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Misty Mundae
rocco-rules was written on February 23, 2005

Nude interview and torture

Near the start of the movie, Misty is being interviewed by an extreme photographer. She's completely nude, sitting in a chair, legs crossed and arms covering her tiny titties. The guy asks her to put her hands behind her back giving us a fairly long & unobstructed view of her A-cups. You can also see the very top of her brown bush. The interview lasts about 5 minutes. At the end of the interview she stands up, grabs her clothes and walks away. You see a quick shot of her hairy V and 2 second glimpse of her bounteous butt - both from a long distance away.

Towards the end of the movie, the psycho photographer takes Misty down into a dungeon, chains her to a wall and strips her (not shown) naked. You can see everything EXCEPT her crotch !?! As the photographer starts shooting, some unseen evil force starts slicing up our poor heroine's body, causing lots of blood to drip down across her delectible boobies and belly. This scene and the subsequent group torture scene go on for about 10 minutes, and we see Misty's nude, bloody torso close up for at least 4 minutes.

My only complaint, other than the lack of bush, is the lack of butt-shots, and next to her gorgeous face, Misty's best asset is her ass ! I've done some research and I can't find an unrated version of this flick.

vizier was written on November 14, 2016

great line

nudity in this one was below par for Misty.beast part of movie is when she says"most of my fans watch my movies with the remote in one hand and their dick in the other".....so true,as i had my remote in one hand as she said this and.......

C.J. DiMarsico
rocco-rules was written on February 23, 2005

Long shower in the basement

C.J. takes a shower in the middle of a basement as the S&M photographer first watches and then questions her. There's no actual shower stall or curtains, just a pit in the floor and a sprinkler head on the ceiling - weird. You can see her wet upper torso for about 4 minutes. Her shapely C-cups are on display for almost the entire time. You see her butt for a second or two from a distance, but no bush.

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