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1991 Toy Soldiers 2 Reviews

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Toy Soldiers (1991)
DQKY22 was written on September 5, 1999

My Fave Scene

There are alot of great scenes in the movie You get to see Wil Wheaton and Sean and others during the first part of the movie in underwear.When Sean tries to excape when he comes back you get to see him briefly nakedThen he runs around in a towel all soken wetWhich brings to to my fave sceneJust when the leader is bout to kill someone because Sean is missin he shows up All WetHe tells takes him by the ear and takes him to the office There he gets out this big metal stick and lends Sean's head against the desk and whips him like 10 times with it there you get to see his friends help heal the marks on his back Great scene :-)

sylv was written on October 22, 1998


Sean's smooth butt is worth more than 2 stars, but this overhead shot of him is brief & less revealing.

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