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Shades of Gray's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Shower, Kathy 1 Review
O'Byrne, Kehli 1 Review

Shades of Gray's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Reilly, Tom 1 Review
Jeffery, Doug 1 Review

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Kathy Shower
CMA was written on May 1, 1999

Super-Long Sex Scene

Oh my. This film has the longest R-rated sex scene I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Seriously. I mean, I would time it if I wasn't busy doing other things while it was on. *cough* Anyway, Kathy Shower is on view throughout the whole scene. Surprisingly, it is quite realistic, with real positions and pleasurable reactions. Kathy and her male co-star are not concealed in the least. It's a good break from the usual soft-focus, cut-away scenes found in most movies, and I'm sure you will find it highly, uh, personally enjoyable.

Kehli O'Byrne
MikeF was written on February 25, 2000

Three great scenes

The lengthy sex scene in this movie described by CMA is accurate and he is right, it is a stunner. However, he identifies the lovely lady as PB Playmate of the Year Kathy Shower. While Kathy and another soft-core vet, LeeAnn Beaman, both make non-nude cameos, the actress underneath the guy is Kehli, who plays the title character, Gray Goodman. Kehli (sometimes billed as Kelly Burns) has two other sex scenes. About half way through, she gives it up to her new boyfriend. Even though we only see him get her shirt off, the scene lasts almost two minutes and he gives her tits a thorough going over with hands and mouth. In the last one, Kehli and her man get nekkid and spread paint all over each other (she is an artist) and then shower together to clean up. I know from these reviews that not all of you will appreciate Kehli because she is slender and her tits are small to medium sized. However, my personal preference is for this body style. Also, she has a girl-next-door look that I find very sexy.

Tom Reilly
GDH was written on September 17, 2005


Reilly, a tall, friendly-looking chap, features in a nude sex scene with Kelly Burns. The first part of it is shot in blue light as the pair simultaneously shag and cover each other in paint - there's a close view of Reilly's bum, and then a more distant but lasting shot of it from above (there's also a laughably close shot of what I assume is a pouch covering his genitals when Burns is on top of him!). Then the action moves to the shower and we get a couple of oblique views of Reilly's backside.

Doug Jeffery
Samuel was written on October 9, 1998

Making love on the floor

Several great shots of Jeffrey's ace ass in this scene. I've seen several films in which he has bared his buns, and this must be one of the best. It's a well lit scene in which you get a very clear of him making love with Kathy Shower. There are also a few close-ups of his buns as well as full-length shots.

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