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1979 We Were One Man 3 Reviews

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We Were One Man (1979)
hickeyfan was written on June 14, 2013

..To add

To add to the previous reviewer, in one scene, he has his penis in the hand of his co-star, while grappling in the room. He has a semi erect penis when he has an epileptic fit, and is not shy of stripping.

riccardoaffamato was written on January 12, 2005

Scattered throughout the movie...

...are scenes featuring Serge in a state of undress. Once, after an epileptic fit, he is carried aloft and naked by his friend (and eventual lover) with his lively penis shaking about. Another time, he & his friend pee and compare dick size (the friend wins.) Another rime he crosses the bedroom to join his friend in bed and he's wearing just a singlet - somehow a little bit of clothing (as long as its not covering his dick, balls and bum - and it's not) makes things twice as erotic. Plus he's surprisingly hairy - nearly everywhere! One star deleted because in all of this you'd expect a bit of a stiffy, at least once. No such luck, but a dickwatcher's joy nonetheless.

hickeyfan was written on June 15, 2013

Forgot this scene

He is having a bath in the open, naked. He keeps jumping and so does his penis. In this scene, his butt, balls, penis, hairy chest - everything is visible.

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