nudity is generally little more than flashes.

As many of the nude scenes are short and feature several actresses at the same time - and it's not clear from a single cinema viewing which actress plays which of the girls - this will reward re-watching on DVD with the benefit of freeze-frame and rewind for increased enjoyment and a more detailed review. the three stars are for the quantity of nudity rather than the quality of any one of the mainly short scenes.

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