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Saturn 3's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Fawcett, Farrah 8 Reviews

Saturn 3's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Douglas, Kirk 5 Reviews

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Farrah Fawcett
LeroyBrown was written on February 11, 2002

Breast flash

She drops her towel as she hugs Kirk Douglas. Her right nipple was shown but it was rather quick probably about 2 seconds. And it wasn't too distant so it was a decent look. It's worth more than one star but I can't quite give it two. Cndb really must have half stars.

soulman was written on November 14, 2001


There'e a flash of Farrah's breast when she loses her towel. All nipple fans hoping to see her awsome nips would be advised to look elsewhere.

rovingeye was written on October 23, 1999

Brief Glimpse Of Right Breast

There is only one quick shot in this flick, and both breasts are NOT visible. As she walks towards Kirk Douglas, she drops her towel and we see her right breast. It's too brief to get too excited about...

rbelkin was written on October 18, 2006

Farrah at Her Sexiest

Of course, the famous scene is right at the beginning, she drops her towel and gives two flashes of her right breast/nipple.

That is it for the actual nudity. A few minutes later, she goes to look for her dog, Kirk tosses her a sheet, in a couple frames as she's trying to catch the sheet, her right breast area is exposed but you can't see any nipple - maybe in HD and a 50" screen, it's there or maybe she's wearing a body suit - though later, as she bends down to pick up the dog, the light shines through revealing that she seems to completely naked under the sheet but it might just be wishful thinking :-)

She has some add'l sexy scenes in which she's wearing a flimsy top and short shorts but a better one is she & Kirk are geting ready for bed and this time she's wearing a tight "futuristic" teddy with her famous nipples poking out of the white sheer fabric - there are about 15 seconds of her walking around and the camera is close enough for you to see the sheer fabric.

Then later, in a different teddy & panties - the fight scene where we get to see Kirk's bare ass - though in trade for that, we get to see a wedgie on Farrah's ass as when she leads him back to the bed, her panties have formed a wedge in the back. Then crazy Kietel tries to drag her elsewhere, she breaks away and falls, legs flying all about with the camera pointed at her crotch as her leg goes flying upward - she is wearing panties but we don't really see anything - then the camera moves closer as Kietel loses a body part - she screams and tries to scoot back so you get the equivilient of an upskirt shot between her legs though of course, she only has flimsy panties on - though not flimsy enough as they stay firmly on.

Saturn 3 is a fine silent movie thanks to her nude scene (though brief) and her skimpy outfits.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on June 30, 2003

Breast flash

Farrah's right breast is flashed in a scene after a shower. Worth a look if you want to see her tit in her prime.

TriviaMan was written on August 26, 2005

Farrah in her prime

Yes, it's true, you don't see all that much. But this is the only nude shot of Farrah at her most beautiful. And one breast of Farrah is worth full frontals from most others. I remember praying for Farrah to be in an R rated movie. This was before video when you had to go to the theatre. The nudity happens in the first 10 minutes or so and I waited through the intermission to see it again.

burn1 was written on September 17, 1998

getting ready to fuck kirk douglas

what can i say...she's got awesome tits...BTW the movie isn't bad either, a young, psychotic harvey keitel makes things interesting

Psuedo_Saint was written on March 30, 2002

Thanks CNdb

Farrah's so-called nude scene was the only thing about this movie that Leonard Maltin liked. Which just goes to show ya that CNdb reviewers have much better taste than he does.

Kirk Douglas
mcgeezer was written on July 24, 2006

Nude fight scene

Kirk was pretty old even here and as he wrestles around with a fully clothed Kietel you see his toned ass. Again, as he is guided away by Farrah you see his good physique from the rear. Not long enough scene though.

quickfuck was written on January 2, 2006

fight scene with Harvey Kietel as Farrah Fawcett looks on

Kirk Douglas is a dream. I've always though he was sexy. In this sci-fi oddity from the early 80s he shows his very toned body and butt. He rolls around on top of Harvey who is also dreamy. I like older men! So what!Ha ha. I'm a middle aged lady fer crissakes!!
I've noticed that a lot of men review male actors on this site. I'm new to this but I'm willing to give lots of reviews and find others.
Anyway I was watching this with my husband and made a note to re-watch the scene where Kurt has the fight and then walks away from camera and we see his lovely butt. I freeze framed it for ages!

iammedebs was written on February 17, 2009

Naked fighting

Kirk shows off his ageing body in a fight scene with Harvey Kietel. A good scene but he doesn't show everything. We do get to see his nice slim butt. And again as he gets up to be led away by Farrah F we see his smooth butt again.
I like sexy Kirk so it was a nice treat.

Ozzie700 was written on December 3, 2001

Rear While Fighting, then Walking

Kirk was well into middle-age by the time this film was made, but his body certainly isn't bad. A little leathery, but not bad. He has to fight Harvey Keitel after Harvey accosts he and Farrah Fawcett. Farrah and Kirk had just had sex, so Kirk is naked. His cheeks can be seen as he rolls around. When Farrah pulls him off Harvey, she walks him back to the bed, and his fleshy, skinny butt is in camera range as they walk. His butt isn't too different from his son Michael's, and neither are among my favorites.

spanishirish was written on August 28, 2012

Weird film, nice ass

Kirk, like Jack Palance, is ruggedly old and handsome here and he shows his thin fleshy cheeks after a fight with Harvey.Harvey is fully clothed but Kirk lunges at him naked and they roll around on the floor and Old man Douglas's ass is seen briefly, then when he stands up and is led away by Farrah Fawcett, we get to see his slender ass just like Palance's in The Mercenary.

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