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Claude Berri

Sex Shop, Le's Sexy Actresses

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Mills, Juliette 1 Review
Mills, Juliet 2 Reviews
Delon, Nathalie 2 Reviews
Berto, Juliet 1 Review
Appelt, Marlène 1 Review

Sex Shop, Le's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Berri, Claude 1 Review

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Juliette Mills
Bushyboy was written on November 12, 2008


This is the actual name of the actress appearing in this movie, not Juliet Mills.

Juliet Mills
Bushyboy was written on November 12, 2008

Wrong person

BushLeague's head was where the sun doesn't shine when he entered his review! Juliet Mills was NOT in this movie..... Juliette Mills was.

BushLeague was written on May 20, 2004

Book signing at sex shop

Some nice symmetrical 34b's as she is topless playing the author of a sex book.

Nathalie Delon
BushLeague was written on February 16, 2007

Rating upgrade

She does show her long, sleek, cat-like body and purrrfect ass from the rear in a brief full-backal.

BushLeague was written on September 14, 2002

Lying in bed on boat

She is lying naked on her stomach on a bed, you can see a little cleavage, her back, her butt is obscured by some butt head, and her long slender leg--all well lit. This is a pretty dismal nude performance by a girl that is supposed to be a nympho!

Juliet Berto
BushLeague was written on September 14, 2002

Fantasy sequence with black man, then husband

She is reading a "Perils of Pauline" type novel and dreams about being in jungle khakis. A black stud sneeks up behind her and rips of her top baring her nice jugs and legs in bikini french cuts. He lays her on her back--all the while her creamy mounds are visible. She does a panty hose strip sequence with her husband, but only legs and back appear. She also wears mini skirt very well.
This film is loaded with gorgeous nude chicks, I could not identify, especially a couple of German goddesses.

Marlène Appelt
BushLeague was written on March 20, 2004

Sex after shopping

Germanic goddess brings home the groceries and is hot and strips out of her mini skirt. Long lean super model body, perky 34c tits, and blonde bush. She then joins her room mate and a guy for a threesome (looking at pictures of his kids). We see her uber-fanny when she gets into bed and her teutonic tits while she watches.

Claude Berri
Hamm_Sodomy was written on September 25, 2009

Male Derriere

The main character/director takes off his underwear revealing his butt. You'll want to see him if you like burly guys.

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