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1999 Temptations 1 Review

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Temptations (1999)
Ozzie700 was written on December 29, 2002

Strapping, Stripping Stud

Scott plays the young studly boyfriend of the neighbor's daughter. Although he has a slightly goofy face, his body is nothing to laugh at. From :42-:43 there are a few frustrating half-rear shots (him sitting with her on his lap, etc.) but from 1:27-1:30 there is a very exciting sequence where his girlfriend tells him to strip for her. He teases her, taking off his shirt, then his belt, next lowering his jeans, and finally we see his beautiful bubble butt in closeup in tightie whities and after he lowers the tightie whities (the first sex scene has a brief-but-hot scene of his bulge in the underwear as she licks near his crotch). There are then a few good shots of his ass while he plows into her.

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