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Secretaries' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sweet, Jamie 1 Review
Hinton, Jessica 0 Reviews
Evans, Alana 0 Reviews
Brown, Kelli 1 Review

Secretaries' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Evans, Chris 5 Reviews
DaBone, Dale 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Secretaries member submitted

Jamie Sweet
candygirl was written on July 18, 2006

Rockin Body

Jamie Sweet has the most rockin body in softcore...she's 5'1" of tight ass and fake boobs and shows off her talents in this film...For giving it her all, I give her 4 stars.!

Jessica Hinton
Alana Evans
Kelli Brown
candygirl was written on July 18, 2006


Kelli Brown stars in this late night thriller and reveals all her lovely assets...The best scene is with her and Alana Evans rubbing lotion and doing the nasty..

Chris Evans
Hamm_Sodomy was written on June 11, 2007

butt in the last sex scene

In the last sex scene, he gets with two women in a pool. One woman was white, the other black. You can see his butt.

NakedWarriors was written on November 1, 2012

Probably not the Chris Evans you're looking for

If you want to see Captain America naked, "Secretaries" is not the right movie for you. The "Chris Evans" in this movie is a completely different actor who's listed as "Chris Evans (IX)" on imdb. I hope that the admins can create a separate article for this actor to avoid confusion.

tim0no817 was written on October 26, 2016


this is a different Chris Evans actor in 'Secretaries'
this movie is rated NC17

Flamefire was written on May 20, 2007


Well I've seen a clip on the internet of him shirtless in a towel for quite a a while having a long discussion so I know he gets shirtless...has for whether the movie shows anything else I dont know because I havent seen it

Flamefire was written on May 20, 2007


The previous review I made may be incorrect...the clip i saw may have been from another movie called "London" but I am unsure...its best to just rent the movie and see for yourself

Dale DaBone
Hamm_Sodomy was written on June 11, 2007

buttocks at least twice

I didn't see any penis, but you see his butt twice. It shouldn't be hard for a porn star to strip down. I hope he is not like Ron Jeremy wishing he could be in "legitimate" films. He is listed as Dale Rutter, but he might as well have gone by his nom de porn. Also, it was hard to believe that a leader in a company would wear earrings and flashy, club outfits as he does here.

candygirl was written on July 13, 2006


If you look closely at Dales sex scenes with Jamie Sweet, you can see that glimpses of a hard DaBone.

candygirl was written on July 13, 2006


Got to give it to Dale.

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