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Seann William Scott's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2012 American Reunion 1 Review
2009 Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach 4 Reviews
2008 Role Models 2 Reviews
2000 Road Trip 1 Review

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American Reunion (2012)
tarie77 was written on June 3, 2013

Side nudity

Stifler sits in the cooler and takes a messy dump as payback for the teenage pranksters splashing them. The side view is clear enough to reveal beautiful tan lines but never do we actually see real butt. More stars if we could see more.

Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (2009)
MarcioGore was written on September 21, 2012

Hot chest and cute ass in a jockstrap

Like other reviewers I always wanted to see his ass!First scene he's running like crazy and screaming with his students.Oh my,he has a hot body and we can see his cute ass several times in his jockstrap!!!Near of the movie's end he's completely naked in the lockeroom and his ass looks flaccid and ugly!But his chest is awesome!!Most part of the movie he's wearing short shorts and we can see his beautiful legs too!!If you like to see hot men,you must see this movie!!

WileyPark was written on April 17, 2011

Flat but cute

Ever since "American Pie," I wanted to see Seann William Scott naked. He finally shows off his body in "Balls Out," but I was a little disappointed by the flatness of his butt. Still, he has good exposure in two scenes. First, he runs around a tennis court (in front of several young boys) in only a jockstrap, affording us several views of his butt cheeks in movement. Later, he strips off in front of a student (who's showering), and we see him fully nude from behind for a few seconds. Seann is very cute, for that reason I give him three stars, even if his ass was a little disappointing.

JohnnyWad was written on December 18, 2008

Four-star ass

Scott finally makes his movies watchable by stripping: here he repeatedly shows his small but sweet and round ass meat, once in a locker room, later outside for a minute and a half in a jockstrap, with repeated moon shots at the camera. Also, a great shot of his chest: fine tits. If he had real balls he'd show his cock.

moviedoctor was written on March 12, 2009

temperature taking scene and protesting players' behavior

Seann William Scott, is standing in nothing but a jock. A timer buzzes. With a weird expression on his face he removes something
from behind and beneath him It turns out to be a glass thermometer.
He sees his tennis students doing something that they shouldn't be doing.
He runs outside in nothing but a jock, revealing his cute caboose, protesting their behavior. His ass is pretty cute.

Role Models (2008)
Opticon was written on November 6, 2008

Rearview shot, walking away from camera

At night, on a camping trip, a naked Scott is seen walking away from the camera. The shot lasts only a few seconds. The next morning, he's seen lying face down on the ground, still naked, but the camera angle is poor and the shot is brief.

Ghostwords was written on January 20, 2012


Seeing the film again after more than three years,Scott deserves two stars, not for the 'morning after' scene but for the earlier shot as he walks off into the wood, showing full rear nudity.

Road Trip (2000)
andropilis was written on January 28, 2002

The only real nude scene of his... the sperm bank one.

Ok, there isn't really nudity. What happens is Seann tries to con a nurse into giving him a handjob to "help him" with his sperm-giving. She instead goes up through his butt and stimulates his prostate. A really funny scene, but no nudity at all, just the side of his butt maybe.

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