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One more movie help

… , sex, the whole deal. Kristin Herold is smoking hot in this …

Swinging in the Wind

… of the final scenes, Kristen Herold is chased in her house …

Mainstream nude scenes while smoking

Meredyth Herold huffs and puffs while topless in "Singapore Sling (1990)"

Gimmicky Nude Scenes

Meredyth Herold shoves fruit up her cooze and squeezes out the juice (A Coozinart?) in "Singapore Sling (1990)"

Member Review Matches

The whole movie

Kristen Herold in When Passions Collide (1998)

… the way in softcore. Kristin Herold and Francois Rodrigue provide the … during sex scenes with Kristen Herold, and then at the end … the movie, he chases Ms. Herold around the bathroom with his …

  • SPMaster
  • Nudity Rating
  • Thursday September 08, 2005

Awesome-Kristen Herold rules!!

Kristen Herold in When Passions Collide (1998)

What a little cute actress!! We see her nude many times here,in the shower,skinny dipping in a pool,having sex with her boyfriend,having sex with Lorissa McComas[who can't compare to her at all!],and a few more sex scenes. She is a natural beauty,small …

  • StevieW
  • Nudity Rating
  • Monday July 08, 2002


Breck Harmel in When Passions Collide (1998)

… -a-floor scene involving Krispin, Kristen Herold and Francois Rodrigue has some …

  • GDH
  • Nudity Rating
  • Saturday December 27, 2003

Erotics scenes have to be seen to be believed

Meredyth Herold in Singapore Sling (1990)

… is not considered a porn film. Herold is exposed in every way …

  • fly_me_the_french_way
  • Nudity Rating
  • Tuesday August 04, 2009

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