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2009 Powder 7 Reviews
1999 Boondock Saints, The 1 Review

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Powder (2009)
lovesmen was written on July 17, 2004


sean is the hottest actor around even while covered in white make up from head to toe. he is stripped naked by male bullies, we see everything but the penis! check out boondock saints for a hotter look at his back side

bmg was written on December 24, 1999

Full frontal in nude scene - only in German version, not in US or UK

What a rip off for the rest of us! I've seen it, and he shows off quite a package - penis and balls in plain sight, up close as he's thrown about. It looks like basically the same scene, but with the camera extended down or pulled back for most of it. Pubes are in plain sight, even though he's supposed to be bald all over.Only three stars because of the unflattering head-to-toe white paint.

guywatcher was written on September 8, 2000

nude when bullies pick on him

Flanery is hot but not in this movie. The nude scene is not a turn-on at all. Flanery's clothes are ripped off of him by bullies. He stands there in front of them completely naked. Nice shots of his butt. Hard to think Flanery is hot in this movie because he is bald and has white paint all over his body. I didn't see the UK version but saw pictures of his frontal shots. Very brave but not hot at all.

Tomek was written on February 28, 2001

Stripped naked by class-mates.

Clear and long view of Sean's fully naked body, when his character is stripped and mocked by class-mates. Unfortunately the scene is spoilt by his general appearance: bald head, deathly skin, stooped shoulders, etc. Why didn't Sean show any nudity in "Young Indy" series, where he is so handsome?

Christoph was written on July 22, 2000

Forcibly stripped in public

Boys mistakenly think outcast Flanery is ogling them for lascivious reasons. The lead bully marches him outside and announces that he will put on a show for them. He tears Flanery's shirt off and then rips his pants off, leaving him naked. They take a few moments to comment on his nude body and them taunt him and throw him into a mud puddle. The embarrassment/humiliation scenario, with a guy having his clothes torn off in public, is incredibly hot and Flanery's body is magnificent (although the all-over white make-up prevents this from being a four star review). The U.S. version only contains buns shots, but the European version includes frontal footage.

Samuel was written on November 2, 1998

Stripped of his clothes and bullied by a group of othe boys

It is such a shame that Flanery was made to look so pasty in this film, because he has a great bod, and, as we discover here, he has great buns also. You get a good look at them about 4/5 times - the context of the scene is not terribly good either - he is bullied, pushed around, knocked into a muddy puddle - but he is nude the whole time so .... Flanery is such a looker that it's definitely worth a look. I just hope he does another nude scene real soon!

ctgte was written on May 19, 2012

Stripped outdoors

Flanery is beautiful, though the scene is not that sexy...

Boondock Saints, The (1999)
Flamefire was written on June 6, 2008

Pubes Butt Deleted Scene

I havent actually viewed the deleted scene on the dvd i'm just adding this as per comments by other users for Norman Reedus on the same scene for the film. Apparently Norman Reedus takes a shower while Sean covers his dick with ice. It has been reported pubes and ass are visible during the deleted scene.

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