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High Satanic priest "sacrifices" Serena

Clement St. George in Fantasm (1976)

… proceeds to impale the prone Serena, the chosen female sacrifice for …

  • rocco-rules
  • Nudity Rating
  • Tuesday February 01, 2005

Sauna Serena

Serena Grandi in Delirium (1987)

Shortly before minute 51, Serena is show laying down in a …

  • Stevarooni
  • Nudity Rating
  • Sunday June 10, 2012

Very Hotttttttttttttt!

Serena Grandi in Desiderando Giulia (1989)

Serena is a voluptuous Italian brunette actress. … he hits the guy while Serena is running screaming. Her husband …

  • Condor
  • Nudity Rating
  • Monday August 16, 1999

Opening photo montage

Serena Grandi in Delirium (1987)

… with a montage of images of Serena, topless and with bush visible … and a half of photos of Serena's voluptuous body.

  • Stevarooni
  • Nudity Rating
  • Sunday June 10, 2012

Great figure - full nudity

Serena Scott Thomas in Harnessing Peacocks (1993)

Serena has a fashion-model style figure, …

  • lattara
  • Nudity Rating
  • Saturday March 17, 2001


Serena Grandi in Monella (1998)

Serena Grandi is a big breasted italian actress, if you saw Miranda, you will be dissapointed, only one episode when she show only one painted tit, well i don't like her, and after this movie i hate her.

  • Videoass
  • Nudity Rating
  • Tuesday May 08, 2001

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