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Shower, Kathy 2 Reviews
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Barton, Diana 2 Reviews

Sexual Malice's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Jeffery, Doug 2 Reviews

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Kathy Shower
zzxx was written on July 3, 2001

pool table

Kathy Shower has a hot scene with bit actor Robert Armstrong. At the beginning of the movie there's a cocktail party going on and Kathy is wearing a skintight blue dress. Armstrong plays a waiter and he and Kathy keep making eye contact. Finally, Kathy and Armstrong get together in an upstairs pool room. Kathy's dress is pulled down and her tits are amazing. Her nipples are shooting straight up at least an inch. Armstrong licks Kathy's legs and thighs, then turns her over and kisses her ass. Finally, as Armstrong's face is in her butt he reaches around Kathy and begins to feel her tits. Unfortunately, the scene ends here.

crazy was written on February 23, 2000

Wow! nice nipples!

Near beginning of movie she's that babe in the upstairs room making out with the guy. Pretty good exposure here of her breasts. But damn! doesn't this former Playmate have the most delicious nipples! Why do you think they chose her for centerfold anyhow. Oh, how I'd like to give em a good suck!

Samantha Phillips
thedoc was written on August 2, 2001


She is coming in at the end of the movie with Eddie Albert Jr.'s hands all over her. They fall onto the couch in the room and he starts taking off her coat and top and you see some of the most beautiful breasts and they begin having sex until they hear a noise. There was no lower nudity which would have capped off this hot scene.

Diana Barton
Know-it-all was written on November 1, 2000

In the shower and afterwards

Diana also looks more than a little like Jeri Ryan. Her best scenes come sequentially. We get a nice look at her from above in the hotel shower, as she lovingly caresses herself from breasts down to her hip. When she gets out, we get a glimpse of her dark bush. She goes into the room, and stops in front of the mirror to drop the robe off of her shoulders and dreamily look at her breasts. Jeffrey surprises her, and after an obligatory fight-turns-into-passionate-embrace scene, they get in bed. Here is where the unrated version excells. Many nice looks at her appealingly natural scale breasts, and when she gets on top, MAGNIFICENT shots of her TIGHT, muscular ass.

RFA was written on February 25, 2000

Erotic Thriller

If you like erotic (straight-to-video)thrillers, you're going to love this one. Don't mess with the R-rated version, go staight to the unrated one. Diana Barton plays the main protagonist in the movie. Some of you may know her from her days playing Mari-Jo Mason on The Young and the Restless. Diana is, apparently, not shy at all about baring her body. She is either naked or in some matter of undress throughout much of the movie as her character explores her sexual fantasies. If you enjoy petite beauties, you need to check this one out.

Doug Jeffery
GDH was written on May 27, 2001

Beautiful backside

As well as the scenes described by Derek, in the initial, 'getting-to-know-you' shag between Jeffery and Diana Barton, we get a good side-view of Jeffery's bum - and delightfully dimpled it is too...

Derek was written on October 11, 1998

Love scenes

This was the ubiquitous Jefferey's nude debut. He delivers with great shots of his ass. In one scene he meets his lady love at the door starkers, then humps her against the wall. In another scene they get it on in a dept. store dressing room. He has a stripping scene but it's not as sexy as the rest.

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