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Asia Argento

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Scarlet Diva's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Selen 4 Reviews
Gemma, Vera 2 Reviews
Argento, Asia 8 Reviews

Scarlet Diva's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Villari, Alessandro 1 Review
Shepard, Jean 1 Review
D'Ingeo, David 1 Review
Coleman, Joe 1 Review
Alexander, Jeff 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Scarlet Diva member submitted

thefaceman32 was written on October 16, 2003

Adult actress does not do explicit role?

I was shocked that Selen was not the one who had the explicit scene in the movie, but instead it was ASIA !!

00:32:00 Selen's massive mammalian mounds burst forth from her bra while she makes out with Asia on a couch. It's Lez-tastic!

swellsystem was written on March 25, 2006

ill-fitting brassiere

Classic cigarette-dropping reaction shot from Argento as this one reveals her gargantuans, clad in a bra you know won't work; inevitably they spill over. Selen puts them in her face and does some blissed-out gyrations. A highlight of this movie but I was surpise to learn (here) she used to be a porn star; this would be mild for a sitcom star.

Sexdemonno1 was written on February 3, 2008

Deserves a 3 star rating

I don't know why slavedriver has been so harsh - this is a 3 star because Selen is so sexy. Plus she has a great rack and saves the film from being a complete vanity project from Asia Argento. Would love to see more Selen in the future!

slavedriver was written on January 19, 2003

Brief lesbo action

She forcefully attempts to make out with Asia, and her huge tits can be seen briefly poking out the top of her bra.

Vera Gemma
dav345 was written on April 16, 2004

nude but you don't see much

She is tied up, in the nude, when found by a friend, but you don't see much due to the angle of her body. You briefly see a little bush and breasts after she is untied, but her friend quickly covers her with a big unfriendly blanket.

slavedriver was written on January 19, 2003

Tied Up

You mostly see her ass from above as Asia finds her hogtied nude on her bed, lying on her stomach. Brief tit as she starts screwing her boyfriend a few minutes later

Asia Argento
verydrunkguy was written on March 27, 2008


fantastic bottomless scene. shows her thick black bush, very nice.

thefaceman32 was written on October 16, 2003


NOTE: Wow several adult video actresses and Asia is the one who does an explicit Gyno scene, not that I am complaining ...

00:02:00 Asia flashes her hooters while a very large man pounds her from behind in her trailer...

00:33:00 Asia flashes her muff in this scene when she doffs her mini-skirt. We've got bush! We've got bush!

00:34:00 All of Asia's incredible body is put on display as she shaves her pits in front of a mirror. Hot!

00:48:00 Asia minus panties equals Gyno-Time!

00:54:00 Quick glimpse of her right flotation device after she almost drowns in a pool.

anima was written on October 6, 2000

Integrally naked

You can see all her "angel": it's the tatoo she has on the pube. She has a strip and she has a frontal nude. In another scene she is watching and shaving herself (naked). You see a lot of tits and public hair: she is very naked but she isn't very erotic in this bad movie she has directed.

swellsystem was written on March 25, 2006

Asia Argento

Dingy, unpleasant CamCorder photography. Dosn't celebrate her chest. Formidable fur, for sure, but a big silly tattoo above the hairline. (Note: those saddled with the R-Rated DVD can still see a clip of the non-simulated pounding she takes, during the Interview.)

dav345 was written on April 16, 2004

full frontal, twice

You see her full frontal nudity briefly when she strips for a guy, including her very dark and hairy bush in good light. Later, you see her full frontal nudity (including top half of bush, bottom half of bush is obscured by items on the sink) while she shaves her pits in front of a mirror. Lucky for us her bush is so big or you wouldn't have seen the top half sticking over the items on the sink. She's a cute girl, so check it out, horndog.

slavedriver was written on January 19, 2003

A few scenes with varying degrees of skin

At the beginning of the film, she's briefly being banged from behind in a movie trailer, and her large tits are jumping around. In her 2nd sex scene she's nude, yet we barely see anything but brief boob. The best part is about 35 minutes in where she's buck naked standing in front of her bathroom mirror shaving her pits. Her full frontal is on full display for a decent length of time, even her European full bush. She looks better on the dvd cover than real life, though....

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


lots of nudity but the scene that stands out to me is the scene when she's in her trailer gettin pounded doggy-style its breif but well worth it

eaglespyharry was written on May 18, 2004

3 bushes, lots of boob

Great nudity performance from Asia. She directed this movie and it is great to listen to her commentary (on the DVD) during the nude scenes. The first bush shot (she is wearing a bra and stockings) is sweet. She mentions on the commentary that she grew a thick thatch of pussy hair because the Japanese market goes wild for that. The final pussy shot is short but quite graphic. She is on a bed and her long dress is pulled up over her ass. You can see several clear frames of her pussy lips (from behind). On the commentary, Asia indicates that the woman she is portraying would never wear panties and this shot was necessary. Unusually graphic for a fairly well known actress.

Alessandro Villari
GDH was written on July 22, 2003


During a stand-up sex scene with Vera Gemma, we get a close but quick view of Villari's backside. If you like tattoos you're in for a treat!

Jean Shepard
GDH was written on July 22, 2003


During a sex scene with Asia Argento we get a quick but clear and close view of the slim Shepherd's bum.

David D'Ingeo
GDH was written on July 22, 2003


As D'Ingeo lays face-down on a bed, we get two quick close-ups of his bum (which looks rather nice).

Joe Coleman
Hamm_Sodomy was written on September 14, 2008

hairy, chubby butt

If you like pubes, this guy shows 'em. He is chubby and hairy, so if you like that bearish type, you'll like him. However, he appears nude in a sexual harassment, attempted rape context and many viewers may be disturbed by that. He runs down a hotel hall naked and it's meant for comic effect. Too bad he didn't show dick.

Jeff Alexander

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